A series of poems written by me exploring human nature, love, inequality and a wide range of other subjects- enjoy!


7. To The Higher Intelligence

Please excuse my rude behaviour,
Before we start I ask a favour,
Imagine not the life you own
Like me you're stupid bored alone,

For once please listen with your ears
And maybe you might hear the tears,
Or joy or hope or something new
To add to your infinite knowledge
Of life.
As unlike you I'm plain like paper
But you have such exotic flavour
One I'll pause to taste and savour.

Tastes so good
Oh you are rare,
If only my opinion seemed to care:

I am sorry for my loss
of character,
unlike you I'm not an actor,
my words sculpte truth
Not stone,
Not plaster,
No executive ties, no fake laughter,
Just words,
Just meaning.

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