A series of poems written by me exploring human nature, love, inequality and a wide range of other subjects- enjoy!


4. Caitlin

She stumbled past the city lights,
Drunken haze from three long nights
Of heavy drinking.
As she staggered
Into an alley, unaware of midnight's thief
That lurked behind her, she began to
Cry: she cried she cried she cried.
The Phantom interupted sobs
By asking her why the throbs
Of heartache and misery. No response.
He hovered closer, shadow cast across his face
And offered her a false embrace.
No response. The Phantom inquired again why
The sobs? No reply.
The girl sensed Evil which pricked her spine
And calmly slogged forwards into
The Minotour's Maze,
Footsteps followed- walk to run-
Run followed...
He caught up quickly to his Prey
And her screams were silenced.
Knife slicing through voicebox;
Fingers gently combing through hair;
Eyes wide with the horror of her slayer.

And after he was done,
Caitlin was tossed aside,
Left soaking in a pool of blood.
For the rats.

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