Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


14. Episode 11

~Liam's pov~
Xena picked up Lilliana and then handed her to me. Lilliana looked at me with her greenish-hazel eyes. Her hair fell in chocolate curls down to her small shoulders.
She looked like she could be Harry's daughter almost.
Me- Hi, beautiful.
Lilliana- Where did Xena go?
Me- She went to go help your daddy.
Lilliana- I've seen you before somewhere.
Me- You have?
I knew preeettttyy well where she had seen me.
Lilliana- Are you famous?
Me- Yes.
Lilliana- Are you a singer?
Me- Yes.
Lilliana-Are you from One Direction?
Me- How'd you know?
She pointed a thin finger to the car.
Lilliana- I have your CD! Daddy got it for me on my birthday last year.
Me- And when is your birthday?
Lilliana- February 1st.
I snickered at the coincidence of her and Harry's shared birth date.
Lilliana- Why are you laughing? I don't think I said anything funny.
Me- No, it's have the same birthday as one of my mates from the band. And you look just like him.
Lilliana- Really? Who is it?
Me- Harry Styles.
Lilliana shrieked with excitement, nearly popping my eardrums.
Lilliana- I love Harry Styles!
Me- You do?
Then Xena came over to us. She had smudges smeared all over her face and blazer.
Xena- Alright, cutie pies. Enough chit-chat. Liam, I fixed the crankshaft.

~Xena's pov~
Liam placed Lilliana back into my arms. He smiled sweetly at me before whispering quietly into my ear.
Liam- This could be Harry's long-lost daughter.
Me- What?
Liam- 'nough said.
Then he left to go help Joel. Lilliana let out a soft sigh as she leaned her head against my shoulder.
Me- What's wrong, hon?
Lilliana- I'm tired... And hungry.
Then I remembered about the cookies I had given to Liam earlier that day.
Me- Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmm!
Liam- What did I do?! I didn't do it!
Me- Where are the cookies I gave you earlier today? Did you eat them yet?
Liam- Haven't even touched. They're still in the car.
Me- Is the car unlocked?
Liam- No, here. Catch.
He flung the car keys at me, and I managed to swiftly catch them with one hand without letting Lilliana slip out of my grasp. A grin spread across Liam's face.
Liam- Nice catch!
I flashed a thumbs up and walked towards our car with Lilliana still in my arms. I clicked the unlock button and slid into the passenger seat. Lilliana smiled st me as I looked down at her. Her smile instantly pasted a smile onto my own face. I gave her the bag of cookies, patiently waited till she finished the two she took, and rubbed her back when she let out a yawn.
Me- Tired?
Lilliana- Mmhmm.
Me- Try to go to sleep.
Lilliana- Will you sing for me?
Me- Okay.

~Lilliana's pov~
Xena carried me out of the car and began strolling down the sidewalk. I wrapped my arms around her neck and dug my face into her shoulder as she sang to me.
Xena- I'm broken. Do you hear me? I'm blinded-'cause you are everything I see.
I'm dancing, all alone. I'm praying that your heart will just turn around...

Her voice was so pretty and soothing that before I knew it, I fell asleep in her arms as she carried me.

~Joel's pov~
As Liam pulled down the hood, Xena came with Lilliana in her arms, fast asleep. Xena was still humming to her as she slept. She smiled at me and then put my sleeping Lilliana into my arms.
Me- Thank you guys so much. I wish there was some way to express my thanks.
Xena and Liam sort of looked at each other, exchanging glances.
Xena- Actually...
Liam- There is.
Me- What would that be?
Xena- We'd definitely like to see Lilliana again.
Liam- That's if it's okay with you, sir.
Me- Of course! I think Lilliana would like that.
I looked down at Lilliana as I thought, she would like that.
Liam- Great. Here's our numbers. Give us a call when you're available.
Xena jabbed him in the ribcage with her elbow.
Xena- Sheesh, Liam. You sound like a real estate agent. Anyways, Joeeeel. Just let us know, okay?
Me- Of course.
Xena- Tomorrow would be great.
She mumbled as she handed me back my phone after putting her number in it.
Me- Yeah, I'll let you know.
They began to walk away to their car when Liam yelled out.
Liam-We can't wait till tomorrow. Lilliana will be so  thrilled!
Me- Trust me.. She will be.

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