One Direction Imagines <3

One Direction one shots :) request away xxx


2. Louis Imagine 1

Imagine...You and Louis are both sitting in the lounge, watching TV. Its really late at night. You're legs are resting on Louis's lap, with your head on the other side of the couch. Louis pokes your side, making you jump.
"I'm too tired to be tickled" You murmured.
"Oh come on! You're no fun. Please?" Louis begs.
"No" You refuse. Louis smirks, and moves from under your legs.
"Louis, don't you dare" You sink further into the couch. But before you can stop him, he sits on you and starts tickling your stomach. You laugh hysterically.
"Louis, Lou-is. St-op" You say between giggles. Eventually Louis stops and grins down at you.
"I love you" He says. Kissing you.
"I love you too" You reply.
"Come here" Louis says. Lying back, and opening his arms. You smile and snuggle into his arms. You talk for a while, and then eventually you start to fall asleep. Louis grabs a blanket and wraps it around both of you.
"Sweet dreams, beautiful" He says as you fall asleep.

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