Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


4. Episode 3

~Louis' pov~
The girl looked like she could be related to Zayn. Maybe a cousin?
girl- I already know you! You're Louis Tomlinson! Who doesn't know you?!
Me- Oh, why, thanks! And you?
Xena- I'm Xena.
Me- Nice to meet you, Xena.
Silence sorta took over. An awkward silence. 
Me-So... Are you Zayn's friend? Girlfriend?
I watched as Zayn and Xena exchange glances and then burst out into laughter.
Zayn & Xena- Eeww! Gross!
Zayn- Xena's my sister!
Xena- Zayn's my brother!
Zayn & Xena- That's sick!
They pretended to fake gag. Then they laughed again.
Me- Zayn, I didn't know you had a sister.
Zayn- Yeah, we didn't know either until today. I'll explain it when we're all together.
Me- No need. The guys are all in the studio room. So. Is she your little sister?
Zayn- Twin sister.
Me- Oh.

~Liam's pov~
We've been in this studio room since like...FOREVER.
Louis planned a surprise song for Zayn when he came back from his parents' house. Even though it was just the "birthday song" everyone sings on their birthdays, Louis spiced it up a bit. We heard footsteps coming down the hall. The door opened and Louis came in.
Louis- Get ready... And...
Zayn walks into the room with a girl trailing behind him.
Louis- Now!
All-♫Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Zayyyn....♪
Louis- ♪ And Xenaaa...♫
All- ♫ Happy Birthday to youuu. ♪
We all cheered and clapped until Niall stopped us.
Niall- Wait... Who's Xena?
Zayn smiled and then put his arm around the girl's shoulder. He looked at her and she smiled back with a smile similar to his.

Zayn- Guys... Meet my twin sister, Xena.
Harry- Twin?
Niall- Sister?
Me- Why didn't you tell us you had a sister, lad?!
Zayn- 'Cause we found out today. C'mon. I'll explain it.
We all went into the living room.


Zayn told us about the 1993 incident and how Xena was stolen from hospital and put into the orphanage. We were all silent for a minute until Xena broke the silence.
Xena- So... 'Vas happenin'?
Zayn bursted out laughing.
Zayn- See! I told you she's my sister!

~Zayn's pov~
The room fell into silence. Then out of the blue, Xena said something that made me laugh my diaphragm out.
Xena- So... 'Vas happenin'?
She said it so perfectly. Just like me.
Me- See! I told you she's my sister!
Xena grinned at me. I ruffled the front of her hair. And where it parted, I could see a scar. I ran my finger over the smooth scar.

~Xena's pov~
Zayn messed up my hair in the front and found the scar. I thought no one would ever see it, but Zayn did.
Zayn- Xena? What happened?
He stroked the scar on my forehead as he spoke.
Me- It's a scar.
Zayn- Well, obviously. What happened?
Oh... He wanted to know HOW I got it.
Me- It's a long story...
Louis- Yay! Story time! Tell us a story, Xena! Pweease!
He made this face>>>
I smiled at him and began the story.

~Harry's pov~
Xena let out a small sigh and smiled at Louis. Then she began her sob-story.
Xena- Continuing from where Zayn left off, where I was in the orphanage, I was 8 when I was first adopted. I was delirious that I was actually getting adopted, but what I didn't know that it was deflecting. My so-called "parents"...
Xena threw up her fingers in the air to show the quotation marks.
Xena- ...were absolutely bewildering. Everything I thought about how kind parents were supposed to be was the complete opposite. I was always bereaved and lonely. I even ran away once from that bleak house. And when my brute parents tracked me down... Oh, let's just say... That I died that night.
Louis- So you're a zombie? Sweeeet.
Xena- Yeah, sure. So that happened when I was 11. My "mom"...
She threw her fingers in the air again.
Xena- ...broke the picture frame in my room and used the glass to cut my forehead open, and my "dad" held me down. So that's why I have this scar.
I was so tuned into her story that I wasn't even aware that I had opened my lips and the words tumbled out.
Me- And then? What happened after that?
I guess I wasn't the only one who was also curious.
Liam- Then what happened?
Niall- Do tell!
Xena- No... I can't.
Louis- Whyy?! Pweeeeeease!
Zayn- C'mon, sis! Pleeeease!
Zayn folded his hands under his chin and batted his eyelashes.
Xena- Okay. Okay.
All- Yayy!
Xena- So then... I was streetwise and I could've run away again, but my I was afraid of my parents. So I would always be astray from home, walking up and down the neighborhood. I struggled to carry my life and school on my shoulders, but I managed to succeed in one, which was... School. By the time I graduated, I was only 17. My parents wanted to get rid of me. So they waited until my 18th birthday, and then they set me free. So this is officially my birthday and one year anniversary of my independent life.

~Niall's pov~
We all began to cheer, but Zayn cut us off.
Zayn- But then... How did Ma find you?
Xena- Well, I work in a bakery shop, and Ma called a week ago to order a birthday cake for you. I asked the date of the birthday, and she said, "January 12th. My son is turning 19." I laughed it off, thinking it was just a coincidence. But when she came into the bakery yesterday to pick up the cake... We just clicked somehow.
A teardrop rolled down Xena's pale cheek.

Louis- NO! No crying! You mustn't cry, dear!
He jumped onto the sofa next to and clasped her into a hug. Then he gestured for us to join him on the hug. We all huddled in toward Xena to hug her. She let out a muffled scream.

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