Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


6. Episode 5

~Xena's pov~
I ran to the bathroom, locked the door, and unbuttoned my jeans. I plopped down on the toilet and let out a sigh of relief. As I took care of business, I hummed WMYB quietly to myself. After I dried my hands after washing them, I walked out. My heart jumped a mile as his voice startled me.
Louis- Wow. You must've held that in for a while. That was a lengthy bladder content release.
I smacked him on the back of his head. (Like that >>>

Louis- Ow!
He pretended to cry, fake-sobbing aloud.
Louis- I'm telling Zaynie!
Me- Yeah. Go tell your Zaynie! Wuss...
I snickered to myself as I walked back to the guest room. I heard a knock on the door as I combed my hair.       
Me- Come in!
In the reflection of the mirror, I could see Zayn come in with a teary Louis trailing in behind him.
Zayn- Okay. So what happened?
Louis- Zaynie! Your sister hit me on the back of my head! I think that blow might've knocked some screws loose.
Me- Your screws are already loose!
Louis- Zaynie!
Zayn- Xena...

Me- But Zaynie! He was listening to me pee!
Zayn- Lou!
Zayn turned to look at Louis, who had stopped fake-crying. He let out a laugh and then ran out of the room.
Louis- BYE!

~Zayn's pov~
Ugh. Someone should tighten those loose screws.
Xena- I think Louis needs to get those loose screws tightened.
Me- Oh my god!
Xena- What?
Me- I was just thinking that!
Xena- How funny!
Me- Anyways, don't let Lou mess with your head. He just likes joking. And that was a joke of his.
Xena- I know, I know. I know what a joke is, Zayn. Thanks.
Me- Good. Well, do you need anything else?
Xena- Ummm... No, I think I'm all go-- Wait. I need a janamaz.
Me- Janamaz?
Xena- You know... Prayer rug... The thing we pray on...
Me- Oh, yeah. It's in the closet on top of the shelf.
Xena- Thanks.
I left her in her room, shaking my head as thoughts bubbled up in my mind.
Xena prays? I mean, her adopted parents weren't even Muslims. But Man. She's much more religious than I am.

~Xena's pov~
He hesitated, didn't he? I guess he doesn't pray. That's okay. Right? What am I saying? My brother claims he's Muslim. Yet, he has multiple tattoos, ear piercings, and blonde-dyed highlights in his hair. I'm not gonna bring it up. I mean, I can't go all "Mommy" out on him. Oh, well...
I wrapped my scarf around my head, smoothed out the dusty prayer rug, and began my salat.

~Harry's pov~
Dude, Lou's such a jerk-butthole. Maybe he hurt Xena's feelings. I should go talk to her.

I walked into her room and began to greet her, but stopped.
Me- Hey, Xen--
She was bowing down in her prayer like this. >>>
I've seen Zayn pray once. I carefully tiptoed out of the room, whispering apologies.
Me- Oopsie daisy. Er... Sorry.
I knew she was praying and was concentrating on her prayer, but I apologized anyways. I pulled the door quietly behind me as I left. Then I walked down the hallway to find Liam.

~Liam's pov~
I was in my room, laid back on my bed, listening to my iPod,...
Me- How can Liam answer your question today?
Harry- How'd you know I was going to ask a question?
Me- I'm psychic.
Harry- Prove it.
I put my index and middle finger on my forehead and rubbed.....
I shut my eyes and pretended to concentrate.
Me- I'm sensing...
I opened one eye to look at Harry. He had his arms crossed.....
Me- I'm sensing your question has to do with...
He continued to smirk.
Me- Xena.
The smirk on his face disappeared, and a small, round &q...
Me- So, what was the question about Xena?
Harry- Well. I walked into her room to apologize on behalf.....
Me- Was that a question? 'Cause I think that was a sta.....
Harry- I was getting there.
Me- And?
Harry- Why doesn't Zayn pray?
Me- Well, maybe because Zayn isn't as religious as his.....
Harry- Oh... Okay, then. Good night, Psychic Liam.
Me- Good night, Hazza.

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