A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


8. Chapter 8

Jodie's POV:

It's Monday, I'm in school heading to my first lesson- Maths. I'm so dreading this right now. I'm not sitting with any of the girls today because 1. They distract me sometimes and 2. I'd just prefer sitting with Harry seeing as he asked aswell.

"Whats up with you today? You seem quiet" Harry asks. "Nothing, just tired" I force a smile on my face to satisfy him and it seems to do the trick because he doesn't ask anymore. What's really wrong is that my teacher and I kissed last week and now I have to sit through a whole hour of it being awkward. I mean, who even made the first move there? Was it me or him? To be honest, it could be seen as both but then I blame myself too. Jake tells us to get on with our usual work. We're just going over stuff we'd learnt from last week at the moment. Harry is actually fairly good at maths; he's been helping me all through the lesson. "You two ok with everything?" Mr. Ramon asks us both. Harry nods, "Yep all good". I don't answer, instead pretend to be getting on with my work. "Jodie?" I look up to Jake whose brow is raised. I nod, "Mhm". Should I be calling him Mr. Ramon or Jake? I really don't know. It seems weird to call him Mr. Ramon but then it seems weird calling him Jake because he's my teacher..


**Wednesday- 3 weeks after**

"You'll have to come to my house for tutoring tonight" Jake tells me and hands me his address before I leave his classroom. Gradually over these past 3 weeks, I've started to forget about that kiss with my teacher and its become a lot less awkward Thank God.


It's 7pm and I'm still here. Still being tutored. I wouldn't be doing much else if I were at home anyway so I'm not that bothered. Jake's house is really nice. It too is in the wealthier area of Town; not that far from my house- only a 10 minute walk actually. "What drink do you want?" he asks and I follow him to the kitchen. It's rather quiet; the TV is on low in his front room and he lives by himself so there's only us two; meaning apart from our voices, it's pretty silent here. It's peaceful and I can definitely concentrate a lot better without all the noise I usually have at home. "Anything, I don't mind". He pours out two glasses of pure orange then hands me mine, "Thanks". Once finished with my drink I place it in the sink. Jake does the same; leaning over my shoulder. "You're a beautiful girl" he whispers in my ear and spins me round to face him. Should he really be saying that? I'm his student.. "You know that kiss?" he asks and pins me up against the kitchen counter. I nod. "I haven't stopped thinking about it" he continues. He kisses me once again; just like last time. Except it gets more heated and he picks me up. Our lips keep in contact with one anothers. He carries me to his living room where he drops me down on the sofa. He crawls on too; hovering over me. As he leans further down to unbutton my shirt I speak up and push him away, "No, I don't want this". The touch of his hand wanders underneath my now fully undone shirt and over my back; from the bottom to the top where he fiddles around with the lining of my bra. "Stop- get off me. Jake". He's persistent and doesn't let me go even through me trying to push him away and my constant words telling him I don't want this. He doesn't listen. "Mr. Ramon- Jake" a few tears start to fall down my cheek as he lowers his body down; keeping me under his grip. "Shh- it's alright" he smirks and places kisses from my neck and up toward my lips. I use all my strength to push myself away from him, "I said no- I don't want this" I shout. He stares at me; smirking as I grab my bag and run out the door. I can't go home- not in this mess.

"Is Harry in?" After knocking several times, Anne answers the door eventually. "He just went to get some milk, he'll be back in a few minutes.. Jodie, are you alright?" she gives me a strange look. That could have something to do with the fact that I have makeup smudged down my face and glassy eyes from the tears. I nod but as I do a few tears start to spill from my eyes.


Harry's POV:

I walk back into my front garden to find my mum hugging Jodie lightly. "What's up?" Jodie turns and immediately throws her arms round me. "Um- nice to see you too Jode" I giggle. As I look down, I notice her shivering and crying into my chest. I hand my mum the milk and she furrows her brows. I nod; signalling for her to go so I can see what's wrong with Jodie. Straight away, she leaves us alone. "Wanna go upstairs?" I rub the side of her arms as I lower my head to her level and she simply nods.

