Young and Reckless

After Ava's little sister Layla passes and Ava promises to dedicate her life to her what will it drive Ava to do?


2. Chapter 1

*1 Year Later*

        I laughed at all the screaming girls that stood around me and my best friends: Kayla and Savanna. We all watched as the lads from One Direction moved from the stage for a quick break before the final song. My friends as I, were all from England, and had lived there our whole lives. Last night, we had all made the dramatic decision to fly out to America for One Directions last concert! ... Okay, it wasn't that dramatic. We planned it a few months in advanced, needing to buy tickets and everything. Though what was dramatic was what we had planned to do.

        "You girls ready?" Kayla asked, her striking blue eyes showing nothing but excitement. "Hell yes," Savanna giggled. "Let's do this!" She squealed. I rolled my eyes, gripping her hands. "We have to wait until they're on stage, you idiot." I said. "And Mike is going to give the signal," Kayla reminded her, causing her to pout. Looking down at my neck, I held the small locket between my hands, a soft smile on my lips. It had been a year. A whole year without my little sister and it still hurt each day. From the day of her funeral, I had dedicated my life to her. You could say that I had changed since that day, but that would of been an understatement. The two girls I now called my best friends were adrenaline junkies, and absolutely loved doing stupid stunts with me. Going to America was just one of them. We documented each frame of our life, knowing one day we were going to look back and it and remember all the memories we shared together.

         "Ava." Kayla mumbled, nudging my arm. Breaking my concentration, I looked up at stage to see the boys from One Direction in casual wear, looking utterly confused that their microphones weren't working properly. And that was Mikes sign. "Let's do this!!!" Savanna muttered, pushing herself up onto the stage. Kayla and I quickly followed, we were spotted by the security, and they quickly ran towards us, but it was too late.

         We were on the stage, running around to 50 Ways to Say Good-bye by Train that our best friend Mike was playing through the speakers. I laughed, suddenly spotted the four security guys run off from the sides of the stage, chasing after us. The lads just stood there, looking at us oddly and laughing. Quickly taking out my phone, I double clicked the button for the camera to show up. Sliding to a stop, I stood next the lad in stripes. "Hey!" I grinned. "Can I get a picture?"

        He laughed, shaking his head at me. "You're insane. You and your friends are going to get in a lot of trouble," he said but posed for the photo. "Eh, you only live once," I replied. "AVA!!!" Kayla laughed, getting pulled away from the stage along with Savanna by two of the boys. Suddenly, someone grabbed me by my waist, throwing me over his shoulder. I didn't even try to struggle, knowing I would end up losing against this big buff man. "Uh. We'll be right back guys!" Someone called from the stage, as we got dragged away from it.

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