Zayn never knew that he had a twin... She didn't know either... What happens when their lives collide together? Don't ask; Just read.


1. Episode 1

~January 12, 2012~
*Zayn's POV*
Happy Birthday! To me!
I look at the digital clock on my desk. 9:32
Perfect timing. I'll spend all day with my boys and then all night with my family. Well, Mom and Dad.
(A/N: Zayn's a single child in this story.... Carry on, loves!)
The door swung open and all the guys came in.
All-Happy Birthday, Zayn!
Me-Thanks, guys!

*Louis' POV*
I snickered at the thought of Zayn not having an idea of what's going to happen to him. Zayn rubbed his eyes and stretched. That's when we attacked. We jumped onto his bed and we all smashed cupcakes on his face.
Zayn-Ahh! Oh my-
He stops in his sentence and just sits there with frosting on his hands. Niall went to go pat him on the back, but Zayn grabs his arm and smears the frosting onto Niall's face. Niall pokes at it and then licks it off.
Zayn-So. What's the plan for today?
Liam-Are you really asking that question, Zayn?
Zayn-Well, didn't I just ask it?
Liam-Yeah, but you know the answer to that one.
Zayn-Oh, I do?
Harry-Oh, shut it, birthday boy.
Me-You get to do whatever you want, monkeybrain!
Zayn-Sweet! We're going to Six Flags!
~A Few Hours Later~
Niall-I'm hungry...
Harry-Well...There should be some place to eat at...
Me-Daddy! Take out the map!
Liam begins unfolding the map when Zayn's phone rings. We overhear him talking.
Zayn-Hi, Baba. Yeah, Baba. Thank you!
He was smiling, but it wasn't long until his smile dropped. He began talking in Urdu and instantly, we knew something happened. Something was wrong.
Zayn-Kya?! Kya hoge, Baba? Acha. Thikh hai. Me ariyuoon. Yeah, yeah. I'm coming, Baba. Okay. Bye.
As he hung up, he gave us a disappointing look. He sort of shrugged as he put his hands deep into his pockets.
Zayn-Urgent family meeting... I gotta go. I'm sorry, guys.
Liam-No, it's okay. Family comes first! Then your One Direction family.
Me-C'mon, guys! Let's go!
Harry-Later, Niall.

*Zayn's POV*
The boys dropped me off, said hi to my parents, and left. Then my parents sat down in the living room.
Ma-Zayn, beta, sit.
My mom called me "beta" or child. I sat across from my parents. I placed both of my hands on my thighs, palms facing down.
Me-Kya, ma? Sab thikh hai?
I asked if everything was alright.
Baba- Nai, beta. Kuch nai hota.
He replied "No, child. Nothing happened."
Me-So? Why am I here then?

*Baba's POV*
I drew in my breath.
This would be hard to tell Zayn...
I was about to start, but his mom saved me.
Zayn-Yeah, Ma?
Ma-Did we ever tell you about what happened in 1993?
Zayn-Kya hogi, Ma?
Zayn always spoke in Urdu when he's worried. He asked "What happened?"
Ma-*sigh* In 1993, around the time you were born, in the same hospital you were born in, there was a kidnapping.The kidnappers took the babies to the orphanages and...
Zayn-Ma... Tum nehi bolu... I'm not adopted. Am I, Ma?
I knew he'd say somthing along those lines.
Ma-Tum nai. Tumari baheen.
When she told him that he wasn't adopted, but his sister was, he sort of went into shock.
Zayn-Baheen? Mera baheen?
He sounded shocked in awe. "Sister? MY sister?"

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