A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


14. Chapter 13

Jodie's POV:

I wake in the same position I remember falling asleep in. Harry's still behind me; just pushed down the bed a little more so he too is in a laying position. Put aside the fact we got caught, last night was just perfect. My phone reads the time of 7:33am. Last night, I didn't really think it through. My parents are probably banging on my bedroom door right now; wondering why I hadn't been downstairs already. Oh well, I'm too happy lying here with Harry to be bothered about anything else I suppose. Half an hour until school starts; both of us need to have a shower and get ready. I really doubt that's going to happen in only half an hour! I flip myself over onto my front and tap Harry gently on the shoulder, "Harry, you've got to get up". After several harder shoves and me raising my voice, he eventually stirs and looks down at me with a beaming smile on his face. Well, considering the time we stayed up til, he seems rather happy this morning. "Morning beautiful" he nods. "Morning" I smile back; pushing myself away from him. "I'm gonna have a shower, won't be long and then you can have one. We're running late" I tell him. I grab my toiletries and uniform from the bag I'd packed earlier last night and make my way to the shower.


Harry's POV:

Urgh, I was planning on staying in bed until the very last moment. But no. Someone had to ruin that by knocking on the front door. Who on earth would want something at this time?! I quickly wipe over my face with a wipe to give me a fresher look for now and head down the stairs.

"Oh Harry. Is your mum in?" Sarah greets me at the door. "No she won't be back til Friday afternoon. Can I give her a message for you?" I politely ask but instead she declines. "No- I was just wondering, have you seen Jodie? Her bedroom doors locked and she isn't answering it". Her face goes all stern as if she's annoyed with her even more. "She knocked like half an hour ago but I didn't want to go in early so I guess she took a slow walk" I lie. This is harder than ever, all I want to do right now is burst out laughing. It's even more difficult to hold off the grin that's slowly creeping in on my face. We agree on me to call her phone and see if she'll answer. "Wait here, just got to get my phone. It's upstairs." I tell Sarah; leaving her to stand alone on the doorstep with door open a jar.

"Jode" I quietly knock on the door. "You can come in" she replies; unlocking the door. "Your mums outside. Just answer your phone and pretend you're in the school library doing some work ok? I'll explain later" I tell her and grab my phone from the side; dialing Jodie's number as I skip back down the stairs. After Jodie's answered, I hand the phone to her mum where they have a quick conversation. Shortly after, my phone is handed back to me, Sarah has thanked me and is now walking back round to hers. The time is now 7:37. 23 minutes for us to both be ready and get to school. Somehow this doesn't seem possible to actually do.


Jodie's POV:

Surprisingly, we're both ready and in the car. Thank God my parents both work or else they would've seen me getting in Harry's car. Harry told me why my mum came round and after speaking to her on the phone I gathered what she wanted anyway. It came as a shock to me that she seemed rather calm and not irritated on the phone. Or its because she was infront of Harry. Whatever, she seemed more pleased than I'd expected. Usually if I go off without telling them and keeping my door locked they'd go mental at me, so yeah..

We've actually made it to school with 10 minutes to spare. I go to give Harry a kiss before we go our separate ways for lessons but he turns his cheek. "Nope, we spoke about this in the car. Literally 5 seconds ago". I pout, "Harry I didn't think you actually meant it". He nods his head and smirks. The way he then bites down on his bottom lip tells me he's finding it difficult to resist kissing me too, but he still fights it. "Until you tell at least your parents the truth about what happened, you don't get to kiss me, hug me- nothing. Only speaking". I grin as I look down to where his arms are loosely draped round my waist; pulling me in closer to him as he leans his back against the car. "We're hugging now Harry so that's that rule gone already" I can't help but laugh when he pushes me away from him and rearranges his position; trying to hide the small smile from pushing its way onto his face, "You have to tell them. Me and mum know the truth and we saw you that night. Mum even told Sarah the next morning you'd slept round because you were upset so you're story is believable. They just need to hear the truth" he states. He obviously hates it, seeing me get the blame for it all. I should know, seeing as he nearly flipped when I told him that night. I cross my arms and stand boldly infront of him, "Fine I'll tell them".


**Friday evening**

I told my parents. After talking to both Harry and Anne they believe me. They've tried to get me to talk to the police but I don't want that. I had to speak to the school this morning and because I don't want to press charges seeing as everything seems to be dying down and I've actually started talking to the girls again, they're finding a replacement for Mr. Ramon and only those closest to me know the truth; what really happened. Anyway, Anne and Harry are over for dinner- they should be here anytime soon. Harry and I didn't see each other at school today because of everything with this whole incident; I've not been in classes all day. "Honey, get the door will you" mum shouts from the kitchen. At the same time a rather loud clash and banging noise come from the same place. I'm taking it she just dropped a load of pans on the floor. "Hiya Anne, Harry" I nod and blush when Anne smiles toward me. This is so awkward. She's the only one apart from me and Harry who know about us. Plus its the first time I've seen her since well you know.. We got caught. It doesn't take long before mum's serving dinner on the table. Harry had sat down next to me. Dad and Leah either end of the table, then mum and Anne sat opposite Harry and I. Harry's hand slips to my knee and gently squeezes it. He can tell I'm nervous. Usually having dinner like this wouldn't bother me, but it just is today. There's the fact that I'm keeping Harry and us a secret for a couple of days. I need to wait for the right time to tell my dad. He likes Harry but as a friend of mine; I don't want that to change just because we're together. Anne and mum are finished so they get up, take both their's, mine and Harry's plates out and begin talking as the plates are piled into the dishwasher. Harry's hand falls underneath the table and find mine; where they loosely sit locked together. He uses his thumb to trace over my skin just slightly; he knows it relaxes me whatever the situation. Just like someone playing with my hair does the same. "Oops" Leah talks whilst bending down to pick up the fork she'd just dropped on the floor. She turns back around with the fork in her hand and carefully picks up the plate she was once eating from. Leah looks me straight in the eye with confusion spread on her face, "Why are you and Harry holding hands under the table?" I immediately break Harry's grip from mine. "Err we-" I stutter and blush. "Leah, go take your plate out" dad smiles sweetly to her. Once gone from the room his face changes again. "So? What's going on?" he asks. Or should I say demands. "I. Well we" I point between Harry and myself. "Have something to tell you.." Ok this is harder than expected. I just don't want my dad to hate Harry because we're in a relationship. Like he hates anyone I've ever been with so I'm hoping Harry won't be the same. Harry takes my hand in his on the table; visible to everyone else and squeezes it lightly. "We're together.. Like in a relationship" he butts in. "Why didn't you tell us?" my dad frowns. "I don't know, I was just waiting for the right time" I smile to try and lighten up the mood. Everything feels to tense right now.


Sarah's POV:

"As long as you look after her Harry, its fine" Mick smiles happily to himself. Anne and myself had come into this conversation midway and have no idea what they're talking about. "Whats fine?" I place a hand on Mick's shoulder; leaning over to grab the plate he's now finished with. "Jodie and Harry. They're together" he chirps. Well this is a first. Mick being happy with the boy Jodie's with?! "Congrats" I wink to the pair of them.

"We're gonna go upstairs" Jodie points to the steps and walks backward as if she feels uncomfortable. "Oh no you aren't. Not in my house." Mick turns his head quickly as the pair walk further away. "We can always stay down here though" Harry smiles and steps from behind Jodie and begins walking back over to the sofa's. "Harry I'm just kidding. Go upstairs. Both of you!" Mick grins again. I've never seen him this at ease before. We've known Harry for a long time but I don't think it's that which he's better with. There's just something different.

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