A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


7. Chapter 7

Jodie's POV:

"You're looking so tanned!" Lindsay squeals as I enter the hallway and to our lockers. "Thanks" I smile. Kimberly then speaks with a half-smile, "So how was it? Living with Harry for a week?" "Oh, it was alright.. We managed to get on actually". A smile spreads across my face without me taking any thought. Just thinking of how well we got along and how much fun we had together that whole week makes me smile. "We have maths first right?" The pair of them nod as Jade also makes her way to us, "Have you seen our new Maths teacher yet? Apparently he's young" she smirks. Lindsay then joins in, "Yeah and good looking". All three of them giggle like little school girls. Ok- I know we're still in school but they're acting really childish.. I mean we're all 17 and they're acting like 13. I'm really not that bothered though. Especially since last time we had a new teacher, everyone said the same about him but he turned out to be old and nowhere near nice looking. "Well, you'll get to see him soon won't you.. We have maths next", I roll my eyes at each of them; shaking my head slightly.

There's no sign of the teacher so far so every pupil piles into the classroom; taking their seats wherever they feel like. "You alright?" Harry asks as he walks past me. "Good thanks you?" I smile back. "Yeah fine" he takes a seat just behind me. A heavy Irish tone hushes the class. "I'm your new Math teacher- Mr. Ramon". Ok- I take it back. He is actually fairly young and extremely hot. "Oit Jodie! Wanna come round tonight? Mum's out, Gemma's at Uni". Harry whispers from behind; causing me to snap out of my daydream. Each girl in the room seems to be paying much more attention than usual all of a sudden. "Huh? Oh, er- yeah that'll be fine" I turn in my seat to face him. Louis chirps up from beside him, "Can I join too?". Harry's face turns all stern-looking when he replies to him, "No". "Why? What, you two gonna be getting upto something then?" Louis gives a smirk and questioning look. I shake my head and giggle a little, "No. You can come too". I turn back in my seat to face the front. Instead, the teacher is stood right there. Right infront of my desk. "I think you should get on with your work now". I gulp and nod as a smile flows across his face.

"Jodie- can I speak to you for a minute?" Mr. Ramon- our new teacher keeps me back from leaving with everyone else. My eyes roll, "Mhm?" "Your old teacher left notes on you all. You're behind. I think it's best if you have a home tutor after school. Once or twice a week" It seems weird, his telling me what to do yet he looks like 2 years older than me. It just seems strange. "Have you seen the price of them? They're really dear and I'll catch up, I'm not that far behind". He half grins, "I don't mind tutoring you. Is every Wednesday and Friday ok with you? Both days at 6?" Guessing there's no way of getting out of this one then. "Yeah. That's fine." I nod and make my way to the door. "First sessions starts tonight seeing as it's Wednesday". Oh even better. He could at least start it from Friday.


It's been an hour already and my mind still feels a mess like it has done in Maths at school for the past 2 weeks or so. I'm just no good this subject, that's the problem- not that I don't listen or anything like that. "You need a break?" He raises his eyebrow. "Yeah.. Do you want a drink? Tea or something?" I ask politely. "Water would be nice thanks". I sit down with both mine and his drinks. "Sir-" I begin but he interrupts me, "Please- call me Jake" he shows off his pearly white teeth as he smiles. "Jake" I correct myself but before I can continue, the door rings. "I'll just get that".

"Thought you were coming round?" Harry's voice echoes through my empty house. Mum and Leah went out with Anne earlier and dad's still at work; so it's just me and my maths teacher. "I have to be tutored for Math" I sigh. Harry's face looks slightly disappointed. "Oh.. Well I'll see you another day then. You know I could have tutored you babe" His voice deepens as he leans against the door frame. And did he just call me babe? I giggle, "Yeah well if you did, I'd be even more confused than I am now". "What are you trying to say?!" Harry screeches but still smiles. "That you're bad at maths" I sarcastically tell him. "You don't even know that!" He playfully hits my arm, "I'll leave you too it. See you later" He walks back down the path and then stops as he reaches just outside the gate, "Oh and for your information, I'm alright at maths actually". I close the door; smiling to myself. "So is he your boyfriend?" Mr. Ramon- Jake asks from the table. Ha- I wish. "No. Just friends" I smile and shake my head slightly. Shortly after, Jake leaves- thank God. I've dealt with to much maths today. Way too much. Dad should be home any minute now and mum sent a text to say her and Leah would be home soon with dinner.


Harry's POV:

I was actually planning on telling Jodie how I feel about her two nights ago. That I'd like more than a friendship but that all changed when she ended up having tutoring. Maybe it's a sign? Telling me that I shouldn't say anything to her. It's now Friday; Jodie has tutoring and we're meant to be over hers for dinner so I don't really know how this one's going to work out. Surely it'll be too noisy for her to work with everyone there? Today is just gloomy. The rain is pouring and there's nothing but dark grey clouds covering the skies. I put a cigarette just inside my mouth and flick my lighter across its tip to spark it up. God knows why I'd decided on walking to school today- especially on a day like this. I guess I just felt like being in the fresh air thats all. "Harry! I didn't know you were walking today" Jodie's voice snaps me out of my thoughts. "Oh neither did I" I mumble. "Whats up?" her smile fades. I shake my head, "Nothing". There is something wrong but in all honesty, I don't really know what it is. "Oh ok" she replies; keeping all eye contact away from me. We walk for about 5 minutes with neither of us speaking at all. "Harry.. You only just finished one like two minutes ago" Jodie looks at me concerned as I pull out another cigarette from its packaging. "More like 5 minutes ago". She settles back down and doesn't say anymore as we continue to walk along the path; soon approaching the school.


Jodie's POV:

Today has gone by so slowly. Mum and dad told me to do my tutoring at school then come home after seeing as Anne and Harry would be round tonight and it'd probably be too loud for me to concentrate. One more lesson and then an hours tutoring and I'm free to go home and relax for the weekend!


"How old are you? You seem too young to be a teacher" I laugh a little. "I'm 21" he smirks. "Oh, I thought you was like 19. Well no, 20" "It's only one year older than what you thought" he giggles then changes the subject. "Are you starting to get it now?" Jake asks. "Yeah, a little bit" I nod, still gazing over the work I had just done. I turn my head to find him staring straight at me with a small smile on his face. I smile back with politeness and look back down to my work. "Well, we can call it a day if you want now". I nod; packing my things away in my bag. As I go to stand up, his hand gently tugs on my arm; pulling me back down on the seat beside him. "Jodie" he pauses, "You will get it eventually. It might take some time but I'm always here to help ok?" "Thank you Mr. Ramo-" He giggles lightly, "I told you before- call me Jake". I laugh and let my head drop so my eyes are focused on my lap. A warm hand gently cups my chin and pulls my head up again. "You're quite shy aren't you?" he asks. He is right- I may come across the complete opposite but it's an act, I am actually really shy and have no confidence whatsoever. Our faces are so close and he moves his hand from my chin to the side of my face; gently pulling me closer to him. His soft lips brush against mine and instantly press down on them; leading to a full on kiss. Something draws me in and I just can't pull away. It's too nice. This shouldn't be happening, he's my teacher. I pull away and he looks at me with confusion. "Erm, I need to go. Sorry. Bye" the words rush off my tongue as I hurry out the door.

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