A series of poems written by me exploring human nature, love, inequality and a wide range of other subjects- enjoy!


3. Plague in the urban Jungle

swarms of them
rampage through the busy streets
in the urban Jungle:
marching past the
desperate beggers
who loiter
on street corners;
charging into small congregations
of thugish youths;
diving into pores
within the traffic-
all to reach their
Crucial destination...

Be weary of them,
for they will turn you into
one of them-
robots- the mindless
machines of this
diseased tribe!
But there is no such remedy
for this pandemic:
it is difficult to cure the soul. they buzz through
the arteries of this urban fortress,
tied to the chains of ignorance,
remember of their illness,
remember of their plague,
your plague,
our plague- plague in the urban Jungle.

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