A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


3. Chapter 3 (15+)


WARNING: This chapter may include descriptions of drug use, sex and/or violence. (15+)


Harry's POV:

I thought it'd take a lot longer than it has for us to get back to our usual, old ways but it hasn't. We still aren't there properly but it's getting there slowly. Except for at school- we still go our separate ways. I don't really know why actually. "No one's in tonight. Wanna stay round?" I ask Jodie through the phone. "Yeah, might aswell. I can be round in 5 minutes?" "Yeah that's fine".


"Harry if I ask you for advice on something, you won't go and tell everyone what it is will you? Or laugh at me?" Jodie asks with her head bowed a little. "Course I wouldn't. You can come to me about anything Jode". "Promise?" I move to the same sofa so I'm sat next to her, "Promise". A sigh escapes her mouth as she speaks. "Dean wants to.. You know.." I catch on to what she's talking about and nod. "Well, the problem is it'll be my first time and-" "Wait, this is your first time? I thought you'd already lo-" Jodie cuts me off. "Yeah and no. I don't know why everyone presumes I have. Just because I'm in with the popular crowd; doesn't mean I have no morals and self respect.. Anyway I thought I'd ask you because you seem.. experienced in that area" "Well, I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not" I giggle and she smiles a tad. "The main question is, are you ready?" "I don't know Harry. The thing is, if I don't do it, he'll tell the whole school and if he knows it's my first time, I'd probably be ridiculed too". "Well you should be proud. It just goes to prove you have respect for yourself in my eyes". "I wouldn't even know what to do". To her, this is obviously a big deal- I understand her fears. Whatever she does there's a chance of her getting picked on or something. "I could teach you?" "And how exactly are you going to do that?" she smiles with a few tears glistening in her eyes. "Well there's only one way". She soon realises what I mean. "But won't it be, awkward?" "We have an empty house, we've known each other for years and I can set the mood for you.. Only if you're sure though" She nods, "I think I'm sure". "I'll let you decide for a few minutes, just wait here".

I find some candles under the sink; I already have a lighter. If I'm going to show her, I want it to be nice for her. I want her to enjoy it. I set out the candles along my bedside tables and drawers, etc. Just so the room is lit enough for us to see what we're doing. I play some low music in the background; hoping to relax her. Lastly, I tidy up the bed sheets by stretching them back to how they should usually sit. "Right. Are you sure?" I ask once again when I get back downstairs. "Mhm" she nods. I take her hand in mine and lead her to my bedroom where I take both mine and her clothes off and lay her down on the bed. Our bodies are touching very slightly. She winces at the pain as I enter her; going slow and steady. "I'm sorry if it hurts. I'm being gentle. It'll get easier after this ok?" Her head nods but I can see the pain as she screws up her face. "Open your eyes babe, just focus on me". As I hover over her; still thrusting at the same pace, our eyes lock on one anothers. "Harry, I-" My face leans down so our lips are barely apart. The feel of her breath hits my face; sending a warm sensation over my body. "Put your arms on my neck, focus on anything else but the pain for now". I pick up the strength and pace of my thrusts just slightly each time to allow her to adjust. Her hands do as I said. A little while after, she begins to play with the curls at the back of my head. "How's that feel?" I ask her. "Fine" I pick up once again. Her hands play around with the curls even more. Her eyes wander from mine down to my lips as we both lean in at the same time. A sweet and gentle kiss is exchanged between us until she breaks away, arches her back and moans fairly loud. "Ssh" I laugh and turn her head back to mine. "Does it still hurt?" Her head shakes from side to side. "Faster?" I ask and she nods, "And harder". "Whatever you want babe" I grin because now I feel she is actually enjoying it rather than focusing on the pain too much. Our lips smash together once again; letting everything become twice as heated. I lean my head down to her neck. Both our breathing is completely uneven and out of its usual rhythmic when she kisses just behind my ear. A moan escapes my mouth this time and she just jokes around; imitating me from before "Ssh". I kiss her once again; trailing down her upper body when I also thrust again, causing her to arch her back and for us both to release at the same time.


Jodie's POV:

The 4 words I will never forget as we finish is what Harry said; "I love you Jode". Did he mean it? Or was it by accident? Nothing meant by it at all or just meaning as friends? I guess I won't know until I ask. Which I don't plan on doing anytime soon. Harry lays by my side; using his right fingers to trail over my stomach; drawing small, random patterns. "You were perfect" he says with a deep and husky voice. "And so were you" I blush. The smoothness of his skin touches against mine as he uses his hand to gently cup my chin and kiss me softly. He then pulls me over; in closer to his body where we both fall asleep for the rest of the night.


