Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


12. Chapter 11

One Week Later:

    Lying across Zayn’s lap, I got into a conversation with Niall and Harry. It had been only a week since I agreed to Zayn’s little request, and had been hanging around the lads much more. Even though I knew I didn't like him like that, I didn't mind his kisses. The only downfall to this was that I wasn't allowed an actual relationship with someone I liked. Just last week I was pictured with this very attractive guy who I had met while I went to the skate park with the girls. Sadly, the only thing I can do with him is flirt a little and text him. I actually explained to Bryan what was going on, and he didn't mind. He just liked hanging around with me. It brought a smile to my face.

   "Are you coming to the ceremony tonight?" Harry asked, crossing his arms over his chest. "We have to leave soon for the rehearsals, but do you want us to save you a seat?" He added. "She can sit on Zayn’s lap!" Niall joked as he shoved his hand into a packet of potato chips. They all knew we were fake, and didn't like it but had to go along with for the sake of Zayn. They didn't mine me; they just didn't enjoy lying to their fans. Glancing up at Zayn, he looked down at me as well, a small smile on his lips. "I don't mind you sitting on me," he said. "I just can't help what I might do to you.” Everyone laughed, not expecting that to come out of his mouth. I slapped his shoulder, and he just squeezed my waist. "Oh, you know you'd like it!" He purred. "Okay! I'm leaving!" Harry said getting up. Niall nodded, unable to control his laughter. He toppled over, holding his stomach. "Y-You're so weird!!!" He laughed. With that, he followed Harry into my kitchen, leaving me alone on Zayn’s lap.

    He smiled down at me, and began playing with our hands before he began flicking through his twitter with a frown. "The fans think we're fake." He said. "We are though." I mumbled, running my thumb over his fingers. He smiled softly at that, holding my hand even tighter. "They shouldn't think that though, babe. We need to be more affectionate in public." He said. I frowned. "More? You kiss me every five seconds!" I said. He laughed, running a hand through his hair that had a blond streak through it, that I had colored myself. I was surprised he allowed me to do so, but he apparently trusted me. "We don't get seen in public a lot though," he explained. "We need to go to more open places." He said. Nodding, I smiled. "We can start with the ceremony tonight, and then go out to the mall tomorrow?" He said. "Sounds like a plan." I said. He was silent for a moment. "You know you have to dress up tonight, right? We've got a dinner after it." He said. I narrowed my eyes. "I'm not stupid, I know." I snapped.

 "I've never seen you dressed up." He said with a shrug. "I'll look good, I promise!" I said. He bent down and he placed an unnecessary kiss on my lips that shocked me. "It's not that you're not going to look good, it's the fact that I may not be able to control my actions darling." He smirked.

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