Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


5. Episode 4

~Xena's pov~
They were all closing in on me, pulling me into a hug. I tried to close my eyes and not think about it. But as they stepped closer, the memories kept flashing, becoming more and more vivid. I quickly covered my face, trying to forget the horrid memories, but it seemed like they were all coming back. I buried my face deeper into my hands and let out a scream. The room fell silent once again. No one, but Louis, had touched me.
Did they hug me and I didn't feel it?
Then I felt a nudge on my shoulder. I spread my fingers apart and looked in between the gaps. Zayn had nudged me.
Zayn- Xena? Are you okay?
Me- Yes... I mean, no... I mean... I don't know.
Louis- Why'd you scream?
Liam- Did we scare you?
Harry- Sorry if we scared you.
Niall- Yeah... Sorry, Xena.
Me- No, no. You guys didn't scare me. It's just...
Niall- Just what?
Me- I'm  a bit claustrophobic. Just a little.
Zayn- Claustrophobic?
Me- Yeah. My parents used to lock me up inside a tiny storage room until I grew out of it. Then they started locking me up in the closet.
I felt another tear rim around my eyes and fall down my cheek. I felt someone's hand brush away my tears. I looked in Zayn's direction, but it wasn't him. I turned the other way to see ice blue eyes staring at me. Louis.
Louis- No more crying, love. Please. I can;t stand seeing you cry.

~Louis' pov~
She just looked so sad. It just hurt me to see her cry. I mean, it just made me wanna cry, too!
Xena sniffled a few times and then rubbed her eyes.
Xena- Alright. I won't. So... What are we doing?
Niall- I want ice cream!
Xena- Brilliant idea! Let's go to the ice cream shop!
*In the ice cream shop*
Xena had brightened up a bit. After everyone had chose their flavors, Xena began walking toward the cashier.
Xena- I'm paying!
Liam- Oh no, you're not!
He ran up ahead of her and held out a bill toward the cashier. Before the cashier could grab it, Xena snatched it out of Liam's hand, crumbled it into a paper ball, and threw it over her shoulder. Then she handed the cashier her own bill. Liam pouted at her as he picked up the crumpled bill.
(He made this face>>>
Xena- Smile. It's my treat.
Liam- It was supposed to be my treat. Since it's your and Zayn's birthday.
Xena- I already got my treat. And it's not the ice cream.
Zayn- What is it?
Xena- You guys!
She hugged Zayn and Niall first, then me and Harry, and finally Liam.

~Liam's pov~
*Later that night*
After we returned home from the ice cream shop, we decided to watch a movie together. We watched Toy Story 3.
Man, I hated this movie so much. I cried every time I watched it. 
When it got to the scene where all the toys were going to burn in the fire, my eyes welled up with tears.  
I felt a squeeze of my hand. And I looked to my left; Xena was crying, too. I pulled her in close to me. She leaned her head against my shoulder; I put my arm around her to support her. Then when the scene of their rescue by the alien and the claw came, we all cheered. Xena and I cried tears of relief. The movie ended and Xena stood up. She began to pull on her sneakers.
Me- Where are you going?
Xena- Home. Where else?
Zayn- You can't go home! You're staying here!
Xena- I don't have anything here. I need clothes, a comb, and a toothbrush.
Zayn- You can use mine! I'm your brother!
Xena- Ew! I don't wanna use your toothbrush! That's unsanitary!
Zayn- Kidding! Sheesh, sis! You're so serious! Why so serious?!

~Xena's pov~
Zayn heads off to go get the stuff. He calls out over his shoulder as he turns to leave.
Zayn- One of you guys show Xena the guest room.
I look over to the guys, who were sitting across from me.
Me- Sooo? Who wants to show me?
They all smirk at each other, throwing looks at each other.
Uh-oh. This isn't good.
All- We do!
They sprang up from the couch. Liam grabbed my legs and Louis held my arms. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and Niall tickled me. I thought I was gonna die of laughter.
I screamed like a little girl, but I didn't care!

~Zayn's pov~
I heard Xena's voice echoing through the house, her screams calling out my name. I gathered all the stuff and ran up the stairs. I threw the door of the guest room open. My jaw fell and I dropped everything I was holding.
The boys were huddled around her on the bed, tickling her. I pushed them aside. Xena looked dead. Her hair was sticking up in all directions. She had black tears streaming down her cheeks from her eyeliner mixing in with her tears.
Her face was red. She had her hand over her stomach, clutching it.
Xena- I thought you'd never come! I thought I was gonna die! I have to go peeeeee!

Then she jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom.


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