A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


17. Chapter 15

Jodie's POV:

It's been one month since Harry and I split up. I can't say its been easy; I miss him. He hasn't been round since that day we broke up. Kimberly's been pestering me to keep going out so I might 'meet someone new' as she says. But I don't think I want that really. Anyway, mum and dad said they want me to go out tonight so I can start being myself again- whatever that means. Greg- my elder brother arrived last night so he's all settled down for now until he goes off again; whenever that is.


"You look hot babe, wanna dance?" some blonde guy stares at me intently as I stand beside the kitchen counter with Lindsay. "Uhm.." I give him a strange look. Lindsay nudges my side, pushing me into him a little; edging us to walk away together to where everyone is dancing in the living room. "So whats your name?" he smiles, raising his voice over the music . "Jodie.. You?" I shyly reply. "Mark". "So how comes I've never seen you before?" I ask trying not to sound nosy. "Well I've not long moved here but I know Louis so yeah.." he trails off, seemingly getting bored of the conversation. We end up dancing away- just a little bumping, grinding but mainly casual dancing really.


Harry's POV:

Wow. I haven't seen her out of school in a month and boy, does she look good! I don't want a relationship yet I want her.. Seeing that guy dance with her is winding me up. "Who's he?" I nod to Louis. "Ah that's Mark, my mate- just moved up here couple weeks ago!" Louis says, "C'mon mate! Lighten up!" he chirps; high off the amount of alcohol he's consumed. Fine she's gonna dance with someone? I'll get off with someone. Make her wish she'd never done that infront of me. I grab the closest girl; pull her by my side and kiss her. Of course as I thought, she's like putty in my arms and latches onto me for the rest of the night. Perfect.


Jodie's POV:

"So.. Er, can we see each other again? Tonight was fun" Mark beams. Lindsay, Kimberly and I are being picked up by Linds' dad so its time to go back to hers now. "Yeah it was good, well do you want my number?" We exchange numbers and then swap back phones. Mark pulls me in for a quick hug, "Bye babe" he charms as he lets go.

And thats when my heart gets crushed and my night gets ruined. I turn round to see the curly haired boy I still have feelings for. There he is, pushed up against the wall with a blonde stood infront; the pair of them locked in lips furiously. He looks my way and shoots a smirk, almost getting enjoyment out of my expression. "Bye Mark.. See you soon!" I smile back and hop in the car.

***2 weeks later***

Mark and I have spent loads of time together; getting know one another. To be honest, I feel like we've known each other our whole life; we just get on so well. Anyway, so I have a 'sort of' date tonight with Mark. We're going to the cinema to see some scary film- even though I hate horrors! And then who knows, I guess we'll take a slow walk back to mine and we'll arrange another day out I guess.


Walking home was.. Nice. Somehow our hands linked together and we held each other all the way back to mine. I don't know who went in for the first move of holding hands or how it happened but it just did and it felt really comfortable. "So, come round mine tomorrow evening? I can pick you up if need be" Mark questioningly asks as though he's unsure if I'll answer yes. Well obviously I did. I really enjoy his company.. A lot. Our bodies are very close as Mark stops just out my door where I'm about to leave him to go inside. All falls silent for a short while, but what seems to be forever. "I, err-uhm" Mark bites down on his bottom lip; keeping his eyes focused on mine. I feel his body edge in closer; leaning slowly in to me. Within seconds, our noses are touching and our lips have nearly met. But just as the graze past one another, 'BANG!' next doors porch door slams shut, making us both jump and move away. Our gaze struts over to see a very angry looking Harry jump in his car. Wonder what's got on his nerves! "Er, I guess I should say night then.. See ya tomorrow Jodie" he smiles. "Bye!" I wave and turn to open the front door.. Did we just nearly kiss or am I dreaming?!..

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