A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


10. Chapter 9

Harry's POV:

"Jode, your parents are downstairs- I can hear them". She rolls over; groaning into the pillow. "And we have school, we need to get up". "I don't want to go Harry". I ignore her as I make my way to the window for my morning cigarette. I can hear Jodie's parents and my mum going out the front door. "Yeah she's fine now. They'll be getting up for school anytime soon. You go off to work- I'm here for another half hour anyway" mum tells them. Before anything else, I'm watching her mum and dad walk back to theirs and exit in different cars. "Jodie" I take a puff of smoke to the back of my throat. "Get up!" I shout after finishing off the cigarette and standing back by her side.

Half an hour later and mums leaving for work. "You've had half an hour now. GET UPP!" I shake Jodie's body and drag out the last word. "I don't want to go in" she pouts whilst looking at me. "Well we're going". After another 5 or so minutes she gets up; doing everything slowly and at her own pace. However, I take another cigarette from the packet, light it up and inhale the smoke. "Let me have some?" Jodie asks and stands beside me. I shake my head, "No you don't need it". "Well they relieve stress and nerves don't they? So yes I do need it" she argues back. "I don't want you getting addicted to it so no". It's a horrible habit and I don't want her to start it. "Harry. Pleaseeee?" she drags out the word and give me puppy dog eyes. "Fine. But you won't like it. Only one puff ok?" she nods and takes it from me. Almost instantly from inhaling she coughs; spluttering the smoke everywhere. "Told you" I smirk. "Fine" she puts her hands on her hips, "Pass it to me through your mouth, I won't get as much that way". I sigh- she isn't going to give up until I've done it so we might aswell get it out of the way. "Better?" I ask with our faces still really close. The tip of her nose lightly brushes against mine as she nods. Whispers escape her mouth so I can barely hear her, "Harry.. Kiss me please". I'm so tempted to but I know this is unlike her and I just can't at the moment. "I can't" I tell her, at the same time tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. She looks taken back; hurt even. "Why?" she asks. "Because you aren't being you right now. You want to skip school, smoke and now your being over-confident asking me to kiss you. None of that is you Jode. You're upset and I'm not going to take advantage of it". She moves away; leaving me to put out the remainder of the cigarette. "Jode- where are you going? Don't be like that" I can see by the way she's gathering up her stuff and walking that she's annoyed. "Jodie" I state; still following after her. "It didn't bother you months ago or in Ayia Napa, what's the difference now?" she snaps; turning to me. "Because I can't keep doing it to myself. Every time we kiss, every time we get closer I-I" my mouth's frozen. Why can't I tell her how much I adore and love her? I try but all that happens is stutters- no words. "Whatever" she speaks and carries on out my bedroom door. Without even thinking, I grab Jodie's arm; pulling her body against my chest. My hands rest against her jaw; bringing her head to mine where we kiss for a short while. After a few more minutes her hands lean around my waist. Soon she pulls away and rests her head against my chest as we stand there hugging. "I can hear your heartbeat- it's going so fast" she smiles sweetly. "You do that to me" I say and rest my chin on the top of her head. "Can we not go in Harry? Please I can't face it today". I agree to spend the day indoors with her instead, I wanted to earlier but I didn't think she actually was serious about staying off and bunking the whole day.


Jodie's POV:

It's Monday and I'm back at school today. I'm still dreading it- especially since we have Math first and second lessons. As I walk down the hall with Harry I'm retrieving several dirty looks and the occasional name calling. "Slut" "Ew look who it is!" "Whore" What the hell? Why is everyone calling me these names.. What have I done?

Harry and I separated to our lockers and now some random girls from our Math group have made their way upto me. "You're disgusting.. I can't believe you forced yourself on Mr. Ramon and then accused him" One speaks and straight away two of the others chirp up, "Yeah, slut or what". The only people who know about what he did are him, Harry and I.


Harry's POV:

"Harry?! How could you? You promised not to say anything! Now the whole school thinks I forced myself onto him and then tried accusing him! Well done Harry. Well fucking done." Jodie raises her voice. Tears are running lightly down her cheeks too. I only told Louis and I know he'd never tell anyone; he too actually is quite fond of Jodie so why would he? "Lou did you show anyone them texts I sent you?" I take my eye off Jodie to look at Louis. He shakes his head, "No but Stan read them by accident. He said he wouldn't say anything". "So which one of you told? Harry, you or Stan?" Jodie asks with annoyance and upset in her tone. "I swear it wasn't me- I told Lou because I can trust him. It must have been Stan. You know what he's like. He twists everything. I'm sorry, I just needed to tell someone I didn't know what to do". "Yeah well I thought I could trust you too but obviously not". The head teacher interrupts us with Mr. Ramon stood by his side, "Jodie! I need you in my office now please. Your parents have been called too". Shit. This is the last thing she needs- there's no way any of the teachers will believe her over Mr. Ramon; he's too sly. "My p-parents?" Jodie gulps. "Yes. If what these accusations you've been making against Mr. Ramon are true- it's serious allegations here. You could be in a lot of trouble for telling these lies. My office now!" he almost shouts and gives her a stern look.

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