A series of poems written by me exploring human nature, love, inequality and a wide range of other subjects- enjoy!


13. Army of Poseidon

                                            The river's flow is far and wide
In it carrying Poseidon's tide
It cannot be stopped
Its waves still rippling
Fed by the clouds
Their tears trickling,

                                Man has no power
Against its screams
For glory against it, only in dreams,
And to challenge Poseidon's Army
Would make you a fool
You would only drown in his deathly pool,

       Surviving through heat
And living through frost
Poseidon's Army
Will never be lost
But to want such power
Is a vision of cloud
You will only die
And not die proud,

                             So embrace the river
And the Oceans and streams
Because one day you'll hear
His calling battle screams.

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