Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


17. Chapter 16

    I listened to the sound of Zayn's heartbeat, my hands pressed against his toned chest while I listened to him talk about his relationship with his family. He had been speaking about them for almost ten minutes, but not in the way of being stuck-up, but being in the way he absolutely adored his sisters and mother. The way he spoke was adorable, and I knew he had never spoken to anyone about this sort of stuff. Smiling at the thought, I shut my eyes and continued to listen to his seductive voice. ''And yeah.'' he said, his hands brushing my hair out of my face. I smiled, curling my body over his legs. ''I really miss them.'' He said.

    I nodded in response. ''I think you should visit them, Zayn. When is your next day off?'' I asked. He was silent for a moment, hanging his head to look up at the ceiling. His hands wrapped around my waist as he thought, he's legs propped up on the small table in front of his fire place that was warming us both up. ''I think we've got interviews for Take Me Home tomorrow, you know all that promoting and stuff, then I have the evening off.'' He said. ''Go then.'' I suggested, making him look at me, his brown eyes staring into mine. “Come with me?'' he asked softly, biting his lip. ''You could meet them.'' He said.

 ''Zayn, I don't, uh, know. Do they know it's a fake relationship?'' I stuttered, frowning lightly. He touched my lips, a small laugh escaping his lips as he did.

    ''Don't frown, babe. You look beautiful when you smile.'' I chuckled at that, but raised my eyebrows so he'd answer. ''They don't know, but after tonight, it won't be fake.'' He said. I laughed at his confidence, cocking my head to the side. ''What makes you so sure about that, Malik?'' He grinned at me, exposing his pearly white teeth. ''I don't know.'' He leaned forward to kiss my lips lightly, making them tingle. ''I just do.'' He said.

     Smiling at him, I rested my head on his chest and sighed. He kissed my head lightly, his fingers tracing small circles on my thigh. ''Tell me about your family. I don't think you've ever mentioned anything about them.'' He said. I bit my lip, my entire body tensing at his request. Of course there was a reason behind my actions, and I didn't know if it was time to let my secrets fly out. ''I...I don't have contact with them anymore.'' I said dismissively, waving my hand. ''I moved out a while ago.'' I said. He nodded, his fingers still drumming against my thighs. ''There's obviously is a reason behind it.'' He said. ''There is.'' I agreed. He laughed quietly, looking down before meeting my eyes. ''Are you going to tell me what it was, or just have I guessing?'' I frowned again, making him frown as well. ''It's really serious, isn't it?'' He asked. I nodded, making him bring me into his arms, and hug me tightly.

    I could feel the tears prickle my eyes, and my mouth began to have a mind of its own as I blurted out everything like it was word vomit. "I moved out because I was too much for my parents after what happened with my little sister. She was only thirteen, and she...she just left. I took it the hardest since I spent every moment I could with her...'' He kissed my forehead, his hands soothingly running up and down my back. I felt my tears get heavier, soaking his black shirt. ''She had cancer.'' I replied softly, wiping my eyes. His face softened completely, the look of guilt washing over his face as every action I had ever shown him clicked in his head. As if everything I ever said made sense made sense to him. He sighed deeply, locking his hands around me as I continued to sob about the memories that I never wished to bring back up. ''I am so sorry babe. I'm sorry for not understanding everything sooner.'' He mumbled into my hair, kissing it. ''It's not something I let people understand, Zayn. I don't like thinking about everything that has happened to me.'' Nodding to that, he leaned in to kiss me softly, doing his best to wash away the pain I felt inside. To take away the misery the only way he knew how. ''You know what we're going to do?'' he asked me, fluttering his eyelids open to stare down at me, a small smile playing up on his plump lips. ''No, what?'' I asked, biting my own. He took ahold of my hands, his eyes shining brightly. ''Tomorrow we're going to visit your parents as well.'' He said. ''What? Zayn, that's really not a good idea. I don't even know where they live anymore.'' I told him, shaking my head quickly. “I doubt they even want to see me.'' I said. He scoffed, rolling his eyes at me before laughing. ''I bet they miss that beautiful face of yours Ava!''

 I sighed, laying my head on his chest. ''They don't even know about you, Zayn. They don't know about anything I've been doing. They're going to be so disappointed in me.'' I said. ''Don't think like that!'' he mumbled softly. ''They won't be, and besides it's a good way to show off your handsome new boyfriend!'' Laughing at him, I peered up at his smirking face. ''Who says you’re my boyfriend?'' I asked playfully, raising my eyebrows at him. He laughed at me, suddenly pushing me down onto the couch. He hovered over me, placing small kisses on my lips, making me hold his neck for a longer one. He smiled into it, bending down to kiss me slowly. ''I do." he whispered. ''Mhm. That means I'm your girlfriend, right?'' I replied between kisses, trying to talk to him. ''Yes.'' He smiled. ''I like it!'' I replied, laughing before I brought him back down to my lips.

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