Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


3. Episode 2

*Zayn's pov
Baba-Hm. You have a twin sister.
Me-Twin? Where is she? I...I...I want to meet her.
Baba-She's in the guest room, waiting for you.
I rose off the couch and walked toward the room, looking back. I took a short breath before I walked into the room. Then I opened the door. My jaw dropped. She looked just like me, but of course, female version. Her jaw had dropped, too. I could tell she was in shock, too, but she couldn't keep her thoughts in, she just blabbed it all out.
Sister-Whoa... You're my twin? That's Since we're twins and all, I'm thinking we have twin telepathy, right? You know, how if one twin gets hurt, the other twin can feel the pain. That's so sick. I'm glad your parents found me. Or I should say our parents, 'cause we're siblings, right? Duh. Hi, I'm Xena.
She held out her hand. I was still in a bit of shock.
Xena-Hellooo? Earth to twin? Can you hear me? I said I'm Xena.
I shook my head to break my thoughts.
Me-Oh. Hi. I'm Zayn.
She sat back down on the bed and gestured for me to sit as well.
Xena-You know...You can sit down if you want...
Me-Yeah, I know. I'm just trying to take this all in.
She nodded.
Xena-Take your time.
She took out her phone and began clicking away. I studied her. She did look a lot like me. We pretty much have the same facial structure. We both have black hair, except I have blonde in mine. And we both have hazel eyes. I'm taller than her by a few inches or so. And she was nicely dressed in this>>>
Yup. This is definitely my sister.

*Xena's pov*
Sheesh, brother. How long does it take?! I believed what they said right when they told me.
Me-Ya almost there?
I waited for his answer. Instead of saying anything, he hugged me. There was nothing else to do, so I just hugged him back. As we pulled away, he smiled at me.
Zayn-I can't believe I have a baby sister.
Me-And I can't believe I have an older brother.
He swung his arm around my neck. Then we walked down the hall together, as if nothing happened and acted like we've known each other our whole lives. Ma and Baba smiled as they saw us together. I could hear them whisper together quietly under their breaths.
Ma and Baba-Alhamdulillah.
In other words, they were giving thanks to God for what He has given them. In this case, us.
Zayn-Ma, Baba, can I take Xena to meet the guys?
Baba-If she wants to, sure.
Ma-Xena, beta, do you want to go with Zayn?
I looked at his face. He was quivering with excitement. He had his hands cupped together and had the hugest grin on his face that said "please, please, please, please. Please!" I couldn't help but to laugh at him. (His face>>>
Me-Yeah. I'll go...For my Zayn.
Zayn-Alright! Okay then. Bye, Ma! Bye, Baba!
He fist-pumped the air and then grabbed my hand. We ran out the door and called a taxi. The car ride was pretty awkward. Short talks and long silences.
Zayn-You know the boys, right?
Me-The boys?
Zayn-The band?
Me-Oh! Of course! One Direction! Yeah... I know 'em.
Zayn-Then I don't really need to explain anything.
Me-Pretty much.
The taxi crawled up a steep street with big flats on each side of the street. As we pulled up in front of the flat, I sort of let out a loud gasp.
Zayn-Something wrong?

*Zayn's pov*
As I handed the driver a few bills, I heard Xena gasp really loudly. I walked over to her side as she shut her door.
Me-Something wrong?
Xena-No. It's just... It's just... So...BIG.
Me-Yeah. Now let's stop staring at it. And let's actually get in it.
Xena sounded like she's never been to a flat before. She seemed a bit shocked to see it, which was sort of unusual, because almost everyone had a flat. Maybe she didn't; that's why she's mesmerized by it.
I walked a few steps towards the porch and turned to find her still staring at it. I shook my head in disappointment. I walked back to her side and pulled her hand.
Me-The outside's just the outside. Wait till you see what's inside.
I rang the doorbell multiple times. I could hear Louis screaming from inside the house. Then the door swung open. Louis let out a shriek and jumped into my arms.
Louis let himself down out of my grasp. He looked at Xena and pushed his hair to the side.
Louis-I'm Louis. You are?

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