Tessa is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. she always has things planned out ahead of until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.


26. ch.26

i try to study when i get back to my room but i can't focus. After staring my notes for an hour, i decided to go take a shower. The co-ed bathrooms still make me uncomfortable when they are crowded but no on ever messes with me. The hot water feels amazing and loosens up my tensed muscles. i should feel relieved and happy that Harry and i have reached some sort of truce but now the anger and annoyance has been replaced by nervousness and confusion. i have agreed to spend time with Harry tomorrow, doing something 'fun' and i am terrified. i just hope it goes well and we can be friends, i don't expect to become best friends with him but i need us to get to a place where we don't scream at each other every time we talk.

When i get back to my room, i find a note from Steph saying Tristan is taking her off campus for dinner. i like Niall's roommate Tristan, he seem really nice despite his over use of eyeliner. if Steph and Tristan continue to see each other then maybe when Noah comes to visit we could all go do something together. who am i kidding? i know Noah would not want to hand gout with people like Tristan and Steph, and i will admit that up until three weeks ago i never would have either.

i end up calling Noah before bed, we haven't talked all day.

"hey Tessa how was your day?" he asks me as soon as he picks up.

"it was god, long but good" i should tell him that Harry and i are going to hang out tomorrow.

"That's good to hear. i had a soccer game tonight in Seattle, i am just now getting back"

"That's awesome, how did it go?" he tells me how they beat Seattle High by a landslide, even though they are one of the best reams in the state. we talk about his family and before i know it we are getting off the phone. i couldn't find the right time to mention my plans with Harry tomorrow, honestly i didn't try.

the next day goes by far too fast. Liam and i walk into Literature and Harry is already in his seat

"Are you ready for our date tonight?" Harrys asks and my moth falls open. Liam's does too.

"It's not a date, we are only hanging out as friends" i tell Liam, ignoring Harry. day one of our quest to become friends is not going well so far.

"Same thing" Harry smirks and i roll my eyes. i avoid him the rest of the class which is easy since he doesn't try to talk to me.

"Be careful tonight" Liam tells me after class.

"i will, we are just trying to be civil since my roommate is his friend"

"i know, you're really a great friend to her. i am just not sure Harry deserves your kindness" he says and i look up at him.

"Don't you have something else to do besides bad mouth me? get lost" Harry snaps from behind me. Liam frowns and looks at me again.

"Remember what i said" he says and walks away.

"You don't have to cruel to him, you guys are practically brothers" i say and his eyes go wide.

"what did you just say?" he growls.

"you know, your dad and his mom?" was Liam lying? or was i not supposed to mention this. Liam said not to mention Harry's relationship with his dad but i didn't think he mean the whole thing.

"That is none of your business, i don't know why the asshole even told you that. i am going to have to shut him up it seems"

"You leave him alone Harry, he didn't even want to tell me but i got it out of him" i defend him. the idea of Harry hurting Liam makes me sick. i need to change the subject. "So where are we going today?" i ask and he glares at me.

"We aren't going anywhere, this was a bad idea" he snaps, turns on his heels and walks away.

what the hell? he really is bi-polar, i am sure of it. the anger and frustration i feel towards Harry returns and i make my way back to my room. when i open the door i find Zayn, Tristan and Steph inside. i would usually be annoyed with this many unexpected guests but i need the distraction and i really like Zayn and Tristan.

"Hey Tessa! how were your classes today?" she asks and gives me a big smile. i cant help but notice the way Tristan's face lights up when Steph smiles.

"they were ok, you?" i sit my books on my dresser and she tells me about her professor spilling coffee on himself so they got out early.

"You look nice today Tessa"  tells me and i thank him and sit on Steph's bed with the three of them. The bed really is too small for all of us but it works. The door opens a few minutes later and we all turn to see who it is. it's Harry. ugh.

"GEEZ Harry you could at least knock for once" Steph scolds him and he shrugs. "i could have been naked or something." she says and he laughs. she smiles, obviously not angry at his lack of manners but i am sure she is used to him walking in here all them time.

