Tessa is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. she always has things planned out ahead of until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.


2. arriving at college

"Here we are!" my mom squeals as we pull into the campus. it looks just as great in person as it did in the brochures and online. the buildings are old and elegant at the same time. the size of the campus is intimidating but hopefully after a few weeks I will feel at home. the orientation is short and I sit alone, my usual forte. a seemingly nice middle aged woman gives me my dorm key and sends me on my way. I already feel more freedom than I have in the last eighteen years.

"I want to see your dorm room before I go honey. I just can't believe you are in college! my only daughter, a college student, living on her own. I just can't believe it." she whines and wipes her eyes, careful to not mess up her makeup. Noah follows us, carrying my bags as we navigate through the corridor.

"it's B22.. we are in C hall." I tell them. luckily, I see a large B painted on the wall. "down here" I instruct and they follow. good thing I only brought a few clothes, a blanket and some of my favourite books along so Noah doesn't have too much to carry.

"B22" my mom huffs. she wore way too high of heels for the long walk we had just endured. I slide the key into the old wooden door, it creaks open and my mom gasps. the room is small, with two tiny beds and two desks. my eyes travel to the reason my mom gasped. one side of them room is covered in music posters; mostly bands I have never heard of, the faces on them covered in piercings and tattoos. the girl laying across the bed has bright red hair, eyes lined with what looks like inches of black liner, and her arms covered in tattoos.

"hey" she says and offers a smile. her smile is quiet intriguing, much to my surprise. "I'm Steph" she says and sits up.

"h.. hey I'm Tessa" I choke. she laughs a little and stands up. "welcome to WSU, where the dorms are tiny and the parties are huge" her head falls back into a fir of laughter. my mom's mouth hangs wide open and Noah shifts uncomfortably. Steph walks over, closing the gap between us and hugs me. I am taken aback by her affection but I hug her back. there is a knock at the door as Noah drops my bags onto the floor.

"come in!" my new roommate yells. the door opened and two boys walk inside. boys inside the female dorms on the first day? maybe WSU was a bad decision. my mom looks like she is going to pass out any minute.

"hey, you Steph's roomie?" the blonde boy asks. he doesn't have as many tattoos as the other boy, but he has them.

"um... yeah. my name is Tessa" I manage to say.

"I'm niall you will love it here" he says with a smile. his smile is warm and inviting despite his harsh appearance.

"I'm ready" Steph says and grabs her purse from the bed. my eyes shift to the brow haired boy. his hair is a mop of curls on his head and his eyes are lined with a thin line of eyeliner. my eyes move down his back t-shirt to his arms which is covered in tattoos as well. I expect him to introduce himself but he doesn't. he definitely isn't as friendly as his blonde friend.

"see you around Tessa" niall says and the three of them exit the room.

"you are getting a new dorm!" my mother yells as soon as the door closes.

"no, I can't. it's fine mom, I'm sure she won't be around anyway."

"absolutely not, we are going to switch now. you will not be in a room with someone who allows guys into her room, those punks at that!" she says.


"mom.. please.. lets just see how it goes. please." I beg and she sighs.

"fine" she spits, much to my surprise. 

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