A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


5. Chapter 5 (15+)

Harry's POV:

We've just arrived at our hotel in Ayia Napa and it's really nice. It must be at least a 4 or 5*. "Right the names under Styles for when you check in" Sarah tells both me and Jodie. We haven't exactly spoken to each other since our little row about a week ago. "Be nice" mum waves her hand in my face with a stern look.

"There's only one bed. Great." Jodie mutters under her breath as we enter the room. "Guess we'll be sharing then". Her face is priceless when she notices my smirk. "You shouldn't look so displeased. Think of it as a.. Privilege". "HA." she fake laughs. "A privilege? Far from it Harry". "I give it two days" "Til what?" she continues to unpack her suitcase. "Til we're speaking again" "Mm you wish" she grunts with attitude. Seeing as it's still early in the day, I'm going in the pool. I'm going to make an effort with Jodie because I never have not wanted to. Yeah- I may annoy her but she's the one who started this whole thing off again but I don't want it like this. I honestly do want the old us back- and more. "You coming down to the pool?" I ask. "Yeah". Guessing she already has her bikini on seeing as she walks straight past me and out the door.


Jodie's POV:

I can't help but notice Harry's face when I reveal my body in my bikini. He doesn't know I saw him but I did. He murmurs beneath his breath, "Wow". Does he even realise I can actually hear him? We're all inclusive on this holiday which means we have wristbands. Over here if you're 17, you're classed as an adult because they give you an adult coloured wrist band if so. This means we can order whatever we like from the bar aswell! I don't burn, I just tan really easily. So instead of using sun cream, I cover my skin in baby oil- I know I shouldn't but I'm not silly, if I feel myself getting to hot then I'll get in the pool. "Want me to put it on your back?" Harry obviously sees me struggling to reach round fully. "If you don't mind, please". Once he's done, he wanders off to the pool and I lay down on the sun-lounger. The sun is piercing hot and it's 41 degrees at the moment. I alternate sides every now and then to even out my tan.

"You've been laying there for 2 hours, come in the pool" Harry's swimming trunks drip constantly by my side. "I'll be in in a minute" I smile. Everyone else was getting some lunch at the bar after we'd unpacked. But they all said we're just having separate holidays in a way. There letting Harry and me do our own thing a lot of the time- how fun. Probably explaining the reason we haven't seen them just yet since we got here. "You won't" he continues to pester. "Harry" I laugh as he rings out his trunks onto my stomach "Stop it!" I shoot up from my laying position. Before I have time to even move, his arms are supporting me when he picks me up. "One" "Harry don't!" I giggle as he rocks me in his arms; getting higher each time. "Two. Three" and then he throws me. Right into the deep end.


Harry's POV:

I jump in straight after I've thrown Jodie to the deep end. Laughing hysterically I manage to talk, "You should have seen your face!" She too laughs. "I will get you back for that". Her hand shoves a mass of water in my face and I do the same back after rinsing out my eyes. It ends up with me holding her waist against me whilst she tries to wriggle away; both of us still laughing. She turns around so she's facing me to try and push away even more but my grip against hers is too strong. "I could keep you there by using only one hand". "Not my fault you have big muscles and you're really strong" she playfully talks back. "Oh, so you must've been looking then?" I smirk. "Well.." she trails off but falls silent. Our heads lean in closer and closer; closing the space between us. Her soft, wet lips brush against mine and I'm just about to kiss her but then, "Looks like you two made up quickly". Mum shouts from the steps of the pool; hardly far from us. Jodie gets away from my grip and moves over to catch Leah as she jumps in the pool. I swim over to Gemma who's sat on the side; dipping her feet in. "So what's going on with you two?" "What do you mean?" "One minute you hate each other and the next you're all 'close'. I just don't get it" she laughs. "Neither do I if I'm honest" I agree with her and lean back against the hard concrete wall and keep myself afloat within the water.


Jodie's POV:

Did Harry and I nearly kiss?! Again?! Yes! Something about Harry always draws me back for more and I can never help myself, I always get caught up in the moment with him. The others are still in the pool but I've headed back to our apartment to start getting ready. It's our first night in Ayia Napa and I'm going out on the strip; with or without Harry and Gemma. It's 5:30pm already so if I start getting ready now there's no rush on both me and Harry having to use the bathroom. Plus, I want to get something to eat before going out so all this'll take us up to around 6ish anyway. After a shower, I stay in my towel seeing as no one else is up here, throw my wet hair into a high, messy bun for now and start my make-up. "You in here Jodie?" Harry knocks on the door to the bedroom. "Yeah" I reply. "You dressed? Can I come in?" "Well I'm in a towel. Just-yeah. Come in". "Are you coming out tonight?" I politely ask him. I have to stay with him for a whole week and we practically have our own holiday together so it's just easier to make the effort with him. "Yeah definitely!" he almost squeals like a girl. "And Gemma?" His head shakes, "No, she said she's staying with mum and everyone tonight". "Guess its just us then" I laugh a little. "Go get ready- I'm nearly done!" He does as I'd said; grabbing his clothes and exiting into the bathroom. I fix my hair into the style I want it; just straight and sleek. Then next is my outfit  I'm staying casual. A pair of sandals, denim booty shorts and a black, tight-fitting crop top and obviously a clutch bag to match. Harry comes out of the bathroom already dressed and ready "Just gotta do my hair then we're ready to go", he grabs the hairdryer and blasts the air round his head. "I'll go round to see everyone else whilst I'm waiting. Come round when you're done". He nods and continues fixing his hair.

