Tessa is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. she always has things planned out ahead of until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.


15. ch.15

I change out of my pyjamas and put on a new pair of jeans that I haven't worn yet. they are a little tighter than my usual pants but I need to do laundry so I don't have a choice but to wear them. my shirt is a simple black button up, sleeveless shirt with lace trim on the shoulders.

"wow, I actually like your outfit a lot" Steph tells me. I assume it is a compliment despite the surprise in her voice that she would actually like something I am wearing. I smile and she tries to offer me eyeliner again.

"not this time" I tell her, remembering how it smeared from my tears last time. why did I agree to go back there again?

"Molly is picking us up instead of Niall, she just text so she will be here any minute"

"I don't think she like me" I know she doesn't.

"she does, she is just too honest sometimes and I think she in intimated by you"

"by me? why on earth would she be intimated by me?" I laugh. I am the one intimidated by her.

"I think just because you're so different from us" she says and smiles. I know I am different from them but to me they are the "different" ones. "don't worry about her she will be occupied tonight" she laughs

"by Harry?" I ask before I can stop myself. I can't help but notice the way she is looking at me with her eyebrow raised.

"no, by Zayn probably. she changes guy every week." that's a harsh thing to say about her friend but she just smiles.

"she isn't dating Harry?" the image of them making out on the bed come into my mind

"no way, Harry doesn't date. he just messes around with a lot of girls but he doesn't date anyone. EVER"

"oh" is all I manage to say. she gives me a strange smile and grabs her purse.

"lets go" she grabs my arm and pulls me outside.

The party tonight is the same as last week, tons of people, drunk people everywhere. why didn't I just stay in and stare at my ceiling? Molly disappears as soon as we arrive and I end up getting a spot on the couch and staying there for at least an hour before Harry walks by.

"you look.. different" he says as I stand up. his eyes rake down my body and back up. he doesn't even try to be subtle about it. I stay silent and his eyes meet mine. "your clothes actually fit you tonight" he laughs. I roll my eyes and adjust my shirt, suddenly wishing I was wearing my normal loose clothes. "I am surprised to see you here"

"yeah.. I am surprised that I ended up here again." I say and walk away from him. he doesn't follow, but for some reason I find myself wishing he would have.

a few hours later, Steph is drunk again, well everyone is drunk again. "lets play truth or dare" Zayn slurs and their small group of tattooed fried gather around the couch. Molly passes a bottle of clear alcohol to Niall and he takes a swig. Harry's hand covers his entire red cup as he takes a sip.

they all agree to play a drunken game of truth or dare which couldn't possibly end well. another punk girl joins the game, making it Harry, Zayn, Niall, Niall's roommate Tristan, Molly, Steph and the new girl. "you should play Tessa" Molly says with a wicked smile.

"no, I'd rather not" I tell her and look away.

"like she would actually play, she would have to stop being a prude for five minutes" Harry tells them and they all laugh except Steph. his words anger me, I am not a prude, yeah, I will admit I am not by any men wild, but I am no prude. I glare at Harry and sit down Indian style in their little circle in between Niall and the new girl. Harry laughs and whispers something to Zayn before they start.

the first few truths and dares include Zayn being dared to chug an entire beer can, Molly being dared to flash their group her bra, (which she did) and finding out that Steph has her nipples pierced.

"truth or dare Tessa" Niall asks and I gulp.

"truth" I squeak. Harry laughs and mutter "of course" I ignore him and Niall rubs his hand together,

"are you a virgin?" Niall asks and I choke on my own breath. no one seems fazed by the intrusive question besides me. I feel the heat in my cheeks and the humour in everyone's faces.

"well?" Zayn says. despite how much I want to run away and hide, I just nod. of course I am a virgin, the furthest me and Noah have gone is making out and him touching my bottom, through my jeans of course.

No one seems surprised by me answer, just intrigues. "so you have been dating Noah for two years and you haven't had sex?" Steph asks and I shift uncomfortably. I just shake my head.

"Harry's turn" I say, hoping to take the attention off myself.  

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