A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


2. Chapter 2

"You're coming round tonight. Mum wanted me to tell you" Harry shrugs as he walks past me at school. What happened to the 'I miss how we used to be. I want it back' talk? I thought we were supposed to be trying to get back to that? Yet he's being the same usual self he is at school. "Ugh, come round mine instead tonight? It's Friday and you can stay over for the night. Then we've got that party Saturday so you can get ready at mine an stay again til Sunday morning!" Kimberly chirps up. Oh yeah.. Lindsay's birthday party- I forgot about that. "I'll check with mum and dad but it should be fine". Her face lights up when we start discussing the party. Both of us love getting all dressed up; the dress, heels, makeup, hair, the lot! "So how many going to this one? Because it's in a hall instead of her house" I ask. "Over 75 I think" she tells me.


"I can stay but I have to have dinner with them first and I can come straight over after". "Ok, well I'll be in anyway" Kimberly speaks back through the phone, "Right then. See ya' later! Bye!" I throw on a pair of black skinny jeans along with a vest/t-shirt which has writing across it and finish the look off with my VANS. I pack my bag now because that way all I have to do is pick it up from mine after we've eaten and go straight away. Inside it, I pack a few toiletries; perfume, toothbrush, makeup, hair stuff, etc and then my outfit and heels along with two other outfits for tomorrow and Sunday morning.

Dinner at Harry's goes by fairly fast but I feel too full to go anywhere just yet. Harry hasn't even spoken to me since I got here except the greeting of a simple 'Hi' when I walked in. I really don't know what his problem is at the moment. I'm beginning to think he never actually wanted to get back to how we used to be now. "Thanks for dinner Anne- it was really nice" I give her a smile. "Anytime love. Have a nice time this weekend. See you soon". I tell mum and dad that I'm leaving and say farewell to Gemma and Anne. Harry, however had gone upstairs and I'm not bothering with him if he isn't going to bother with me.


Harry's POV:

"Where'd Jodie go?" "Oh she's gone out, staying at a friends" mum replies as she washes the dishes. "Is she walking?" She says nothing but nods instead. "Didn't you offer to take her? It's pitch black out there". "Well, I didn't even think to be honest Harry", "I'll be back soon" I sigh and head round to next door. After knocking several times loudly, no one answers. Jodie must've left already. It's dark out and I don't mean to sound funny or anything but there's all sorts around here. Just like any other area but a young girl walking alone in the dark doesn't exactly help her out; it only attracts trouble to her. I get in my car and ring her phone. It only takes a couple of rings for her to answer. "Harry?" "Where are you? I don't think you should be walking alone in the dark". Her voice trembles, "I'm fine Harry". Something isn't quite right. Then I hear the shouting in the faint distance, "OI OI! WAHEYY" along with wolf-whistles. "You're near the pub aren't you?" "Yeah". "Stay there. I'll be over in like 2 minutes". "I really don't think I should stay here. It'd be safer for me to carry on walking". "No stay there".


Jodie's POV:

2 minutes? More like 10 minutes. It would've been much safer for me to carry on walking because standing here for the past 10 minutes has only caused drunken men from the pub to whistle and shout rude things over to me. "Finally" I sigh as Harry approaches me in his car. "Sorry there was traffic. Where you going?" "Kimberly's. Go up this road, turn left, keep going to the top and then its down on the first right." He nods and the car falls silent. He lights up a cigarette; popping it in his mouth to inhale a large puff of smoke, "Was you going to go down that alley?" "Well, yeah I always do usually". "Has no-one ever told you not to go down them when you're a young girl, alone and it's pitch black at night?" I shrug. "Well they have now. So don't". A cough splutters out of my mouth, "Can you open my window please". He doesn't say anything- just winds it down with the use of the electric button by his side. Everything falls quiet again and I don't know about Harry but it's really awkward until we pull up outside Kimberly's house. "Thanks" "S'fine" he shrugs. "See you later".


**Evening of party**

We've been at the party for an hour. It's alright- just hasn't picked up yet. "What drink do you want babe?" Dean shouts by my ear. "Anything, don't mind". I'm not really picky with drinks- I drink most things anyway. About 5 minutes later, he comes back with a glass of coke. "Coke? Are you serious? I did mean alcoholic you know". "I don't want you getting drunk and end up having to look after you". "Oh thanks Dean" I add sarcastically. "I'm going to get a drink". He pulls me back, "No- I don't want you drinking tonight. You'll get drunk and then I'll have to watch you all the time".


Harry's POV:

"Corr, she is looking pretty fine tonight" Louis and Stan joke around together as we enter the party. Both of them had noticed Jodie straight away. She's at the bar; looking rather annoyed. "I'ma go talk to her" Stan says and walks off toward her. Louis also follows whilst instead I go to the other side of the bar. I order myself a drink of beer then a different drink to.


