A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


19. Chapter 17

Jodie's POV:

Harry and I have been speaking tons more by texting and late night phone calls this past week. It feels nice; like I have my best friend back again. I've told him all about the situation and what mum and dad said. He couldn't believe it either, but I guess we're just going to have to see each other when we can now. I actually completely forgot about Mark and we've hardly spoke at all. If I'm honest I'm not that bothered though. Yes he is nice but it wasn't right.


"Gemma will be there, Greg will be there, Anne will be for a while but Gemma and Greg will definitely stay for the whole night. So can I please go?" I speak with a huff to my parents. "Yes, that will be fine, just stay with Greg or Gemma while you're around Harry" mum says. "Oh can I stay with Gemma, IN HER ROOM, WITH HER" I speak that part louder to elaborate the fact I'll be with Gemma, "tonight please?" mums eyebrows heighten and then she nods agreeing. "And then Saturday night in the hotel because we're going further out than town and that's where literally everyone is staying. My room is with Gemma by the way" I finish my sentence in a sarky way. "Yes as long as you promise to stay with Gemma, its fine" Dad tells me. Well least I can go I suppose.


Harry's POV:

Its 4am and everyone's just starting to make their way home. Mum came to Town for about an hour then left us to it. Time for home. Everyone's smashed. Jodie and I had a secret little kiss whilst no one was looking, and that alone has made my night.

"JODEEE" I slur out my words as we stumble down the path; me, Gemma, Greg and Jodie. Obviously seeing as I'm extremely drunk I think I'm as strong as ever and adamant I can walk straight, I pick Jodie up; placing her over my shoulder. "NO HARRY!" she laughs. Gemma and Greg turn to face us from the front, "Harry, you're gonna drop her!" Gemma shouts out, both her and Greg laughing too. "HARRY PUT ME DOWN BEFORE YOU FAL- AH!" Her words are cut off when I trip over thin air and land straight in a bush; me on top and Jodie underneath me. "Now I think-" I giggle pointing to her still hovering above. "I think.. You both need to get up" Greg says in hysterics and pulls us both to our feet. This is only tonight and tomorrow we're heading further out; I already know its going to be even better and tonight is a hard one to beat.


Gemma's POV: **Saturday evening (Early hours Sunday)**

After being in these clubs for god knows how long, the lights, the steam, drinking and music have all taken a grip on everyone. And where everyone is heading to is straight back to the hotel. There is no way I'm letting Jodie in our room tonight, she's staying in Harry's no matter what. Harry told me about this whole, only allowed to see each other when with someone in either family and all I can say is its a load of crap. I know love when I see it. They've been with each other all night- dancing away, getting really close together, staring straight into each others eyes. Just the way they move and touch each other; you can see it, they both like one another. In fact, not just like.. Love.

Well anyway we've all got to our hotel rooms now, except Harry's wandering around ours like a lost puppy. "Right, off you two go" I push Harry and Jodie toward one another and to the door. "What? But I can't" Jodie stutters. "Yes you can. I know all about what your parents have said.. But I know you two are meant to be so I'm going to cover for you ok? Just neither of you are to say a word to anyone". I point and speak sternly, trying to get my point across but it fails when I start smiling thinking of how perfect they are together.


Jodie's POV:

Neither Harry or I are extremely drunk. We're more than tipsy but not fully gone. We're still completely aware of everything. As for Greg well I think him, Louis and Stan went down to the bar for extra drinks. Harry chucks me a tshirt for me to swap into for bed and whilst I change he steps outside onto the balcony for a cigarette.


Harry's POV:

"How do I look?" Jodie winks sarcastically as she steps out to join me on the balcony, wearing only my t-shirt and obviously her underwear. Her hair still in loose curls from this evening and the makeup smudged a little under her eyes. But who cares, to me, with or without makeup, whether smudged or not, she's the most attractive girl I know. "Beautiful" I state; eyeing her up and down. She smirks, "Not so bad yourself" as she observes my body as I'm stood topless and only my boxers on.


Jodie's POV:

It's nice being here like this, but strange. It feels like we should be doing something. Anything, not just laying back to back. "Jode" Harry interrupts my thoughts and turns over on his side. "Mhm?" I hum and do the same to face him. "Can we just like cuddle? Nothing more, I just need to hold you and feel you in my arms.. Please?" I don't bother replying. I just do as he says because thats all I want too. It falls silent for about 5 minutes. All to be heard is the ticking over of the air conditioning and the birds chirping their early morning songs outside. Luckily the blinds and curtains are so thick the light won't come through and we will actually sleep!

"I miss you" Harry blurts out. "I know I fucked up but I miss you".


Harry's POV:

Jodie starts to say something but I place my finger on her mouth, "Sh. Just let me finish this first, I need to say it". She nods, giving me the go ahead to carry on.

"I don't know what was going through my head when I broke us up but I was wrong. It's made me realise that I've lost something so special to me. The best thing I could ever have. You're the most amazing, beautiful girl and I just let you go. You've got the brightest blue eyes that literally make me melt whenever I stare into them, a cute smile, one hot fucking body and there's so much more. But that's what I'd always look at in a girl. Just not with you- it goes deeper than that. I love everything about you; not just those looks but you're personality, the silly things you do sometimes, the way you are..Just you. And it's driving me mad seeing you go on dates with someone else when I know I love you and that I've lost you completely" I sigh. "Harry, you haven't lost me. If you had, I wouldn't be here right now would I?" She scooches herself a little closer to me. "I was so worried when Gemma said for you to stay in here because I thought you'd think, 'That's it, he'll get me in bed; we'll do whatever and then it'll be over in the morning' sort of thing. But I don't want you thinking that because thats not all I think about you know. I didn't want you feeling pressured into something you don't want because I don't want to push you further away".

"Harry" Jodie lightly giggles, "You're not pushing me away, I'm glad you've actually opened up to me". Lastly, I finish my little speech, "I just want to sleep here together tonight- no sex, nothing. Just cuddles and kissing if you don't mind that too? I just want you to be mine again". Her face beams; something I haven't seen for what seems like forever. "What if I want you to be mine again aswell?"

"Well, I guess I have to ask you whether you want to be my girlfriend again then don't I?" I smile myself. "Mhm" she hums. "Will you?" I sheepishly ask. Her lips get closer to mine, "I will.. So it's official- we're together now yeah?" I feel her smile against my cheeks and nod telling her yes it most definitely is.

Our lips lock together. It feels so much better than Friday's; that was a drunken thing. This has feeling; emotion and passion. Never have I felt so overjoyed through a kiss than I am now; not even our first ever one, it's even better than that!


Jodie's POV:

This kiss is perfect, it just shows how much we've missed one another. The presence of Harry's body just hovering above me is comfort in itself. We started off nice and slow but it seems to have gotten rather heated; getting faster and harder by every second. Harry places his hands underneath me; lifting me up a little, carrying our kiss on, turning over to his back and placing me on top of him. "Lay down babe. I've missed us sleeping like this" he smiles into the last kiss he places on my lips for this evening.

And with that, I drift off to sleep with Harry gently playing with my hair and hearing the rhythm of his heartbeat as I lay softly against his chest.

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