Love Struck

When Susan first moved to an American High School she became friends with a cute nerd called Stephen, he instantly fell in love with her. The School's Captain of the football team Jacob, has also fallen in love with her. What happens when they both try and win her? Jacob always tries to solve things with violence while Stephen is the complete opposite. Who will Susan choose? What will happen? Read on to find out.


1. Chapter 1

Hi my name is Susan Eve, I used to live in Australia. When i turned 16 my parents decided to move to America. 

It was my first day in High School, I was in Year 11. I was wearing a white top tucked into a baby blue flowy skirt with a pair of black converse, and to top it all of, a black cardigan. I grabbed my denim blue Stüssy bag and headed out the door to the car. My brown hair was tied up in a high pony tail to match my outfit. I was actually so nervous for my first day at an American School. 

I walked into my first class which was Math. The teacher greeted me and told me to take a seat. I looked around and there were two spare seats. One near a girl who looked like she was about to kill someone and one near a guy with dark hair which had a bit of blonde at the front. I walked over and took a seat next to him. I looked opposite me and there was a girl with blonde hair staring into a little mirror. She looked stuck up and up herself. I looked straight ahead of me and started paying attention to the teacher.

"Hey guys and welcome to a new year at Furwood High School, my name's Mr Anderson as most of you already know. Could you all please take out your books and get ready for today's lesson" he announced.
I took out my books and sat waiting for everyone else. I looked to my left and the guy with the dark hair was looking at me, his books laying in front of him on the desk. I smiled and he smiled back. 

"Hey, I'm Susan." I said

"Is that an Australian accent I hear?" He asked smiling cheekily

"Yeah haha, I moved here a couple weeks ago." I replied 

"It's a cute accent, I like it. Oh by the way, I'm Steve" he said smiling at me

"Okay Class, today we're learning about algebra. Who knows what that is?" Mr Anderson asked

I put my hand up and so did a couple other people.

"Keep your hand up if you know how to answer algebraic equations" he said half smiling

I was the only one who kept it up, everyone turned to look at me.

"Susan, come up here and write the answer to this question on the board" he said 

I stood up and picked a piece of chalk up as I read the question.


"Mr Anderson, that question is already answered" said a girl with orange hair

"You're supposed to work out what x is" I replied

"Correct" said Mr Anderson

"Oh that's easy! It's 3" said the girl

"No it's not, it's -2" I replied

"Great work Susan" he said as I wrote x=-2 on the board and walked back to my seat. 

"Nerd" I heard a girl behind me say.

I turned around to see she was dressed in a blue and white cheerleading outfit. She was probably one of the popular girls so I turned back around and ignored what she said.

"Australian, smart, cute. What else can a guy ask for?" Steve said jokingly

"Hahaha" I laughed

When class finished I walked to my locker.

"Susan" I heard someone say. I turned around to see Steve.

"Um since you're new here and everything, do you want a little tour or something? Haha" he said trying to sound confident

"Sure, what do you have next?" I asked

"History" he replied

"Me too! Maths and history with you haha, how weird would it be if the principle print out the exact same timetable for me and you" i said

"Woah haha let me see your time table" he said so I passed it over to him. "Every Class except Science" he said

i looked at him weirdly "you're joking right?" I asked not believing him. He showed me and I gasped. "Wow hahaha" I said

"Ill give you a little tour at recess yeah?" He said 

"Yeah" I replied walking to history with him.

After history I was back at my locker and he came. 

"Lets start the tour" he said smiling. 

"Sure" I replied smiling back.

We started walking. A group of cheerleaders came into the hallway with a couple of jocks and all attention went to them. 

Suddenly as they were walking passed us, one of the jocks and I had a little connection. We walked passed each other staring, slowly brushing our shoulders against each other by accident. I felt my heart race faster and the place on my shoulder where we touched was tingling. He was perfect. Dark brown hair and blue eyes. I turned my head to take another look and suddenly I see him doing the exact same thing. Butterfly's in my stomach started going crazy and I turned back around to look in front of me.

