Tessa is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. she always has things planned out ahead of until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.


16. ch.16

"dare" Harry answers before I even ask him.

what should I dare him to do? I know he will do whatever it is just because that is how he is. "I.. hmm. I dare you too.."

"to what?"  he says impatiently. I almost dare him to say something nice about each person in the group but I decide against it, however amusing it would have been.

"take your shirt off and keep if off the entire game" Molly says for me and I am glad. not because Harry will be taking his shirt off of course, but because I couldn't think of anything to have him do.

"how juvenile" he says but lifts his shirt over his head. my eyes go directly  to his long torso. the way black ink of tattoos is painted across his surprisingly tan skin is somehow appealing. under his swallows he has a butterfly tattoo on his stomach, it looks much better than a butterfly should on a guy. his arms have many more tattoos than u expected, small seemingly random tattoos are scattered along his shoulders and hips. Steph nudges me and I tear my eyes away from him praying that no one saw me staring. the game continues and Molly kisses Tristan and Zayn, Steph tells us about her first time having sex and Niall and the new girl kiss. how did I find myself in the middle of this group of hormonal college students?

"Tessa, truth or dare?" Tristan asks.

"why even ask? we know she will say truth" Harry interrupts.

"dare" I say, surprising them and myself.

"hmm..  Tessa, I dare you to.. take a shot of vodka" Tristan smiles.

"I don't drink"

"that's the point"

"look, if you don't want to do it.." Niall starts to say and I look over at Harry and Molly sharing a laugh at my expense.

"fine, one shot" I say and Harry's eyes meet mine. he gives me a strange look.

seconds later I am handed the clear bottle of vodka. I mistakenly put my nose against the top, smelling the foul liquid. it burns my nostrils and I scrunch my nose, trying to ignore the chuckles behind me. I try not to think of all the mouths that have been on the top of the bottle before I tilt it back and take a drink. the vodka feels hot and burns my tounge all the way down to my stomach but I manage to swallow it. it tastes horrible. the group claps and laughs a little, except Harry. if I didn't know him any better I would think he was mad or disappointed? he is so strange. I can feel the heat in my cheeks and the small amount of alcohol in my veins that grows with each round that I am dared to take another. I oblige, I have to admit I am pretty relaxed for once, I feel good.

"same dare" Zayn laughs and take a drink of the vodka before handing me the bottle for the fifth time. I don't even remember the dares and truths that have been happening around me for the last few rounds. this time I take two bi drinks of the vodka before it is ripped from my grasp.

"I think you've had enough" Harry says and hands the bottle to Niall, who takes a drink. who the hell is Harry to tell me when I have had enough? everyone else is still drinking so I can too. I grab the bottle back from Niall and take a drink again, making sure to give Harry a smirk as the bottle touches my lips.

"I can't believe you have never been drunk before, its fun right?" Zayn asks and I giggle. thoughts of irresponsibility flood my mind but I push them back. it's only one night.

"Harry, truth or dare?" Molly asks. he answers "dare" of course.

"I dare you to kiss Tessa" she says and gives a fake smile. Harry's eyes go wide and I want to run away.

"no, I have a boyfriend" I tell them, making them laugh at me for the hundredth time tonight. why am I even hanging around these people who keep laughing at me?

"so.. it is just a dare. just do it" Molly pressures me.

"no, I am not kissing anyone" I snap and stand up. Harry just takes a drink from his cup. I hope he is offended, actually I don't care if he is. he hates me and is rude anyway. as I get to my feet, the full effect of the vodka hits me. I wobble away from them. through the crowd, I manage to find the front door. as soon as it opens, the fall breeze hits me. I close my eyes and breath in the fresh air before going to sit on the familiar stone wall. before I realize what I am doing, my phone is in my hand, dialling Noah.

"hello?" he says, the familiarity of his voice makes me miss him more.

"hey.. babe" I say and laugh. we do not call each other ridiculous pet names.

"Tessa, are you drunk?" his voice is full of judgement. I shouldn't have called him.

"no.. of course not" I lie and hang up the phone. I press my finger down on the power button, I don't want him to call back. he is ruining the good feeling from the vodka. I stumble back inside, ignoring whistles and crude comments from the drunk frat boys. I grab a bottle of brown liquor off the counter in the kitchen and take a drink. it tastes worse thank the vodka and burns even worse. my hands fumble for a cup of anything to get the taste out of my mouth. I end up opening  the cabinet and using a real glass to pour some water from the sink, making sure to put the glass in the sink afterwards. the water helps the burn a little, but not much. the group of my "friends" are still sitting in a circle playing their stupid game. the room begins to spin and I feel dizzy. my feet lead me upstairs to the bathroom and I sit in front of the toilet expecting to throw up. nothing happens. I groan and pull myself up. I am ready to go back to the  dorms but I know Steph won't be ready for hours. I find myself now in Harry's room

"what part of no one can come in my room did you not understand last time?" Harry booms. his angry voice surprises but humours me at the same time

"get out" he spits

"why don't you like me?" why have I even asked him this?  

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