A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


15. Chapter 14

A/N: Sorry for not updating, I've been on holiday again and then busy since I came back.. Anyway, I promise I'll be updating as frequent as I can from now on!

Oh, I've added in Jodie's brother- Greg. He's 19 and hardly visits because of Uni. Thought I'd put that here so no one gets confused with the new character! :P xx


**3 weeks later**

Harry stayed over last night and the lazy git still isn't up. I wouldn't mind but its now 1pm! Mum and dad have managed to do the food shop and run some errands. That along takes them like 5 hours and he still hasn't woken in that long! "Fine if you won't wake up, I'll just do this instead". I grin to myself as I pour a bottle of water over his face and down his body; making sure I moved my duvet out of the way first. He shoots up and looks down in horror and shock at his wet chest. "What the fu-" he furrows his brows. "Language!" I laugh. There's nothing to do today and I'm bored ridged. "Well where's my morning kiss then?" Harry puffs his lips out as he leans his face into my pillows. "It's afternoon Harry" I ruffle his hair and pull him by the arm to stand him up, to which he groans loudly, "Your bed is more comfortable than mine. I'm staying here" As I go to move across the room; standing from the bed, Harry's grip pulls me back and to keep me down; underneath him, he tickles my stomach, neck, waist; everywhere that's possible to be ticklish. "HARRY! STOP IT" I giggle with tears spilling from my eyes. Yes, I'm highly ticklish. "If I kick you, its your fault" I smirk. It doesn't stop him though; he just continues even more. I swear he gets a kick from it.


Mick's POV:

I lean against the door frame, watching Jodie and Harry. Jodie lay beneath him; wriggling around all over the place and Harry on top, tickling her. "Harry, I'm warning you!" she laughs. I've not seen her this happy in ages. Its nice to see her back to her old self. "Warning me with what?" Harry leans down closer to her face as his voice deepens. He lets go of her waist where he was tickling her only a few seconds ago to prop him up against the sheets; still over her body. "Um, nothing" Jodie's voice cracks a little as I notice her bite down on her lip. Their faces become ever so close as their mouths touch one anothers. "Huhmmm" I cough. Ok, I don't wish to see that. "Oh, err.. Mike" Harry sits up; his cheeks a crimson colour. "Yes dad, what did you want?" Jodie huffs, pulling a displeased look as she too joins Harry's side when she sits up. "Your brother is coming up in a month".


Jodie's POV:

Harry's face just lit up. Him and my brother always got on really well, despite the age difference. Greg- my brother, is 19 whereas Harry and I are 17. He and Harry always got on well just like us two and they still talk now, just seeing each other- they hardly get to because of Greg being at Uni all the time. Anyway, I don't see why my dad's told me this now- it's a month off! "And you told me now because?" I give dad a questioning look before sighing. Dad shrugs his shoulders, "I thought you'd be happy! Next time I won't bother". Ok, maybe that wasn't meant to come out as rude or offish as it did; I just meant it in general.


**1 week later**

"So is that ok with you?" As I stare at Harry, I can tell he hasn't been listening. "Mm?" He nods carelessly, still not bothering to listen properly. "Harry! Can you look at me and not that girl over there?!" I huff loudly as he smoothly runs his tongue over his lips and eyes wander over the girl stood just across the hall; her skirt extremely high- showing off her legs and the buttons of her shirt undone to show a cleavage line. That's Jane, she's the bitchiest and most popular girl in this school. "Harry". He nods but doesn't bother to acknowledge me still- he's not taking any notice, really? I mean that little to him. I turn round; grab my bag from the locker provided. As I turn back, there she's stood; playing with her hair and being flirtatious. Do I walk away to save myself getting annoyed or watch to see what Harry does? I go with the second choice, he'll be himself anyway- whether I'm here or not because he seems to have forgotten his girlfriend is stood right beside him! "Oh, Harry would you grab that for me? I dropped it.. Oops" she giggles to herself and shoots me a piercing smirk. Harry pulls his mouth to a stern line as he speaks, "Um, you can get it yourself. C'mon we're going", his large hands take mine and lead me away. Why did he turn funny like that? Only seconds before he was being flirtatious too.


Harry's POV:

"I need you to listen." My voice seems to fill the whole house as a silence pulls over us both. Jodie does nothing but nod. "Before you go off on one.. It's not you, its me". Her brows furrow in confusion. A sigh escapes my mouth, "We can't be together. I just don't do relationships. I mean you saw me today right? I had you right by my side and I still stood looking at other girls.." The tips of her nails trace over my right hand when she places hers gently on mine. "It's fine- we can work on it Harry". "I'm sorry, we just can't. Like I said, I don't do relationships. And what we had" my fingers extend to point between the pair of us, "It was just fun I suppose; fun while it lasted". The look on her face breaks me. But I know this isn't right. Relationships and I don't mix well and this was just a bit of fun really I suppose? Never really was going to last.

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