Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


14. Chapter 13

    Kayla and Savanna tugged my arms excitedly, dragging me towards the bedroom that they shared. We calmly walked into the room before Savanna pushed me down on in chair. My eyes widened at the two who were now hovering over me, glaring. I coughed. "Um, what exactly am I doing here?" I asked slowly. They hadn't exactly explained anything when they pulled me out of my bed less than half an hour ago. "You, missy are spending the day with us!" Kayla stated. I raised my eyebrow, shaking my bed hair. "I don't think so. I've got-"

    Savanna's hand collided with my cheek, and I gasped. "What the hell, Savanna?!" I screeched, my eyes widened. "Hell!!! You've turned into such a baby. If this was before Zayn, you would have hit me-" Reaching up, I yanked her hair making her yelp in pain. Her lip twitched into a smile, and I rolled my eyes. "I haven't changed, you knobs. I'm still me." I growled. "You haven't spent the day with us in ages!" Kayla whined, stomping her foot like a child. "I swear, you're falling for that little shit!" She said angrily. My heart tightened at her words, and I looked down at my hands. "I'm not." I said softly. "Liar!" Savanna spat playfully. "We know you, baby girl. You're falling hard for a player." Kayla said. I sighed, leaning on the chair and covered my head with my hands. "What's so bad if I like Zayn?" I asked. Savanna touched my hand, a frown on her lips. "Because in a few more months, you won't even be taking to him. His going to forget you because this was all a part of saving his ass." She said. Flinching at her words, I looked down. "I don't understand why everyone I ever love leaves me!" I said. "You don't love him," Kayla confirmed, squeezing my shoulder. "You just love the way he's treating you." She added. "Shut up! You’re the one dating his band mate!!!! At least you guys are real!!!" I shouted. "We're family. Family stays together." Savanna said. I smiled weakly at them.

    A small tear falling down. "I love you guys." I said. Crowding around me, they embraced me in a hug. "We love you, too. Now, call that dumbass and tell him you've made plans with us." Kayla said. Laughing I pulled my phone and dialed Zayn who was currently under: Baby Boy♥


Zayn's P.O.V

 I groaned, slapping Niall’s hand away as he tried playing with my hair. "Stop it, Niall. I'm going to be late for my date with Ava!" I said. Niall frowned, slumping back on the counter top of the bathroom counter. "I don't get why you're so caught up about this girl." He said. I glanced at him, clearing my throat. "I'm not..." I trailed off. "Then why are you treating her like she's your princess?" He asked softly. "You're going to hurt her." He added. I sighed at Niall, my hands dropping from my hair. "Can you just leave it alone, mate? Just don't worry!" I said. "I will worry!" He argued. "You don't know her past, Zayn. You can't hurt her!" He said raising his voice. "I'll do what I want," I told him sternly. "And hurting her isn't one of them." "That's because you like her, right?" He pressed, raising his eyebrow. "I might." I mumbled. "Zayn." He said. "Niall!" I mocked. "Admit it!" He said. "Okay!" I yelled, throwing my hands up in the air. "I do, alright. She's just...Different. I like her." I said. Niall smiled at my confession, though didn't seem too happy about it. Raising my eyebrow, I let another sigh escape my lips. "What is it Niall?" I asked. "I..." He paused. "I think you should stop what you're doing with her." He said. I narrowed my eyes. "Why?" I pressed.

 He groaned. "It's complicated, but I don't want you hurting her. She's been through enough, and wants something completely different from what you want. You'll both get hurt! Just stop this retarded act!" He shouted. I blinked at his words, watching as he stormed out. As I opened my mouth to call him back, my phone began to play a tune that I had put for Ava. Scrambling to pick it up, I smiled. "Hey babe," I greeted coolly. "What's up?" "I can't make it today." Ava said flatly. "I've made plans with my friends." She added. My eyes narrowed. "But I thought we were going to do something for the paparazzi today? My management was counting on it Ava." I said. "Yeah, I'm sorry. Maybe tomorrow or something." She said. I heard giggling in the background, making Ava giggle as well. "Look, I'll talk to you later. Bye." She said. Hearing the line go dead, I chucked my phone on the counter, rolling my eyes. What the hell was her problem? Maybe Niall was right. All she was going to do was hurt me if I fell. Better get out while I still can.


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