Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


4. Chapter 3

       "Bullshit!" Niall snapped. He crossed his arms and watched our every move. "There’s more to it." He added. "That's it!" Savanna nodded. "Now, if you all would excuse us...we must be getting home." Kayla said. We all stood to leave, but got pushed back down by Louis. The sassy one of the band. I sighed, leaning on my hand. "We have a flight to catch tomorrow, so we really need to leave!" I murmured. My eyes looked at the boys, none of them seeming to care about that tiny fact. Zayn's eyes were locked on mine though. I raised my eyebrows at him, a smirk on his lips, before he whispered something into Harry's ear. "Look," Louis began happily. "We just want to know what...possessed you to do what you did. We're just curious." He said leaning against the table Kayla sat at.

I groaned, running a hand through my hair. "If...If I tell you, can you let us go? I seriously feel like you're going to rape us!" I said annoyed, glancing around the small room. "It's not rape if you like it." Harry butted in, grinning like an idiot.

Savanna laughed, raising her eyebrows at the young kid. "It is if I don't want your AIDS," she snapped making everyone laugh. "Look, you'll let us go once we tell you, right?" I asked. "If you want to live, then yes. We'll let you," Zayn said.

Rolling my eyes, I slouched down in the couch. "You all know the saying 'You Only Live Once'?" I asked, putting quotation marks over it. "Sure..." Liam nodded.

        "Well that's what we do," Kayla continued. "We do reckless shit because you only live once." Savanna finished. "You're adrenaline junkies." Niall pointed out, crossing his arms. "Yeah." Savanna said with no shame at all. "May we leave now?" I asked. They all looked pretty convinced with what we told them, and didn't ask for anything more. "Yeah, let's go." Louis said hoping up. We all started walking out of the room, meeting the bodyguards that were waiting outside of the room. As I was walking, I felt an arm wrap around my waist. "Hey beautiful!" Zayn whispered in my ear. I shot in a questionable glance and he smirked. "I don't think I caught your name." He said. "Ava. Ava Clarke." I replied flatly. "Well, Ava. What do you say to coming over to the hotel with me tonight?" He asked. I stopped, making him come to a stop as well. "You're kidding right?" I scoffed. "No, I'm not. So, what do you say?" He asked stepping closer so our bodies were pressed together. I smirked at him. Brushing my lips over his lips. "I say that you should hide your boner."

        He chuckled, his face moving closer. "What happened to 'you only live once'?" He asked. "What I do is completely different to what you're asking me to do, pop star. I don't do one night stands." I said. His hand slipped into my back pocket, putting a slip of paper in my pocket. "If you change your mind, babe. We'll be in England tomorrow. Chat me up." He winked. "Unlikely." I replied walking away towards everyone else who seemed to be staring. "Rejected!" Kayla laughed as we began walking the opposite way from the boys.

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