A Family Friend

Harry and Jodie live next door to one another. Their families are really good friends and are always in the company of one another. Harry has always fancied Jodie but does she feel the same way? And will there ever be a future for them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


1. Chapter 1

Jodie's POV:

My family consists of my mum (Sarah), my dad (Mick), myself, me elder brother (Greg) but he's hardly here anymore because of Uni and then there's my youngest sister (Leah)- apart from us three, we have no other siblings. I guess I should let you know about next doors' family too then. There's Harry. He's the eldest and same age as me. Gemma- she's a few years older than us but she's really nice so we get along well and last but not least there's Anne- their mum and she's lovely too.


"Jodie, take Harry upstairs will you! Don't be so rude!" "Mum, I don't want to! Just because I'm going up there, doesn't mean he has to come too!" "Take him upstairs. You used to get along so well when you were younger, whatever happened?! Now go!" My mum's being bossy right now. All because we have our neighbors over. We've known then for ages because neither of us had moved- we've lived next to one another since I was 9 and I'm 17 now so that's 8 years! Harry is their son and he's the same age as me. He's way too confident for my liking and he just really gets on my nerves. Mum's right though- we did get along really well when we were younger. We were best friends actually. But then it got to year 9 and he changed. Became cocky, over-confident and I guess he changed into something I never thought he would be. We hang around in completely different crowds. He's with the typical 'trouble makers' of the school and I'm just with the plain, simple ones. I'm in with the other popular crowd still though. There's two. Harrys and ours. Harry's type just cause trouble constantly and I mean the girls; they're just plain bitchy. Then there's ours; there's so many of us, yet we're all really down to earth, talk to everyone, get our work done but mess about aswell. Harry was like that too at one point. Like I said, up until year 9 that was. "Guess I have to come with you then" Harry nudges my side. We reach my bedroom and I walk in, leaving Harry to wander in by himself. "Never felt so unwelcomed " he grins. "Well if you feel that unwelcomed you can leave. Doesn't bother me". "Whatever" he shakes off my comment. "What can we do?" "Anything but that" I gesture toward the cigarette in which he was starting to light up. "It's only one. It's not going to hurt" "No it'll just stink my room out instead" "For fuck sake stop being so moody. I'll smoke it outside your window then". I have a window which opens up; leading out onto a ledge which is big enough for you to sit out on- it's the whole point of it. Yeah, the area we live in, is the dearer side of the town so we get these luxuries. My phone rings up with a FaceTime call. It's Dean- my boyfriend of 2 months. "Hey babe" his voice sounds as his face pops up on the screen. "Hi, what's up?" "Not much. Just wanted to hear and see you. So what you doing? Fancy coming to meet me?" "I can't- I'm kind of busy right now" "Doing what?" Dean persists. Harry re-enters my bedroom through the window once again and makes an appearance on the screen next to me. "Me". I shake my head and roll my eyes as he speaks again. "She's doing me or I hope so" He smirks largely into the camera. "I don't think so Harry. Just go and occupy yourself with something". "Well, get off the phone and I can". I decide on ignoring him if he's only going to be annoying. "Whatever Harry." Dean shakes his head, "You at school tomorrow babe?" "Yeah. I won't see you until break though- double English first" "We have double English tomorrow morning?" Harry chirps up from my bed. "Yes". I turn back to the camera, "I need to go now. See ya' tomorrow!" "Bye babe, love you". I don't like saying 'I love you' back. To be honest, I don't even think I love Dean. I mean, we're young and we like each other- that's why we're together but so far, with anyone I've ever been with, I don't think I've ever experienced 'real love'. Plus, you can't love someone within 2 months of being with them.

"Lets do something" Harry sprawls himself out on my bed but uses his elbows to prop himself up. "Like?" "It involves a bed, me, you and-" "Harry! Why do you always have to refer everything to sex?!" He smirks widely, "Well I was thinking watch a film? But you're idea's good too".


**Morning after**

"You'll have to walk home from school today. I've got to pick Sarah up and then we're both going up to London to see that new show she wanted to see. "Yeah that's fine. What about dad?" "He's at work sweetie, should be back by 7 this evening". My mum drops me off at the school gates.

"You'll be working in pairs for today's tasks" our teacher, Mr. Leon tells us. Kimberly and I look to each other saying we'll pair up. Everyone moves around the room to swap seats. "No! I can't have you and Kimberly together" He doesn't like us when we're together because apparently we're 'too loud' and never get our work done. "Well everyone else gets to choose so you can't do that" I state. Kimberly then adds in, "Yeah! I mean, you're not letting us work together yet you're going to let Harry and Stan together?! That's so unfair!" "Fine. Stan you work with Kimberly. Harry you're working with Jodie" "I'd rather work on my own". "I don't care, now all four of you swap". I take a seat next to Harry at the back. No one else is in this row so it's just us two. Even better. My eyes roll. "You know we actually used to get along so I don't know why you hate me now" Harry goes all serious as I sit down beside me. "Because you turned into a dick. That's why" "Wow. That was harsh." he holds his chest and plays all innocent. We both get on with out assignment for about an hour and a half until Harry obviously starts getting bored- I'm surprised he lasted that long actually. "Last night was good we should do it again sometime" he winks. "In your dreams. The only time that'll happen is when mum tells me I have to" "Oh it is in my dreams don't worry" "You're so annoying" I sigh. "Harry and Jodie" my attention turns to the front when Mr. Leon shouts our names, "Are you discussing your work or something else? From what I heard it has nothing to do with your work. One more strike and you both have a detention". God, he's grumpy today. "See. I have to work with you for 2 hours and this is what happens" "Not my fault you back-chatted him at the beginning is it?" "That has nothing to do with it". I carry on with our assignment whilst Harry plays on his phone. Well, that's what I thought he was doing until a ball of paper hits my head. I ignore that and the next 3 he throws. Then, he decides to lob a rubber at my head too. "Will you stop it?!" I hit his arm lightly but enough to let him know I'm annoyed. "Jodie, that's your last strike. Detention after school for half an hour." "Are you being serious? He's just thrown paper at me and then a rubber yet I get the detention?" "Do you want another half hour added on to that?" I mellow in my seat and ignore Harry for the last remaining 10 minutes.


