Tessa is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. she always has things planned out ahead of until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.


17. ch.17

"why are you asking me this?" he glares right back.

"I don't know.. because I have been nothing but nice to you and you are always rude. I thought we could be friends" how stupid does that sound. my hand pinches the bridge of my nose and I wait for his answer.

"us friends?" he laughs. "isn't it obvious why we can't be friends?"

"not to me"

"well for starters you are too uptight, you probably grew up in some perfect little model house that look like every other house on the block, your parents probably bought you everything you wanted and you never had to want anything. with your stupid pleated skirts, I mean honestly who dresses like that at 18?" he says and my mouth falls open.

"you know nothing about me! my life is nothing like that! my alcoholic dad left us when I was ten and my mum worked her ass off to make sure I could go to college, I got my own job as soon as I turned 16 to help with bills and I happen to like my clothes, sorry if I don't dress like a slut like all the girls around you! for someone who tries to hard to stand out and be different, you sure are judgemental" I scream and he balls his fists. I feel the tears prick my eyes and turn around to wipe them before he notices.

"you know what, I don't want to be friends with you anyway Harry" I tell him and reach for the door handle. the vodka has made me brave causing me to scream at Harry.

"where are you going?" he asks. he is so unpredictable and moody.

"I am going to the bus stop so I can go back to my room and never, ever come back here again. I am done trying to be friends with any of you"

"it's too late to take the bus alone"

"you are not seriously trying to act like you care if something happened to me" I laugh. I can't keep up with him.

"I am not saying I do.. I am just warning you. it is a bad idea."

"well Harry, I don't have any other option. everyone is drunk, including myself" I say and the tears come. I am humiliated that Harry out of all people, is seeing me cry, again.

"do you always cry at parties?" he asks with a small smile.

"apparently, since these are the only ones I have ever been to" I reach the door again and open it.

"Theresa" he says so soft that I almost don't hear him. his face is unreadable. the room starts to spin again and I grab onto the dresser next to his door. " you ok?" he asks. I nod even though I feel nauseous. "why don't you just sit down for a few minutes, then you can go to the bus station"

I nod again. I walk back out and once again he calls my name. "you can sit in here.. I guess" he says and lets out a deep breath.

"I thought no one was allowed in your room?" I ask him and sit on the floor.

"it won't happen again" he snaps. so he is back to himself. I hiccup and a small smile plays on his lips. "if you throw up in my room." he warns.

"I think I just need some water" I say an move to stand up.

"here" he says, handing me his red cup. I roll my eyes and push it away.

"I said water, not beer"

"it is water, I don't drink" he says. a noise between a gasp and a laugh. there is no way Harry doesn't drink. I don't remember him taking a drink from the bottle of vodka, but still? "surprised?" he asks and I nod.

"you're not going to sit here and babysit are you?" I really just want to be alone in my drunken state. I am starting to feel guilty for yelling at him. "you bring the worst out in me" I say aloud, not meaning to.

"that's harsh." he says, his tone serious. "and yes, I am going to sit here and babysit you, you are drunk for the first time in your life, and you have a habit of touching my things when I am not around." he says and takes a seat on his bed. I grab the cup of water and take a drink, I can taste a hint of mint on the rim and can't help but think about how Harry's mouth would taste. god, I am never drinking again. I remind myself as I sit back down on the floor. 

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