A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


20. Chapter 18

Harry's POV:

It's now 1pm, Jodie and I have only just woken up. Its not really surprising seeing as we fell asleep around 6am though. There seems to have been no disturbance from any of the others, so I'm guessing they're all in bed still or also only just waking. "How you feeling?" Jodie croaks, looking worse for wear. "Um, I think I'm feeling how you sound babe" I grin. And just to clarify, I think its safe to say we both feel extremely tired and somewhat hungover. "Shower?" I ask, slowly getting off the bed and entering the bathroom. Jodie soon joins my side with two towels and toiletries. "Its going to be so hard when we get back. They won't let me see you Harry" Jodie's voice dims a little, almost becoming quite sad. "Look, we did it for like a week or whatever we can do it this time for longer. They won't know, no one will.. Except Gemma!" I chirp, trying to cheer her up. It must have worked seeing as she soon forgets and begins doing something else. The feel of her close to me is so nice, and the cool water runs down both our bodies; joining together as we step closer and exchange a few kisses.

"Right, now get the door!" Jodie laughs and pushes me away from the bed. We'd just laid there having one good, hot make-out session in our towels.


Greg's POV:

"Geez mate, how longs it take you to answer your door?!" I joke around whilst entering Harry's room with Louis. "None of the girls are up yet, knocked on Gemma's door and got no answer, lazy gits" Louis says highly amused by the fact Gemma and Jodie are being lazier than him; the king of being the last one up. "Where's your toilet Haz?" he bobs around the room looking for it. "Er, down the hall on the left" Harry tells him. "So did you have a good night last night?" Harry starts making tea whilst sitting on a stool. I'm guessing by doing that, he's quite hungover then! "Yeah good. You enjoy it?" I reply, taking a seat opposite him. "Yeah had the best night. EVER." he elaborates on 'ever'. Well I wonder what happened for him to be that happy..

"HAHAHAH" Both me and Harry hear Louis' extatic laughing come from down the hall. Almost instantly, like a flash, Harry is joint by his side, "Lou! I told you the left, not the right!" his face tightens. "Well now I know why you look so tired" Louis grins trying not to laugh once again. "Mate, shut up. Not now alright" Harry gives him a stare and grits his teeth. Well what are they trying to keep from me? Oh wait, he brought a girl home I bet!

"Ohh, I get it. So is there some girl in here waiting for us to leave aye?" I wink at Harry but his face is blank. As I step to the door; opening it up both of them pounce on me like a pack of wolves. "No-no you can't go in there!" Louis raises his voice a little. "What.. Why?" I look at them both baffled as to what this big secret is.


Jodie's POV:

God knows where Harry got to. I've been sat out on the balcony waiting for him to come back in but no sign of him. Maybe I should try the corridors; see if he's there.

"Harry, you in here still? We need to get read-" I raise my voice and open the bedroom door. But soon stop when I see both Louis and Greg stood next to Harry.

"JODIE?!" Gregs eyes bulge. He tenses up as he stares over Harry. "YOU" he stares intently toward Harry, "AND MY SISTER?" the veins in his neck become visible as he appears to be getting angrier. "Greg. I swear nothing happened" Harry speaks up. "Oh really? That's why you're both in towels right?" he grits his teeth, "SHE'S MY SISTER" he shouts. Wow, I've never seen him like this before. "Let me get changed and we can sort this out alright. Just one minute" Harry grabs hold of my hand and pulls me back into the room with him.


Harry's POV:

The pair of us frantically get changed and stand there in silence for a minute or two. "Shit. What are we gonna do?!" I keep my voice lowered and begin pacing the floor. "We'll just have to tell him. He might understand.. I hope" Jodie tries to reassure me. "Jode, you just saw him right? He looks like he wants to kill me let alone understand. He'll tell your parents and then we won't be allowed togeth-" I'm stopped mid-sentence by Jodie's lips being pressed against mine; calming me down rather quickly.

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