Love Struck

When Susan first moved to an American High School she became friends with a cute nerd called Stephen, he instantly fell in love with her. The School's Captain of the football team Jacob, has also fallen in love with her. What happens when they both try and win her? Jacob always tries to solve things with violence while Stephen is the complete opposite. Who will Susan choose? What will happen? Read on to find out.


5. Chapter 5

"What the fuck. Do you think you're doing." I spat at him 

Suddenly I felt hands on my chest and all my attention went to the person who's hands were on my chest pushing me back slightly. She was beautiful. The place she touched me started tingling and my heart started racing. I could feel butterfly's in my stomach and I wanted her lips on mine. Not wanted. NEEDED. I ignored what ever it was Steve was saying and placed one hand on Susan's cheek and the other on her hip. I slowly leaned in, and kissed her. I didn't care her boyfriend was right there staring with shock in his eyes, I didn't care that all the girls were staring at me, I didn't care about anything but the girl in front of me who was kissing me back. I slowly pushed her against the locker behind her and the kiss got even deeper and intense she ran her fingers through my hair and we kept kissing until I felt a hard punch in my side and people gasping. I pulled away from her and looked at Steve who was rubbing his fist. He was just about to throw another punch when I grabbed his fist and slammed it onto one of the lockers causing a dent. I was sure his hand broke. He punched me in the mouth with his other hand and I wasn't ready. I felt blood spurt out of my lip and I spat it out in this face. I grabbed his head and was about to smash it in the locker when I felt Susan's hands pull me away from Steve.

"STOP!" She yelled "PLEASE JACOB, DON'T!" 

I let go of Steve and was about to punch him when she grabbed my hands.

"If you love me, don't hurt him" she said. Fuck. I thought. Suddenly Steve took the chance to punch me in the mouth again. I was about to punch him when I remembered what Susan said. I stepped back. Steve was about to hit me again when I heard Susan say the exact same thing to him and he stopped. Anger filled me and I had to punch something, so I punched the locker beside me, causing another dent. 

Suddenly Susan's attention came to me and she grabbed the hand I just broke, then she kissed it. 

"Please don't hurt yourself" she said

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE" I heard the principle say "JACOB, SUSAN AND STEPHEN! MY OFFICE NOW!" He yelled 

I looked at Susan to see that she had gone over to Steve. I gave him a look of disgust and made my way to the office as he followed with Susan on his arm.

"I love you susan. I won't let him take you from me." I heard Steve say behind me. I stopped dead in my track and slowly turned around and walked over to the wall that was on the left. I felt Susan and Steve's eyes on me but I didn't care. Then I punched the wall over and over again imagining it was Steve's head. Suddenly the principle turned around and realised what was going on but I didn't care I kept punching. Susan quickly ran to me and stood between me and the wall. She placed her hand on my cheek and I felt a but relieved. The wall was now bloody and so was my knuckles. 

"Come on now" said the principle 
I looked at Susan and she looked back at me. 

"Jacob, you can't hurt yourself every time you see me with him, he's my boyfriend" I heard Susan say

I placed my hands on either side of her on the wall. 

"I can't control myself. Susan. I love, you." I said

"Well learn to control yourself." She said

I felt my heart fall on the floor in front of me. She walked away and I slid down the wall and sat down on the bottom holding my head.

Susan's POV

I loved Jacob but he couldn't go around breaking things and hurting people. If he keeps doing that, I'm afraid ill go and be with Steve. I was starting to like him even more anyway. I looked over to Jacob and the principle huffed. 

"Hurry up, we don't have all day. Susan and Steve get into the office." She said as she went over to Jacob. 

I walked in and sat down in one if the black leather chairs and so did Steve.  

"I love you" said Steve. I looked at him then looked away. I felt him break when I didn't say it back.

"Steve, we need to talk." I said

"My place?" He said and I nodded. 

The principle came in and told us Jacob was sent to the nurse to get treated. I explained to her and she decided to let me go but suspended Steve for two weeks for punching Jacob. I guess Jacob was suspended too. She let us off for the day and I headed to the nurse with Steve. He got treated for his hand and I waited outside. Suddenly Jacob came out from the other room and looked at me. His top was off and he had a bandage on his right ribs. He had a cast around his right hand and a bandage around his left. He had a bandaid on his lip and a sad expression on his face.  His body was beautiful. He looked to the ground and walked down the hallway. I turned around to see the door open and Steve come out with a cast on his hand. 

"Ill drive us to mine then you can explain yourself" he said and I nodded.

When we got to his room I immediately sat on his chair and I sat on the bed facing me. Waiting for me to explain.

"You know when you asked if I ever experienced love at first sight and I said yes, and you asked when and I did today and you said with who and I didn't tell you?" I asked

"Yeah..." He replied

"Well, it was me and Jacob in the hallway at school when you thought I was in la la land. When you told me you loved me I tried to forget about him but I couldn't. Steve, I love him." I said crying.

"B- but don't you love me?" He stuttered

"No, I like you. Steve I really do. But I love Jacob and I don't know what to do anymore." I said crying even harder

Steve rested his head in his hands.

"But I loved you first." He said I stood up and say next to him hugging him. He pushed me away slightly and I moved my arms away from him. "Fine." He said

"Fine?" I asked

"Fine. Go with him. I don't give a fuck anymore. I don't wanna see you anymore Susan. Go far away from me." He replied looking me in the eyes.

I leaned in to give him one last kiss when he suddenly stopped me. 

"No. We're over now. Get outta the house Susan. I don't want to see you or talk to you." He said

I slowly stood up and walked out crying. I took one last look at him to see that he was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

Steve's POV

I still loved her but I couldn't take her if she didn't even love  me. I had to let her go no matter how much it hurt. I looked at her one last time as she turned around and left. Her straight brown hair was the last thing I saw then she closed the door.

"I love you" I whispered making sure she couldn't hear me.

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