Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


7. Episode 6

*January 13, 2012*
~Xena's pov~ 8:24 AM
I woke up to the smell of scrambled eggs and pancakes. My legs led me down the stairs and into the kitchen. I plopped down on one of the stools at the counter. I could see someone standing by the stove. I rubbed my eyes to get a better view. As soon as I pulled my hands away from my eyes, the person was gone. I felt someone breathing on my shoulder. I turned slowly and the person burst.
Louis- GOOD MORNING, XENA! You want some breakfast?! First go brush your teeth and call the lads!
I stared at him blankly.
How could he be so cheerful at 8 in the morning?
Louis- What are you waiting for?!
I stood up, not taking a step, not wanting to go back up the stairs. Louis comes behind me and slaps my bum.
Louis- GO!
I frowned at him and he smiled. I crawled up the stairs and went into the first room, which was Harry's. He had his mouth wide open. I pushed his jaw close, and it fell open again. I giggled to myself, then did it again, and again, and again. Until he snapped his mouth close in his sleep.

~Harry's pov~
I guess my sleeping habit amused Xena. I could hear her snickering, but I had enough. I clamped my teeth together. Then I shifted under my blanket carefully, not letting Xena get a glimpse of everything underneath.
Me- What do you want, Xena?
She poked my cheek and said in a sing-song voice.
Xena- Oh, Harry! You must wakey-wakey!
Me- Oh, Xena! I'm nakey-nakey! Under my blankey-blankey!
Xena- Ew.
Me- True story.
Xena- I don't want to know. Just wake up already!
Me- I'm awake!
I began to sit up and was about to pull the blanket off, but Xena's yelp reminded me not to.
Xena- I'm still here!
Me- Oops.
Then she left and I ripped the blanket off.

~Niall's pov~
I felt someone's hand touch my shoulder and then rip my blanket off me. That was the beginning of our battle of tug-of-war. I could hear her panting, struggling, but I didn't care. No one will wake me up! Not even Xena!
Xena- Niall! Wake up, honeychild!
Me- No!
Xena- Niall! Wake up and see my smile!
Me- No!
Xena- Niall! If you wake up, I'll run a mile!
Me- No!
Xena- Niall! Wake up or you'll be at the bottom of my dog pile!
Me- No!
Then she let go of the blanket.
Me- Good choice.
Xena- Not for you!
Then she jumped on my bed and landed on my back.

~Xena's pov~
Oh. Poor Niall. He asked for it.
I licked my finger and shoved it in his ear and screamed at the top of my lungs.
Niall- EeeeeewwwWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Then he threw me off his back and ran to the bathroom. 
Niall- I'm AWAKE!
I chuckled and went to the next victim's room.

~Liam's pov~
Someone was tickling my feet. I wiggled my toes and laughed.
Me- Stop it, Louis.
"Louis"- I'm not Louis.
Me- Nice "Xena" impression.
"Louis"- Wake up, Liam! Let's go to the museum!
Me- I don't like museums, so waking up Liam!
"Louis"- Hey, Liam! Wanna hear an idiom?
Me- I dislike confusing idioms, so no waking up Liam!
"Louis"- You're smart, Liam. What's the electron configuration of calcium?
I open my eyes to find Xena looking back at me.
Me- So you're not Louis.
Xena- Not that I know of.
Me- Okay. I'm awake.
Xena- Good.
She began heading for the door.
Me- Wait, Xena!
Xena- What?
Me- 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2  is the electron configuration for calcium. And thank you for waking up Liam.
She gave me a shy smile before leaving my room.

~Xena's pov~
Harry? Check. Niall? Check. Liam? Check. Zayn? Oh, Bradford boy...
I skipped into his room and then laid down by him. I studied his sleeping face for a few seconds before  I began the morning torture.
Me- Ello, Zayn. Joker or Bane?
Zayn- Batman.
Me- Try again, Zayn. Or this will become a pain.
Zayn- It already is.

~Zayn's pov~
Really? Questioning me to wake me up? Gosh, Xena...
Xena- Brother, Zayn, why are you so vain?
Me- Because you're so lame.
Xena- Wake up, Zayn. You'll miss your train.
Me- Where to? House of Payne?
Xena- Nice answers, Zayn. Do you like this game?
Me- No, you're driving me insane.
Xena- One Direction singer, Zayn. How do you deal with all this fame?
Me- I take it like salt grains.
Xena- Guy with the last name, Malik, Zayn. To you, is being Muslim a shame?
Before I could say anything, I heard the bed springs creak. Then I heard the door close shut. I opened my eyes to see Xena gone.


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