Jodie's POV:

"You're looking lovely as always" Louis makes his way to me. "Can I get you a drink babe?" Stan slaps my bum ever so slightly. "No." I reply abruptly and move away from both of them. "Sorry about them two. I got you a drink" Harry stops me as I head away from the bar. "Don't tell me, you got me a soft drink too?" A confused look appears across his face, "Huh?" "Dean won't let me buy any alcoholic drinks so he got me a coke" I frown and sigh. "What?! He can't tell you what to drink! Good thing I got you a Vodka and Lemonade then?" his mouth shapes into a smirk. I look around to see if Dean's insight. "He won't know. Just tell him it's soft- no alcohol in it". I take the drink from his hand, "Thanks. I didn't know you was coming tonight". "Neither did I until an hour ago" he giggles.


Harry's POV:

Jodie and I have practically been inseparable since I got here over 4 hours ago. Probably because I've let her drink what she wants and she's just relaxed now she's not near Dean. Near enough everyone is on the dance floor. Jodie's dancing and grinding against me. Well, everyone's doing the same with one another. And, yeah she's drunk. Oh well. Least she's having fun- I hope. "I need to smoke. Come outside?" I take her hand in mine; pulling her through the crowded building. As we reach just outside, our hands unfold from one another. I'm halfway through my cigarette when Jodie sways off to the steps just a bit from where we're already stood. Yet, she stumbles and falls to the floor. With one hand gripping the bar, she makes herself more comfortable on the last step, "Oops" she laughs. "I think someone's a bit drunk" I smirk and put out my cigarette to help her up. "Harry I feel sick". Within seconds she throws up into the bin which was luckily right by her side. "Oh, shit." I rub her back gently and hold her hair from her face. "What's going on? Who the fuck gave her drinks? I knew this would happen!" Dean shouts and stands Jodie up. "Deannn" Jodie continues to moan as he props her up against him and calls a cab for the both of them.


Jodie's POV:

"I told you not to drink but you still went ahead and got fucking drunk didn't you? I told you I didn't want to be looking after you if you did" "Well then you should have left me there then". Dean's being out of order and worse of all he's taken me back to his. I'd much rather be at Kimberly's instead. "Oh great. You're gonna have to go" he pushes me out the door and closes it; leaving me to walk back on my own. It's freezing and he couldn't care less.

I've been walking for just over an hour and quite frankly I have no idea where I am. Dean lives in a different area of our town. It's 2am, I'm frozen and haven't got a clue where I am. Nothing seems to be around here either. Except an alleyway. I know I shouldn't go down it but maybe it'll give me some clue as to where I am on the other side. Everything seems so different when your highly intoxicated and it's pitch black. I reach the beginning of the alleyway; lit up very slightly by random lamp-posts dotted either side. "Can we help you love?" A man who looks about 20-ish steps infront of the light. Another 2 are stood not far behind him. Each of them are fairly dodgy looking. "N-no" I stutter; shake my head and walk in the opposite direction. I find Harry's number in my phone. He's the only one I can think of to help me out here.

"Hello?" his voice sounds all sleepy. "Harry. I don't know where I am" small sniffles escape my nose as a couple of tears fall down my face. "What? Aren't you with Kimberly or Dean?" "No, it's complicated" "Well where are you? Find a sign or something". "Lindith Avenue but there's nothing around". "I'll be there as soon as. Don't move from there".


Harry's POV:

"You're freezing" I step out of the car and wrap my jumper round Jodie's upper body. "Have you been crying?" "It's nothing. Thanks for picking me up" "It's fine. Where you going? Yours or Kimberly's?" She uses her phone to text someone; I presume Kimberly. "Yeah Kim's please". "What happened?" She falls silent. "Just a silly argument, that's all". She stays quiet for the rest of the journey. I don't really know what's gone on but whatever, she shouldn't have been left to wander around outside on her own. She's young, pretty and vulnerable because of how drunk she's been and still slightly is. "Thanks again Harry. Oh and here's your jumper, sorry for waking you up". "It's fine, see you tomorrow".



**Wednesday evening**

"We still haven't done anything just me and you" I trail off. Gemma's gone back to uni and mum went out earlier with Jodie's mum- Sarah so they told me to go round. "Well what do you want to do?" "Come and sit out here with me. We can have a proper catch-up". I'm sat out on the window ledge smoking but she still joins my side. For about 3 hours we have catch up on everything we've missed with one another other the past years. "Do you remember when we'd lay out here together and  just watch the stars for hours?" Jodie chuckles lightly. "Lets do it again. Now". I already have another cigarette lit up as I lay down. I put my arm beneath her head to support it; occasionally bringing my hand over the top of her and taking a puff of smoke each time. "This feels just like old times." "Harry! Did you see that? It was a shooting star! You've got to make a wish!" "I already have". "What did you wish for?" "I can't tell you because it'll never come true" I wink. But infact, I can't tell her because it's about her.

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