Both of us are sat down on my bed; Jodie facing me. "So what's wrong?" She shakes her head; letting me know she needs a second to calm down. Only now do I notice, the makeup smudged all over her face and how her shirt is unbuttoned in some places; the rest done up incorrectly as if it were rushed together. "Wait- why is your shirt undone like that?" My tone changes as I become slightly worried as to what she's going to tell me. "I was there and we kissed- and he tried to" she stutters. "Tried to what Jode?" I grit my teeth. "He wouldn't let me go- I shouted and pushed him off but it was so close Harry" she cries. Who is she even on about? "And you didn't want it?" She shakes her head and lets a small murmur out, "No. I was so scared- I just thou-" I cut her off and cuddle her tight. "So let me get this straight, he tried to have sex with you and you didn't want to? Yet he still kept you there?" I don't believe this. Her head nods in my shoulder. "That's assault Jode- it's attempted rape, who the fuck did this to you?" I raise my voice as I feel myself getting angrier. How dare anyone feel they can do that to her. "I-I can't" she shakes her head. "Jode, just tell me. I'm not having someone get away with this. Putting their hands on you like that- who do they think they are" my voice gets high pitched. "Harry-" I turn my head to face her again as she sits up; keeping her head bowed. "It was" she pauses and fiddles around with her hands, "Our maths teacher". My eyes bulge. Did I just hear that correctly?! "What? How?!" I almost screech. "I have tutoring don't I? He kissed me at school like 3 weeks ago and then I didn't mention it to anyone. But he told me I had to go to his for tutoring today so I did and then he kissed me again.. Then he tried to, well you know". "I'll kill him! I will fucking kill him. Where does he live? I'll go round there right now and give him what he deserves" I stand up. "NO, Harry!" she jumps up. "Please don't- you can't say anything" tears roll down her cheeks. "So he just gets away with it?" My fists clench together. "I just want to forget about it. Please Harry" her eyes look as though they're begging and I'm not exactly going to go against her. I'd rather let her forget it than do something she doesn't want me to do. "Fine. But I'm only doing this for you" I tell her whilst pulling her into a hug. "Wanna stay here tonight?" She nods, "If you don't mind". A smile spreads across my face, "Of course I don't- lets get you out of them clothes". I throw her one of my t-shirts and turn around whilst she changes.

"Jodie's staying here tonight mum". I tell her whilst getting to glasses of water to take back upstairs. "Is she alright?" mum asks me with concern in her tone. "She is and will be. We're going to bed now. See you tomorrow after work". "She can have Gemma's room tonight if she wants- might aswell seeing as Gem's at uni". I continue my walk upstairs, "Ok- I'll let her know". Once in the room, Jodie's sat up; under the cover but resting against the headboard. "Mum said you can have Gemma's room if you want". She shakes her head lightly, "I like it here- but I can go in there if you want me to". "No stay in here, I don't mind" I smile. Why would I want her in there if I can have her with me? I hand her the glass of water which she places on the bedside table next to her as I do with mine. "How comes you came to me first?" I ask, gazing over my shoulder. She shrugs, "I trust you. You're just the first person I thought could help me". I smile but quickly change the subject as she lays down and rests her head against the pillow, "You're laying on my side of the bed". A small giggle escapes her mouth, "What?" I try my best not to grin, "I always lay on the right side. Always." She turns to face me; still grinning, "If it's a problem we can swap". God I love this girl. "Nope, I'll let you have that side for tonight" I smirk. She turns back around so her back is to me, "Good because it smells like you". I then laugh, "What? What's that got to do with anything?" I can tell she's smiling just by her voice when she speaks, "I like it- it's comforting". "Ok- come here" I sneak my hands underneath her body, pull her in towards me and turn her over. "Now you have the smell of me and the feel of me. Extra comfort" I smirk. She simply smiles and tucks her small body frame into me.

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