Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


8. Episode 7

~Xena's pov~
I shouldn't have asked that do Zayn. What was I thinking?
I fumbled with the thoughts as they fogged up my mind. I shook my head to break away the thoughts. Louis hands me a plate full of eggs and pancakes with smiley faces in syrup dripping off them.
Louis- Nice job, partner. You're better than me.
Me- Glad I could help, buddy.
I pulled a chair in between Liam and Niall. Niall covered his ears with the sleeves of his sweatshirt and scoots his chair away from mine and closer to Harry's/
Me- Niall, I'm not gonna do anything to you...
Niall- I don't trust people who give wet willies.
Liam- Xena wet willied you?!
Niall- Mmhmm...
He pouted at Liam before shoveling a forkful of scrambled eggs into his mouth. For second, I thought Liam was gonna rat me out for wet willying Niall. Instead, he held his hand up.
Liam- High five!
I high fived him and then Harry, who also had his hand up. Niall let out a "hmph." Then he grabbed his plate and began heading up the stairs. We watched as him go all the way up and then we saw Louis step in front of him.
Louis- Where do you think you're going with your food?
Niall- To my room...
Louis- Nope. Downstairs.
Niall- Lou...
Louis- Down.
Niall- But...
Louis- Ni!

~Harry's pov~
We heard Niall sigh and then climb down the stairs with Louis behind him. Liam and I snickered as Niall went out to the backyard with his breakfast. Xena wasn't laughing anymore. She picked up her plate, put it in the sink, and went out to the backyard after Niall.

~Niall's pov~
I heard the glass door slide open and close. The sound of her anklet rang a little with her every step.
Oh, great. She's here to apologize.
I rolled my eyes, looking away from her, not wanting to see her puppy-dog eyes pleading me for forgiveness.
Xena- Tea or coffee?
Me- Huh?
Xena- Which one do you prefer? Tea or coffee?
Me- Um...tea.
Then I watched as she walked away and back into the house.
Was that an apology?

~Xena's pov~
I returned back to the kitchen to find it empty, but Zayn sitting alone at the table, eating his breakfast. I  tried not to make eye contact. I could tell he was doing the same. I tried not to talk either, not wanting to say anything dumb again, but I did anyway.
Me- Err... Zayn? Do you know where the tea kettle is?
Zayn- Actually... No... I do not. Go ask Lou. He should know.
Me- Oh, okay.

~Louis' pov~
We had finished eating breakfast except for Zayn. We all decided to chillax for a few hours before our interview at 3. Xena stumbled into the room with a questioning look on her face.
Xena- Lulu? Where's the tea kettle?
Me- Hm... Lulu... I like it! The tea kettle is in the cabinet.
Xena- Okay. Thanks.
Harry- Won't you need teabags, Xena?
Xena- Oh, yeah. And where are those?
Harry- Here they are...
He was about to smash his fist down on my private, but before he could reach over to my lap, I raced my hand over his lap and let my fist fall.
Me- Ooh. Nice trousers. Hulk SMASH!
He winced in pain and clutched his English teabags.
Harry- Damn you, Lo--- Ahem. Damn you, Louis.
His voice had hit Justin Bieber's level and returned back to normal. I was pretty amused by our actions, but it didn't seem like Xena was.
Xena- So... Where are the tea bags?
Me- In the first drawer on the right of the stove.
She quickly nodded her head and dashed back into the kitchen.
Harry- Lou! You crushed my baby-maker! Now future children will come out deformed.
Me- Unless they come out with four nipples. That won't be blamed on me. And don't worry about your children yet. Unless you're planning to get busy already!

~Zayn's pov~
As Xena came into the kitchen, I rose up to go to wash my plate in the sink. Our eyes met for a moment until she broke away from the gaze.
Xena- Leave the dishes in the sink. I'll wash them.
Me- No, it's okay. I will.
She crashed her hip against mine, pushing me away from the sink.
Xena- Move it, Zaynie!
I pushed her back.
Me- You move it!
Xena- No... You move it!
Me- You move!
Xena- You move!
Me- You move!
Our voices began overlapping each other, yet, we continued to yell "You move" at each other. Our voices intertwined into one. And then Niall burst into the kitchen, singing at the top of his lung.
♫ I like to move it, move it! You like to move it, move it! They like to move it, move it! We like to... MOVE IT! ♪
Then he came in between us and shoved us in two directions.
Niall- Now... Both of y'all move. 'Cause I'm doing the dishes!

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