Love Struck

When Susan first moved to an American High School she became friends with a cute nerd called Stephen, he instantly fell in love with her. The School's Captain of the football team Jacob, has also fallen in love with her. What happens when they both try and win her? Jacob always tries to solve things with violence while Stephen is the complete opposite. Who will Susan choose? What will happen? Read on to find out.


3. Chapter 3

We were now together. I leaned down and kissed her snaking my arms around her waist as she snaked hers around my neck this time running my tongue over her bottom lip for entrance. She opened her lips slightly and let me in. We kissed for a bit more until she pulled away.

"I think we should get going now" she said I nodded agreeing. 

We headed out the door and I grabbed her hand to show the world she was mine and only mine. I locked the house and we walked to the car hand in hand. I opened the door for her and she sat in.

Susan's POV

That was actually the first time I have ever kissed someone so passionately. We were now a couple and I could see how happy he was about it. I was happy too. But not as happy I would be if I were with Jacob. He hopped in the car and drove off.

"Where are we going for lunch?" I asked

"It's a surprise" he replied winking at me. I smiled and he smiled back. 

"Give me a clue?" I asked

"It's a restaurant" he replied

"Well no shit" I said laughing. He smiled. I turned on the radio and we started listening to it.

When he was driving I could tell he kept looking at me then back onto the road then back at me and so on. He got beeped at a couple of times at traffic lights for not driving when the light turned green since he was staring at me. It wasn't in the creepy way, it was in the way where you look at something or someone, that you adore and examine each and every bit of. I guess he really did love me. We finally got to the restaurant and I realised it was French one. He opened the door and I stepped out. He closed the door and locked the car then held my hand and we started to make our way to the restaurant. We walked in and he held the door open for me, then we made our way to the lady. 

"Bonjour" said the lady

"Bonjour Madame une table pour deux s'il vous plaît" Steve replied wow I thought. He knew how to speak French!

"Ainsi" said the lady walking into the resturant, Steve walked with me following the lady to a table set for two. He pulled the chair out for me and I sat down

"Thanks" I said

"You're welcome" he replied
"Merci Madame" he said to the lady while taking a seat.

"Que puis-je pour vous" she asked

"She's asking what you want to eat" he told me. We both ordered our food and the lady went.

"You didn't tell me you knew how to speak French" I said

"Haha sorry" he replied

"What did she say at the desk?" I asked

"She said hi and I said hi and asked for a table for two then she said this way and I thanked her haha" he replied

"Wow I love French" I said and he laughed "seriously haha I love Paris and everything to do with France, you have no idea how many photos of the eiffel tower I have on my phone and back at home I had an Eiffel Tower bin and pencil case hahaha" I said

" we'll go to Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower on our honey moon when we get married" he said. I stopped smiling and looked at him. He was going to marry me? Live with me for the rest of his life? "What's wrong?" He asked

"You're going to marry me?" I asked

"Yeah when the time comes... Why?" He replied

"No reason" I said faking a smiling

He was going to marry me and I wasn't even in love with this guy. Well maybe ill fall in love with him but my heart was with Jacob. What was I doing? This is wrong I thought. I should forget about Jacob he's too good for me. He'll break my heart. I thought. 

"I need to go to the bathroom" I said standing up and walking to the toilets. I looked in the mirror for a couple of minutes. Susan. You're in a relationship with Steve. Not Jacob. Forget about Jacob. He's too good for you. I thought. I splashed some water on my face making sure I didn't smudge my eye makeup.
Then headed back out to sit with Steve. 

The food came and we started eating and talking, when we finished, Steve payed and we went back to his car. 

"I should go home before mum starts getting worried" I told Steve 

"Ill drive you" he replied, I told him the address and we arrived to my house.

"Thanks for everything" I said

"Anytime beautiful" he replied and leaned in kissing me. I pulled back after kissing him a bit and opened the door.

"See you tomorrow at school" I said closing it and walking into the house. He drove off and i walked into my room putting my bag down and changing. I washed my face and looked at the time. 3:20 pm I decided to do some studying. I looked at my timetable for tomorrow; double science, English, maths then free periods. I was going to have science and that was the only class I had without Steve. I packed my things for tomorrow then looked at the time 7:04pm I went down stairs to have dinner.

"So how was your first day at school?" Asked mum

"Good" I replied

"That's great" said dad

I didn't really like communicating with them since they were so serious.

After dinner I went back up and got ready for bed, setting the alarm for 7:00am. I fell asleep.

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