Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


5. Chapter 4

 *A Few Days Later:*

 "Put your god damn phone away!" Kayla snapped at me. "Our fans are waiting."

 I laughed, looking up at my friend who had her arms crossed over her chest, looking inpatient as ever. I had been texting on my phone for the last few days, constantly talking to Zayn. Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't but I honestly was curious what he had to say to me. There was a lot of banter between us, and the occasional flirting, but that was it. I was just having fun with the kid. I'm sure that's all he was doing as well, anyway. "We don't have fans Kayla." I mumbled, my fingers moving over the keypad. "Fine. Our admires then, you sour puss. Stop talking to Zayn and join me on twitcam!" She whined. I laughed rolling my eyes. "Okay, okay. Fine." I gave in.

To: BradfordBadBoi

From: AvaClarke_

Doing a twitcam, pretty boy. Talk to you later.


I set my phone down, moving close to Kayla who was loading up her twitcam. When she saw her reflection in the camera, and saw the amount of viewers, she let out a happy squeak. "Hey beautiful people! How's it going?" She said happily.

 We got hundreds of responses, most being about One Direction and how we crashed their final show. Some were calling us attention seekers, and others thought we were legends. My eyes scanned the tweets that were rushing in. "Nah, the boys didn't get too mad at us. They're pretty nice guys, actually. Their security pretty scary though." I laughed. "I never would recommend doing what we did." Kayla added. I nodded in agreement, leaning back on the bedframe of my own bed. "Savanna is at home, grounded." Kayla answered to one of the questions. I chuckled, giving my best friend a nougie, making her squeal. "My hair! My hair! Don't touch my hair!" She screeched. I hugged her as she pouted. "I love you, Kay Kay!" I giggled. "Bitch." She said under her breath. I grinned in response, turning towards the computer. My eyes narrowed a certain tweet, though it wasn't the tweet that caught my attention. It was the user.

@DJDAYNE: I thought you loved Zayn? :(

 I nudged Kayla pointing towards that tweet. She grinned as well. "Is that Zayn?" She whispered. "Obviously," I mumbled back. She stared at me for a moment longer, a small smile appearing on her lips. She had a strange look in her blue eyes, making me wonder what on earth she was thinking. Kayla always has stupid plans, which was why she was almost always the mastermind behind all our plans. "SO!" Kayla clapped her smile widening. "Any questions, my loves?" She asked. I lay down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling as Kayla interacted with the thousand people who have no life. "Ava!" She said, hitting my thigh. "Dj Dayne wants to know if you're going to follow any of the boys from One Direction." She said. I shot her a look, rolling my eyes. "Don't think so. I don't go on twitter unless it’s for the janoskins or to update everyone on our YouTube page." I said. "Read with me!" Kayla pointed to the numerous tweets from 'Dayne' aka Zayn. I swear that boy had no originality. A lot of the fans were starting to guess who it was. My eyes scanned over his tweets, my eyebrows rising.

 @DJDAYNE: you look beautiful tonight, babe.

 @DJDAYNE: Who's your favorite 1D guy?

 @DJDAYNE: I think you should date Zayn...

 @DJDAYNE: you should follow the boys on twitter! Zayn already follows you...DM EACH OTHER ;D x

 I rolled my eyes, laughing at Kayla was making stupid noises at those tweets, winking at me.

 "Anyway!" I announced. "What's everyone doing?"

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