"Hello? Susan? Are you still in there? Hello?" I heard Steve say waving his hand in front of my face. All my attention turned back to him and I stopped walking.

"Wow man, you were in la la land hahaha, are you okay?" He asked 

"Haha sorry, yeah I'm fine" I said

"I was talking to you and realised you weren't even listening haha" he said 

"Oh, sorry hahaha" I replied 

"It's fine haha, lets continue, so over in this door  is the basketball courts, that's where-" he got cut short when a guy wearing a football uniform, with black hair and green eyes pushed him against a locker, Steve hit his head hard on the locker.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" I yelled pushing him away from Steve. He looked like one of the guys I saw earlier, with the cheerleaders.

"Hahahahaah! Hey boys! Come over here, take a look at Mrs Kangaroo" he yelled out. Suddenly I saw three other jocks head our way out of a room. One with Blonde hair, another with black and my knees went weak when I saw the last one. I kept myself from falling and turned to Steve, who was now on the floor holding the back of his head. 

"Are you alright?" I asked looking at the back of his head.

"Yeah" he said, but I could tell he wasn't.

"Hahaha! I was unsure why you said Mrs Kangaroo before but now I know" the blonde guy said laughing with the black haired guy. I looked at the one with brown hair and he looked to the ground.
Suddenly Steve let out a loud scream when the guy who bashed him into the locker kicked him in the stomach. 

"STOP!" I yelled pushing him back, I looked around and there was no one except me, the jocks and Steve.

"You better walk away Kangaroo or you'll be the next person who'll get fucked up" he said

"You wouldn't dare hit me, cunt" I spat back

"Yeah but my girlfriend would" he laughed.

"Dean, stop, I think Steve's had enough lets go now" the perfect guy said turning around. The two other jocks followed him.

"This isn't over yet" Dean spat out to both of us turning around to walk with the others. The perfect guy turned around and looked at me then turned back to face in front of him as they all walked away.

"Ill go get an ice pack, stay here" I said to Steve as I set my bag down next to him and ran to the nurse's room. I quickly grabbed two ice packs and rapped a paper towel around each one. The nurse wasn't there, I guess she went to eat. I ran back to Steve and placed one on the back if his head and another on his stomach.

"Thanks" he mumbled

"It's fine" I replied "why did he do that?" I asked

"He's been doing that ever since his girlfriend told him she thought i was good looking, and I tried out for the football team as quarter back and made  it in then dean made me drop out, and now he wants to teach me a lesson of never trying to 'take' his place in football." He explained

"Oh god... I don't even know him but he really is a dick." I replied.
I thought about asking him about the perfect guy so I did.
"Hey Steve" I asked

"Yeah?" He replied

"Who was that guy with the brown hair and blue eyes who made dean stop?" I asked

"His name's Jacob. I don't even know why he made Dean stop, he never does he just watches and laughs, but this time... This time it was different. " he replied

"Thank god he told Dean to stop though" I said

"Yeah" he replied

"What about the other two?" I asked

"The blonde one is named, Kyle and the one with black hair is named Travis. They're like the leaders of the whole jock group." He informed me

"Oh, I thought the whole 'mean jock bullies' were in movies, but I guess I was wrong" I said

"Haha yeah..." He said

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Um nothing" he said, but I knew he wanted to say something. I just let it go. 

"We have no more classes after this" I stated getting up and helping him stand up.

"Yeah, wanna come over to mine?" He asked

"Sure" I replied

We started walking over to his car. It was a red convertible. He opened the door for me and i sat down inside, in the passenger seat.

"Are you sure you can drive?" I asked

"Yeah, I have my license and I'm a senior" he replied 

"No I mean, you got hurt" I replied

"Oh yeah, it doesn't hurt anymore he said" smiling at me

"Wow, boys really are strong haha" I replied and he laughed.

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