Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


13. Meet Lilliana


My name is Lilliana!
Lilliana Natalie Frank.
I'm 5 years old.
My birthday is on February 1st!
It already passed.
My favorite color is pink.
I go to primary school.
My teacher's name is Mrs. Mallark.
She's really pretty.
And she's nice to me.
So I like her.
I like Daddy, too.
Actually, I love Daddy.
I love Mummy, too.
I miss Mummy.
A lot.
But Daddy's always here for me.
And he loves me back.
So it's okay.

A/N: Remember. She's 5.

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