"it's nothing i haven't seen before" he jokes and Tristan's face falls while everyone laugh. i cant find the humour either, i hate thinking about Steph and Harry together.

"oh shut up" she says, still laughing and grabs ahold of Tristan's hand. his smile returns and he moves a little closer to her.

"what are you guys up to?" Harry asks and sits on my bed. i want to tell him to get off but i keep quiet. i thought for a second he had come here to apologize  but now i know he just came to hang out with his friends and i am not one of them.

"We were actually going to go to the movies, Tessa you should come" Zayn smiles. before i can answer Harry interrupts.

"actually Tessa and i have plans" he says. there is a strange edge behind his voice. he is so moody.

"what?" Zayn and Steph say in unison.

"yes, we have plans. i was just coming to get her" Harry smiles and stands up. "you ready or what?" my mind screams NO! but i nod.

"we will see you all later" Harry announces and practically pushes me out of the door. he leads me to his car and surprising me, he opens the passenger door. i stand still with my arms crossed.

"i will remember not to ever open a door for you again" he snaps and i shake my head.

"what the hell was that? i  know you didn't come here to get me, you just told me that you didn't want to hang out with me" i yell. we are back to yelling at each other. he makes me crazy, literally.

"yes i did, now get in the car"

"No! if you don't admit that you didn't come here to see me, i will go back there and go to the movies with Zayn" i tell him and he clenches his jaw. i knew it. i don't know how to feel about this revelation but somehow i knew Harry didn't want me to go to the movies with Zayn and that is the only reason he is trying to hang out with me now. "admit it Harry or i am going"

"ok, fine. i admit it. now get in the dam car. i won't ask again" he says and gets in the car. against my better judgement, i get into the car. Harry still looks angry as he pulls out of the parking lot. he turns the screaming music up way too loud. i reach down and shut it off.

"don't touch my radio" he snaps.

"if you're going t be a jerk the whole time i don't want to hang out with you" i say and mean it.

"i'm not, just don't touch my radio" my thoughts go back to him tossing my notes into the air and i want to yank his radio out and throw it out the window. if i knew i could, i would.

"why do you car if i go o the movies with Zayn? Steph is going"

"i just don't think Zayn has the best intentions" he says quietly, his eyes glues to the road.

i begin to laugh and he frowns. "oh, and you do? at least Zayn is nice to me" i cant stop laughing. the idea of Harry trying to protect me in some way is hilarious. Zayn is a friend, nothing more just like Harry.

harry rolls his eyes but doesn't give me an answer. he turns the music back on and the screaming music literally hurts my ears.

"can you please turn it down" i beg.

he turns it down but still leaves it on. "that music is terrible" i tell him and he laughs.

"no it's not, i would love to know your opinion on good music" he smiles. he looks so carefree with his window down, the breeze blowing through his hair. he reaches one hand up and pushes his hair back. i love the way his hair looks when it is pushed back. i shake the thoughts from my head.

"well i like Bon Iver, and The Fray" i finally answer.

"of course you do" he chuckles.

"what is wrong with them? they are insanely talented and their music is wonderful" i defend my two favourite bands.

"yeah.. they are talented. i hear their specialty is putting people to sleep" he laugh and i reach across and playfully swat his shoulder.

"well, i love them" i say with a smile. if we could just stay in this playful state, i might actually have a good time. "where are we going?"

"we are going to one of my favourite places"

"which is where?"

"you really have to know everything that is going on don't you?"

"yeah.. i like to.."

"control everything?2 he interrupts and i stay quiet. i know he is right but that's just the way i am. "well, i am not telling you until we get there.. which will be only about five minutes from now" he tells me and i sit back against the leather seat of his car. what kind of car is this anyway?

"what kind of car is this?" i ask him. i need a distraction from not knowing where we are going.

"it's a Ford Carpi, a classic" he boasts, obviously proud of his car. he goes on to tell me about it even though i have no idea what he is talking about. i like to watch his lips as he talks, the way they move slowly as the words are even slower. "i don't like to be stared at" he says harshly but smiles a little after.

"i.. i was just listening" i lie, my mouth dry.

"we are here" he says and pulls onto a gravel road 

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