There's about 13 other students in detention; not one of them I hardly speak to. I take a seat at the back where no one else is. "You know the drill. I'll be back in half an hour to dismiss you all." She goes to leave the room but stops and speaks, "Ahh Styles. Your late but take a seat anyway". Harry scans the room and our eyes meet as he stops on me. She checks off his name and he sits down beside me as she leaves us in the room alone. "I got detention for you" he leans down to my level. "Why?" "Because I got you in trouble earlier". "Seems fair I suppose". "Anyway, we're going so get your stuff" he stands up. "What? No, I'll just stay here" "Since when did you become a goody two-shoes?" "I just don't want to go with you that's all" I frown. "Well, I'll take you straight home. It makes sense seeing as we live next to one another". He had a point and it's freezing outside today so I really don't feel like walking. "Fine" I grab my bag from the floor and exit with Harry by my side.


Harry's POV:

I dropped Jodie off and then went inside to mine about an hour ago. Looks like no-one's in at hers and it's the same with mine. I knock on Jodie's front door. She takes a few minutes before answering. "What took you so long. Oh I see-" She was standing in a towel; covering up her still wet body. Her hair is wet but not enough to drip everywhere. She still looks perfect. Even like that; no makeup, no fancy clothes, yet she still looks so bloody perfect. "Er, what did you want?" "You wanna do something? I'm bored". "Let me get changed first. Just stay down here until I'm ready". Surprisingly  she hadn't rejected me. Well that's a first from her in several years. I miss the way we used to be. We had something special- we were so close. I still don't know to this day if she ever thought of me the way I thought of her. Guess she was right in what she said earlier.. I turned into a dick and it all went down hill from there. She soon comes back down with her head buried in her phone. Probably Dean or Kimberly- one of the two. "So what you wanna do?" Her shoulders shrug as she sits down on the couch opposite me. "Why are you being so.." "So?" I push her on a little. "So.. Nice?" "I'm not a nasty person Jode. You should know that of all people." "I don't really know you anymore though Harry. You've changed so much". She pauses and I wait for her next response. "Oh, Dean's coming over. You'll have to go" she hurries me out of the door.


Jodie's POV:

"Jode! Dinner's ready" my dad bellows from the bottom of the stairs. Mum and Leah still aren't back yet- mum said they wouldn't until really late so I knew that anyway. "Anne and Gemma went with your mum and sister to see that show so Harry's joining us for dinner. Can you just pop round and get him for me?" I nod and take a slow stroll round to Harry's. "You''re having dinner with me and dad or something?" I say as Harry opens up. A strong smell of  cologne blows under my nose as he steps out with his keys. "You smell nice, going somewhere fancy after or something?" He shakes his head, "No, just to yours then home again" "Oh". For some reason, it felt like De-ja-vu. It's probably because we used to do this all the time- just me, dad and Harry. Mum and dad are both really fond of Harry so they enjoy having him round often; the same with Gemma and Anne too. It's just unusual that I was really close to him and my dad approved so much. Let's just say he hasn't really liked any of my boyfriends or most of my friends that are boys in fact..

"So Harry, been upto much today?" Harry sat next to me and my dad is opposite us. "Just school really. Um, talking of school. I got Jodie into detention today it was my fault. I'm sorry" My dad lets out a small laugh, "We're all that age once. I had plenty of detentions at your age." I watch as Harry relaxes once again. "Well, I dropped us off then a little while later I came back round and then went again because Dean was coming round" I screw my face up and kick Harry slightly under the table. He gives me a questioning look but I think he catches on when my dad begins to ask me tons of things. "Dean came round? I told you, I don't like him. I don't want him around here please" I just bow my head, "Ok, I'm sorry".

Harry stays until everyone gets back. When they do, the house is full of noise so Harry and I head upstairs. "You know, I've really enjoyed tonight. It's just how it used to be.. And I'm sorry about the thing with Dean I-" "It's fine you weren't to know" I smile. "And yeah, so have I". "Jode can we not go back to how we were before? Like, I miss it so much. I miss us two being inseparable. I know I changed but I just want all that back." "Are you having me on or do you actually mean it?" I eye up his face before realising he is actually being serious. "I've missed it too you know. I just learnt to hide it because I thought you didn't" I nod. "Well I do." he pauses. "So what d'ya say.. Best friends again?" he winks. "Harry, it's going to take some time to build again- that was 3 years ago" I laugh. "But we'll spend more time with each other again? Just me and you?" I nod. If I'm honest, there's probably nothing more that I'd like. I've been hiding this for ages; thinking he just enjoyed annoying me and didn't ever miss the old times but I guess I was wrong.

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