"Shit, we've overlaid" I wake up to the sound of Harry cursing. "We need to get ready, we've overlaid by an hour". "I need to have a shower and everything" my voice is still ever so sleepy. "Yeah, me too" he replies. "Well you go first" I smile. "We could always shower together.. Save water and time" he cockily adds. I bite on my inner lip and nod. Something felt so right around Harry. Just recently it has done more because we'd decided on getting back to how we used to be. Except when we used to be closer than we are now, we never had sex- we were never even together, let alone that.

Getting ready is a big rush but we'll make it in time for break. "The excuse is that I overlaid and you could only get in through me this morning alright?" I nod, "Maybe we shouldn't have done that on a school night. Weekend would've been better" I giggle. Harry's face lights up, almost as if he only then realised I enjoyed it so much. "It can always happen again" "Harry I have a boyfriend and you know why we did that last night". "I know but it can still happen again. Whenever need be". He smirks. "Want me to take you home after school?" "I'll be ok thanks and thank you for last night Harry. I appreciate it" I smile.

I don't have a lesson with Harry until last lesson. But that lesson also includes the main others; Kimberly, Lindsay, Dean and even more. The weird thing is, I don't feel guilty for being with Dean and sleeping with Harry shouldn't that be my clue that I just don't like him enough? "Was you with Dean last night?" Lindsay observes me. "No- why?" "Because you have that ora, the 'glow' about you.." I know what she's on about but they don't know and they can't know. "No" I shake my head. "Just happy today, that's all". Lunch and the 4th lesson go by rather quickly. It's this one I suspect to go really slow- I just know how awkward it's going to be already.

"Let me sit next to Jodie, Kim" Dean pouts and Kimberly just moves without a fuss. "So, ready for tomorrow night?" That's when I feel guilty. Yes, I did it so I can know what I'm doing but now I do feel guilty. Them 4 words keep playing over in my head. What if Harry does mean it? "Um, no. Not this weekend. I'm busy" "What?! Busy doing what Jodie? I told you about 2 weeks ago about tomorrow and now you're 'busy'." "Yeah and?" I nod and shrug. "Well what's come up that you can't hold off?" "Family meal. We always have next weekend".


**Saturday evening**

"JODIE! Will you hurry up? The table will be gone by the time we get there" Dad shouts up the stairs. "I'm coming!" I'm only running a little late; nothing major.

"You never said Anne and Harry were coming. You said family" "Yes and they're family friends so we invited them. Be polite to Harry will you". My mum grits her teeth as we approach them and everyone else. There's us four, Anne, Harry and then a few of my other family members; uncles, aunts and cousins, etc. Of course Harry was placed next to me. Why must they do this? I feel really awkward around him at the moment. Like really awkward. We order our starters and a different waiter hands over our glasses for refillable drinks. Leah and one of my younger cousins run round to one of the drink filler places and start pouring some drinks for everyone. They're full of energy so everyone else is being lazy and letting them do it I suppose. However, I get up; wanting to remove myself from the awkwardness between Harry and I. But he follows me. "Why aren't you talking to me?" "Because it's just awkward". "How? You was fine yesterday morning" "It just is Harry. We shouldn't have done that Thursday night. It was wrong" I'm speaking the truth- I'd been thinking since after school yesterday. At the time, I thought it was the right thing to do but now, I realise it wasn't because it just feels awkward around him. How could I even gone along with that?! We haven't even got our friendship back up properly yet and now it just feels as if that ruined it all. I know you could say it should help us build seeing as he helped me but its too awkward. He steps closer behind me as I fill up mums cup aswell. Chills flow through my body as he whispers in my ear, "But you enjoyed it and you'd do it all over again if you had the chance". I turn around to face him, "It was wrong and I realise it wasn't a great idea now. It shouldn't have happened Harry" I budge past him. "I'm right though aren't I?" My head shakes from side to side, "No. Just forget it Harry". "Fine we can go back to this again if you want. You know, not getting on and stuff" "Fine. Whatever".



"Dean, I don't want this anymore. I've been thinking and it just isn't working between us". "What? Where's all this come from?" "Where do you think? My brain, mind, feelings" I sarcastically speak. It wasn't actually on purpose but it just came out. "So we're over?" I nod, "Yeah".

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