A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


12. Chapter 11

Harry's POV:

"And where exactly have you been for the past 2 hours? You didn't even tell me Harry" mum's voice drowns through the house. Way to ruin my mood; moan at me as soon as I walk through the door. Although, at this moment, I don't think anyone or anything can ruin it. "I, err" using my index finger I scratch my forehead and pause, "Me and Jodie went to get pizza". "For 2 hours?" she squints giving me a disbelieving look. "We got talking and then we just um, sat in the car for a bit.. It was nice.." I trail off. "Oh please tell me you didn't Harry" her head shakes vigorously from side to side whilst she also rolls her eyes. "Oh God- mum! Please! We was talking, having a catch up" Seriously I know parents want to look after you but they don't need to always assume your upto something! She quickly changes the subject, "Talking of Jodie- I can't believe what's happened, it seems so unlike her". Ok, I can't have my own mum believing these rumours that are far from the truth. "You know that night she came round, asking for me and crying?" I place my hands against the cold hard side; leaning my body weight onto it. "Yeah..She looked a state that night, the poor girl. You never did tell me what was wrong" she stops to take a sip on her drink. "That's when it happened. And it wasn't her fault either. She was there for tutoring, he kissed her and tried to have sex with her. She kept telling him no but he wasn't listening. Luckily she got away quick enough. There's no way she was lying. Not when she's in that state and half her shirt is undone; the rest done up in the wrong place. I am so sick of hearing everyone blame her when infact he is dirty piece of scum who should be fucking charged with attempted sexual assault." Her eyebrows widen as does her mouth, to which she places one hand over, "I didn't realise. Oh my- is she ok? We need to tell Sarah and Mike, why hasn't she told them?" "No, you can't say a word. Not even to Jodie; I promised I wouldn't tell anyone". She agrees to keep quiet much to her disagreement. I agree with her but I can't betray Jodie like that. If she's going to tell her parents it needs to come from her when she chooses.

**Wednesday (2 days later)**

I've stayed with Jodie as much as possible for the last two days. I hate it; everyone's calling her a slut, whore, bitch and thats just a few. After third lesson, I can already tell she's had enough. Kimberly and the other girls still aren't talking to her so for her sake, I've decided to keep it just me and her; none of the others, no Louis and certainly no Stan.

"Can't believe you got rejected by Mr. Ramon then tried accusing him" a group of girls hiss toward Jodie in the hall. It's last lesson of the day and we seem to be bumping into everyone walking there. Great. "I'd stay away from her if I were you mate. Never she might accuse you next" Stan walks past grinning. "The bitch isn't worth your time" he says, smirking more as he notices my facial expression change. "You best apologise to her right now" our faces are so close that our foreheads are touching and the majority of pupils have surrounded us. Stan just shrugs; being all cocky. "What's the problem? Touch a raw nerve did I?" My fist clenches and I feel Jodie tug on my blazer but it doesn't bother me. "I'll be touching one of your nerves when I pound your face in, in a minute". We stand there for a split second; both staring at one another intently. "C'mon then tough guy" his hands shove against my shoulders. I let my bag drop to the floor along with my blazer. "Harry don't do this please" Jodie stresses. Nothing's changing my mind. He shouldn't of said it in the first place. One forceful hit to his face knocks him back along with blood trickling freely down from his nose onward. Several punches from him are given out but all fail to hit me. "Prick" I spit out at him. "We're going Jode" she gathers my stuff and follows after me; briskly walking to catch up.


Jodie's POV:

From: Harry        To: Jodie

House to myself til Friday. Sneak out and come over. xx


To: Harry             From: Jodie

I can't, grounded :( xx


From: Harry        To: Jodie

It wasn't a question it was an order. Bring your stuff round for tomorrow morning babe. xx


Harry's 'order' seems better than laying on my bed alone and bored right now. All I have to do is tell mum and dad I'm going to bed, lock my door and sneak out my window. They'll never know.

Harry's already waiting just outside his front door; leaning up against the frame panel, smirking. "I knew you'd come". He kisses my neck and leads to just below my ear. "Why have you got your shoes on?" I look him up and down. "Because for a minute I thought I might have to come and get you myself so I needed shoes" he grins and takes my bag; chucking it to one side in the hallway.

