Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


12. Meet Joel

The name's Joel.
Full name?
Joel Christian Frank.
I'm 28 years old.
My birthday's on March 8.
I am married.
Or well, I was.
My wife. 
Her name was Jennifer.
Before we got married, she was Jennifer Carrie Alarcon.
After our marriage, she became Jennifer Carrie Frank.
She was beautiful.
Absolutely beautiful.
She was 2 years younger than me.
I was 22 and she was 20 when we got married.
I know. 
We were young.
But it felt so right to be with her.
Before we got married, Jennifer and I were high school sweethearts.
We were truly, madly, deeply in love with each other.
As soon as we got out of high school, we decided to get married.
And then, a year later, my wife gave birth to our daughter, Lilliana.
Lilliana was healthy.
She was a beautiful child, and she is a beautiful child yet to this day.
She looks just like her mother.
I still think about her mother to this day.
How horrible that day was.
May 4, 2010.
Jennifer was taking Lilliana to the park. 
She got into a car accident.
Miraculously, Lilliana survived.
But her mother...
Her mother was no more.
My wife was no more.
She was gone from this world.
So now, it's just me and Lilliana.
You'll meet her soon.
I promise.



Btw. This is Joel >>>>

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