"We'll see you tomorrow morning. Have a good night!" Mum smiles at us both. "Have a picture together first!" Anne takes out her camera. "Take one on my phone please mum" Harry asks politely, handing Anne his phone. He turns back to me; wraps his arm round my waist to pull me extremely close, lays his hand on my hip and leans his head down so both his and mine are touching. Both of us smile and wait for it to be taken.


Harry's POV:

So far, the night's been really good. I say night.. It's 3am already. We aren't finished though- we're going home as late as possible. Or would it be early? I don't know. Both of us are drunk but not silly drunk. We still know what we're doing.. At the moment. I have a feeling that'll change very soon with the amount we're drinking. "I probably have about 700 photos from tonight" I tell her whilst laughing. It's true, every now and then we've been taking silly selfies together and just having a right laugh. Jodie giggles as she orders our drinks. "4 shots on the house!" The waiter smiles at her. "That's 2 each then" she grins and passes two to me. We down the cool-liquid; letting it flow freely down our throat.


Anne's POV:

Harry and Jodie went out ages ago. They still aren't back yet- God knows what they're doing right now. Gemma and I are in Sarah's and Mick's apartment. Leah's sound asleep, today really tired her out! "How can you all trust them in that room together for the whole week?" Gemma lets out a nervous laugh. "What do ya' mean sweetie?" Sarah questions. "Well not to worry you but they're young, drunk and have an empty apartment to themselves.. If you get what I mean" "Gemma! They'd never do that! They're barely talking let alone anything like that" Sarah laughs. "I think they're getting on a lot better than what we think" she smiles. "Gem, stop worrying about them! They'll be fine in there. Nothing like that would happen. Neither Jodie or Harry would let it. They aren't silly". I relax her ever so slightly. "Yeah, I agree. I know Jodie wouldn't even dream of doing that and Harry? Well I trust him" Mick finishes with a smile. "It's 4am already!" Sarah yawns. Hysterics of laughter come from outside, in the hallway. And then a rush of Harry's voice shouting as Jodie then replies. "That's them two back then" I laugh. Then different voices we've never heard before. "Didn't know you were staying here!" A boy talks. "You never asked" Jodie starts laughing again. "What's your name again?" Harry asks and a flood of names sounds from the other side of the door. They obviously found another group of people their age and have gotten friendly with them. "See ya tomorrow then" It falls quiet as they seem to move on.


Jodie's POV:

Harry starts laughing as we reach our door and I hand him the key. "It was that boy when he fell over. He's face!" Both of us stumble through the door in fits of laughter. I make my way down to the bedroom; hearing Harry still sniggering from the kitchen. The noise and I soon come to a halt when Harry's arms push me against the back of the door. The room is almost completely silent; the only noise to be heard is our breathing; falling out of time with one another. For the second time today, Harry's lips come ever so close to mine. I can't help myself as I move my head in closer, as does he. Extracting kisses from one another, he soon slips in his tongue; holding back a little to wait for my acceptance. I don't resist. The kiss gets heated as several minutes pass. Harry picks me up; moving me to the King-size bed which we had to share. He hovers over me, "You want this?" I bite down on my inner lip and nod slowly but nothing sounds from my mouth. He grins, "Good because I want you so bad". He fiddles around with my clothing as I do his. Soon enough, it's thrown across the floor. It's not like last time, I don't feel any pain as Harry enters me. Instead a rush of adrenaline. Our foreheads are touching and my hands are thrown around his neck as he raises and lowers his hips; we exchange many kisses at the same time. He nibbles on the side of my neck and then sucks against the skin hard as he thrusts deeper and harder, causing me to moan rather loudly. He rolls over so I'm now on top of him and I follow his lead from before.


Harry's POV:

Loud puffs and moans escape our mouths as we continue. She is by far the best I'd ever had. Like literally- you'd never believe she'd only had sex twice. Never. "Keep going Jode" I push a strand of hair away from her eyes and keep my hand there to cup her face. She carries on filling me with pleasure. Not too long after; my head rolls back and I can feel her breath hitting my bare skin. "I can't hold on babe". She nods and kisses my lips; slowing down her thrusts to let us both release. After a few more seconds, she pulls away to lay my side. "No- stay there". She lays her head back down on my chest. Her whole body is now on top of mine. Eventually our breathing steadies back to a normal pace and our skin begins to cool down once again. My hands fiddle around with her hair, "Do you want me to stop?" She shakes her head, "No. I like it. It makes me fall asleep" her voice trembles a little. "I dunno about you but I'm fucking tired after that" I exhale a deep breath. She nods again and I can feel her eyelashes flutter close against my chest. After 5 minutes, she hasn't moved- I'm guessing she's fallen asleep already. "Jode?" I check she's not awake still- no movement or sound. "I love you.. I mean it, I really do.. Night beautiful". I kiss her forehead and fall asleep with my arms wrapped around her lower back and the cover pulled just over us slightly.

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