Half way through the film; haven't got a clue what it is. To be honest I've hardly even watched it; I've been in my own little world. Just thinking about whether any of the girls will actually speak to me again, the name calling- will that ever stop? And my parents, they're utterly disgusted for something I've not even done. "I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better.." Harry trails off. "Oh I'm fine" I smile and give him a small kiss on the cheek before heading to the upstairs bathroom with my bag. I want to get changed into a nightshirt and take all my makeup, it's alot cosier once you've done that anyway.

"I can think of one thing" Harry makes an appearance at the bathroom door; making me jump slightly. "It involves you, me and a bed" he bluntly tells me, still smirking as usual. That smirk drives me crazy- the way it shows off his cute dimples. "Mmm. And what would it involve us doing?" I tease; knowing full well what he's aiming toward. "Geez Jode. I knew you were bad at some subjects but I thought you'd catch on" he throws his head back; laughing as I walk past him and into the bedroom to place my makeup wipes and other clothes back into my bag. From behind, I feel his large and muscular arms wrap around my waist. Without further ado I've been picked up and placed on the bed where I then make myself comfortable in the middle of two pillows. "Err. You're not sleeping in the middle, I'll have no room!" I instantly start smirking myself, "Well Harry, you put me here.." He climbs on top of me so he's straddling my waist and the only place I can look to his up at him, "Guess I'll just have to lay on top you then" he leans down; making his voice calmer, deeper and lower as he gets closer to my lips where he hovers over them for a few seconds but almost instantly smashes his against mine. The lights are off completely but the bedside lamp is still on; making a glimpse of dim light shine throughout the room. Our kiss gets a lot more heated and Harry kicks off his converse to the floor, throws both his top and my nightshirt across the room and unbuckles his belt. Not once did he part our lips until now, after he starts wriggling around. "I can't get them off" he pouts down at his jeans causing me to laugh hysterically. "It's not funny Jode, they're stuck!" a small grin spreads on his face when he realises me tugging on them to help get them off. After a long enough time, they're off and on the floor too. "Right, where were we?" he leans back over, switches off the lamp and trails his fingers along the lining of my underwear; slowly taking it off as do I with his.


Harry's POV:

As our hips connect; thrusting together my body feels with pleasure. "I love you" I kiss Jodie's neck and suck on a spot to leave my mark as you could say. The feel of her nails dig in to my back just slightly and very gently as I go in deeper and harder. A few moans fall from both mine and Jodie's mouth. She uses my neck to muffle the sounds as she nuzzles into it. I lock our hands together and rub my thumb against her skin. "Be as loud as you want. No one's in" I grin. She just starts laughing. Soon enough, our breathing is out of time and labored as we become breathless and every now and then pant a little. Both our bodies are hot against one another but it doesn't stop us. I spin her over so she's on top; doing for me what I've done for her. The way she wriggles and thrusts her hips into mine causes me to moan rather loudly. Wet kisses are left along my body as she trails from my chest upward. "Ugh" I manage to pant, "Shit" is all I say when she reaches my soft spot just beneath my ear. As we kiss once again, she gently tugs on my lip; biting it a tad. She drives me crazy; like everything she does, just her. After some time, we swap position again so I'm back on top of her. I whisper sweet things into her ear as I start slowing down my pace. Her head rolls back as her back arches and eyes close tightly shut. "You like it slower don't you?" I ask. With small hesitation she nods and kiss me once again. Her fingers play around with the short curls situated at the nape of my neck, making me feel more relaxed than usual.

"Forgot half of my stuff earlier. I'm off out again Harr- Oh Jesus Christ" the sound of my mum bellows through the bedroom as she switches on the light; blinding both Jodie and I. My head turns to the doorway quickly to see my mum red as a tomato and covering her eyes. "I'll be waiting downstairs for you." she sternly speaks, turns on her heels and shuts the door.

"D'ya think she saw me?" Jodie bites down on her lip as I shove on a pair of boxers and grey tracksuit bottoms; leaving my chest bare. I shrug and kiss her forehead lightly, "Dunno but she definitely saw me.. Find something to wear from my draws". Why did my mum have to walk in on us? Of all the times. She never usually forgets anything when she's staying somewhere else. Just our luck.

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