Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


15. Chapter 14

Ava's P.O.V

 My laugh was muffled by the music; I was dancing with a random boy who had his arm wrapped around the back of waist. I felt his hands run down my body, but it didn't faze me. It felt so good to be out again, and away from the so called relationship I had. Having a boyfriend was so complicated, whether it was fake or not. I liked being single. No drama. "Want to head back to my house?" the guy whispered in my ear, his hot breath giving me goose bumps. Glancing up at the boy, I grinned. "I'm sorry, babe. I don't do one night stands." Pulling away from him, I quickly hurried into the crowd, getting lost in the sea of people.

    I smirked to myself, pursing my lips as I scanned the crowd to try and find my girls. We had spent the entire day at the mall, and now we'd spend the entire night partying. Suddenly feeling my phone vibrate against my chest, I pulled it out hoping it was one of the girls. "Hello?" I sang my voice light from the alcohol I had consumed. "Where the hell are you?!" Zayn growled into the phone. "Did you seriously go to a club? You know that we're supposed to be together and there are people watching you because we're supposed to be dating. There are pictures of you hooking up with guys everywhere!" He shouted. "Oh, calm down Malik. I want our relationship over, it's boring me." I said. He scoffed. "It's boring you? Are you kidding me? You signed a contract, Ava. You can't back out of it now." I groaned, knowing that was true. "Oh, whatever." I said. "I can't believe this. Who are you?!" He shouted. "I don't know, Zayn. Who the hell am I? Oh wait; you can't answer that because you don't even know me yourself! I don't want to do this with you anymore." I said. "I don't know you because you don't let me in." He groaned. I heard the sound of his car door slamming, and I winced. "I'm coming to the club." The phone line went dead, and I mentally cursed. I guess it's time to leave. I ducked behind Savanna, my eyes locked on Zayn who was pushing through the crowds of people, a pissed off glare set on everyone. I rolled my eyes, even though he did look quite attractive. "Malik looks stressed." Savanna sang as she slowly began to move towards the back door. I chuckled, my hands gripping her shirt when I noticed Zayn look out way.

   "Shit!" I hissed, watching as he began to walk towards us. Dropping my hands, I scurried away in my heels, groaning when I felt a hand clamp over mine. "Are you honestly trying to run away?" He asked, pulling me against his body. It was for affection though. It was for the media. "You better play along." He growled.

    He hugged me from behind, pressing out bodies together. "Let's just head to my house, ok? I don't want to be out in the clubs right now." He said. I felt his lips press against my temple, his frustration steaming off his body. "Spend the night, okay?" He asked. I sighed, peaking up to look at those deep brown eyes of his and nodded. "Whatever you want, babe. It's not like I have any say." I said.

   He rolled his eyes at me, lacing his fingers through mine before he began to pull me out of the club. I knew Kayla saw us, so I didn't bother telling the others. Zayn passed a group of girls, glancing at them with a sly smile. I punched him in the stomach, making him groan. "What the hell? You have a girlfriend, remember asshole?" I said.

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