Love Struck

When Susan first moved to an American High School she became friends with a cute nerd called Stephen, he instantly fell in love with her. The School's Captain of the football team Jacob, has also fallen in love with her. What happens when they both try and win her? Jacob always tries to solve things with violence while Stephen is the complete opposite. Who will Susan choose? What will happen? Read on to find out.


2. Chapter 2

When we got to his house I walked in and the smell of roses came into my nose. I walked up the stairs following him to his room. He opened the door and I looked around. There was a white queen sized bed in the middle of the wall and on each side there was a bed side lamp.On the left there was a study desk with a mac book and papers and a window, then when you walked in there was a door to the closet next to the desk. On the right there was a line of canvases. 

"You paint?" I asked

"Yeah, just for fun haha" he replied

"Can I have a look?" I asked 

"Sure" he replied

I walker over to them and picked one up, it was a picture of a girl, with black hair. She was standing playing a violin. 

"It's beautiful" I said

"Thanks" he replied blushing

I put it back down and went over to sit on the computer chair. He walked over laid on his bed.

"Sooooo, what do you wanna do?" He asked, staring at the ceiling.

"Idk, are you really okay? Like, is there a bruise or anything?" I asked

"I feel fine, who cares about bruises" he replied.

I sat there for a couple minutes thinking about Jacob. Steve turned his head to look at me. 

"What?" I asked curious

"nothing" he said sitting up facing me

"That's what you said near the lockers, what is it you wanna say then change you're mind?" I asked

"Um.. I.. I.. Um if I tell you, promise me you'll still talk to me" he replied

"I promise" I said

"Have you ever experienced love at first sight?" He asked

I immediately went back to how me and Jacob first saw each other.

"I.. I think I have" I replied

Steve's POV

Susan was beautiful, her brown straight hair that was tied up in a pony tail, her light brown eyes and beautiful long lashes. When she walked in that classroom this morning I new I had found the one. The one that I would spend the rest of my life with. I had fallen in love with her. When I heard her say she had experienced love at first sight I wanted to ask her, who, where, when, all these questions but I didn't wanna give it away just yet.

"When?" I asked

"T-today" she replied. My heart literally skipped a beat and the butterfly's in my stomach were going crazy. The next question I was going to ask was with who. I was hoping she would say me.

"With who?" I asked

"Um, why? Haha" she replied. I suddenly realised I sounded desperate.

"Um never mind" I said

"Tell me what you wanted to say" she said. 

"I think, I think I've fallen in love with someone" I said.

"Thats so cute! But why are you telling me?" She asked

Susan's POV

Why was he telling me? I thought to myself confused.

"Because..." He replied

It suddenly clicked into place. The 'someone' was me.

"Me?" I asked to be sure

"Yeah..." He said looking down

He was really good looking and I kind of liked him. I loved Jacob but I didn't even know him and he was too good for me, so I decided not to tell him I fell in love with Jacob. 

"Um, yeah, I like you kind of" I replied

"Kind of?" He asked

"Yeah" I replied

"Really?" He asked 

"Yeah" I replied smiling

He looked up at me and smiled. He really was gorgeous his dark brown eyes were placed on mine for a little too long. Steve would never be as perfect as Jacob. But Jacob was too good for me so I guess I shouldn't let Steve's hopes down cause I actually really started to like him. 

I got up and sat next to him on the bed. He snaked his arm around my waist and hugged me.

Steve's POV

She admitted to liking me, I couldn't believe it. I hugged her even tighter and put my head on her shoulder. No one is taking her away from me. I would take a bullet for her any day. I stopped hugging her and looked her in the eyes. The sunlight from the window was on her and she looked like an angel. I just wanted to grab her and kiss her but I couldn't, cause she wasn't mine. Yet.

"Do you wanna go out for lunch?" I asked hoping she would say yes.

"Um sure" she replied sweetly.

I got up and helped put my hand out to help her up. Suddenly she pulled my hand and I lost my balance and fell onto the bed on top of her. She rolled me over and sat on top of me her legs on either side.I looked at her and she looked at me. She bent down and kissed me. I felt sparks and fireworks going off around us. The feeling of her damp lips against mine was perfect. Our lips moved in sync until she finally pulled away and we caught our breaths. I smiled and she smiled back. I didn't want the kiss to end, it was too beautiful. She got off me and stood up. I sat up and looked at her.

"Wow, I really needed that..." I managed to say. She laughed and I realised she had the beautifulest laugh a human being could have. It made me smile and I stood up. We stood opposite each other for a couple of minutes looking at each other. I was only a couple of inches taller than her. We were the perfect hight for each other.

"Be mine?" I asked

"I will" she replied

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