Tessa is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. she always has things planned out ahead of until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.


10. ch.10

"I asked you what the hell are you doing in my room?" Harry says again, just as harsh as the first time. his long legs stride towards me and he snatches the book out of my hand and puts it back on the shelf. my mind is whirling. he clears his throat and waves his hand in front of my face.

"Niall told me to bring Steph in here" my voice barley audible. he takes a step closer and lets out a deep breath. I gesture to his bed, causing his eyes to follow my hand. "she drank too much and Niall said.."

"I heard you the first time" he interrupts. he runs his hand through his hair, clearly upset. why does he care so much if we are in his room. wait..

"you are part of this fraternity?" I ask him. there is no hiding the shock in my voice. Harry is far from what I imagine frat boys to be like.

"yea.. so?" he answers and steps even closer. the space between us less than two feet. I try to back up but bump into the bookcase. "does that surprise you Theresa?"

"stop calling me Theresa"

"that's your name isn't it?" he smirks, his mood somewhat lighter.

I sigh and turn away from him, I have no idea where I am going but I need to get away from Harry before I slap him. or cry. it has been a long day so I will most likely cry before slapping him. maybe I can manage both?

"she can't stay in here" he says as I reach the door, when I turn around he has the small stud in his lip between his teeth. what made him decide to put a hole in his lip and eyebrow? they had to be painful.

"why not? I thought you guys were friends?"

"we are but no one stays in my room" he says and crosses his arms.

Feeling brave and annoyed, I let out a laugh. "oh.. I see. so only girls who make out with you can come into your room?" as the words leave my mouth his smile grows.

"that wasn't my room. are you trying to say you want to make out with me? you're not my type sorry" he says and for some reason it hurts my feelings. Harry is far from my type but I would never actually say that to him.

"you are.. you are.." I can't find the words. my feelings are hurt and I am embarrassed, annoyed and exhausted from the party. I stop trying to speak to him, he isn't worth it. "well.. then you take her to another room, and I will find a way back to the dorms." I say and head for the door.

"goodnight Theresa" Harrys says as I slam his door.

I can't help the tears that fall down my cheeks as I reach the bottom of the stairs. I hate college so far and classes haven't even started. why couldn't I just get a roommate that was like me? I should be asleep now, preparing for Monday's classes. I don't at parties like this, and  I most certainly don't belong hanging out with these type of people. I do like Steph, but I just don't have it in me to deal with these parties and people like Harry. Harry is such a mystery to me, why must he always be so rude? and why does he have all of those books? there is no way a rude, disrespectful, tattooed jerk like Harry could possibly enjoy those amazing books. the only thing I can picture him reading is the back of a beer bottle. I am not even sure if I can make my way back to the dorms, I have no idea where this house is located. the more I think about my decisions tonight, the more frustrated and stressed I become.

I really should have thought this through, this is exactly why I plan everything so things like this don't happen. the house is still packed and the music is too loud. Niall's blonde hair and tattoos are no where to be found, neither is Zayn. maybe I should just find a random bedroom upstairs and sleep on the floor? there are at least fifteen rooms up there and maybe I will get lucky and no one will come in. but I know better and decide against it. despite my efforts to conceal my emotions I can't. I go back upstairs, find the bathroom and sit on the floor with my head in between my knees and call Noah again. he answer on second ring.

"Tess? it's late, are you okay?" he says, his voice groggy.

"yea.. no.. I wen to a stupid party with my roommate and now I am stuck at a frat house with no where to sleep and no way to get back to my room" I sob. I know my problem isn't life or death but I am beyond frustrated at myself for getting into this situation.

"a party? with that red head girl?" he sounds surprised.

"yes.. but she is passed out."

"whoa, why are you even hanging out with her? she's so.. just not someone you should hang around?" he says and it irritates me. I wanted him to tell me it will be ok, tomorrow is a new day, something besides being judgemental.

"that isn't the point Noah.." I say. the door handle jingles and I sit up. "just a minute" I call and wipe my eyes in the mirror, the toilet paper smears the liner even more. this is why I don't wear the crap. "I will call you back, someone needs the bathroom" I say and hang up before he can protest. and impatient knock pounds on the door and I groan as I open it, wiping my eyes again. "I said just a min.." I stop as my eyes meet Harry's 

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