A series of poems written by me exploring human nature, love, inequality and a wide range of other subjects- enjoy!


2. Strange Attraction

Religion tells me I am evil
For my strange attraction is distasteful;
My self loathe is just too wasteful!
So why do I give consent to hate myself?
Maybe loving requires too much stealth,
Stealth I just don't seem to have
In a world where hate has infected
Even the purest of purest.
Sadly I've become a tourist,
In a world of compulsary attendance
To social rules of right and wrong-
Morals have decayed
To the bottom
Of our agenda,
Time to care what others think,
Even if it means driving people to the brink
Of insanity.
I don't slate you for your lifestyle,
So why judge me on my simple strange attraction,
Or maybe I'm just being rational...
Our society is one mind,
Time to go back to self hate,
No time to find happiness
In a world of war.

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