PewDiePie fan fic

I met him at a recording thing for YouTube that my sister Olga took me to. His name is Felix.


5. Chapter 5 + Author's note

Sylvia's P.O.V.

Felix and I were out shopping together when a group of girls saw us. The three girls who looked about twelve started fangirling. I smiled and waved at them. They started walking with one girl leading the other two. "Oh My Gosh, are you really Sylvia and Felix!?" The first girl asked super excitedly. "Yes, we are." I said plainly smiling at the girls. "We're like, your biggest fans." The second girl said. "Yeah we support you relationship 100%." The third girl said. "Can we take a picture with you guy's?" They asked in unison. Felix turned to look at me and I nodded to the girls. The third girl gave the camera to the girl that was standing behind them. The three girls stood next to each other while Felix and I stood behind them crouched down so that our heads were in the picture. After the picture the girls gave us hugs and walked off. We went on shopping getting stopped a few more times. Some of the people that stopped us were nice, while some of them only stopped us to talk mean things about me, although I only laughed it off afterwords. We finally finished shopping and headed back to Felix's house.


*Author's Note*

Hey guy's I think I would get more updates in if I had a co-author so the spot is up for grabs if you want to help me write this story. I will choose one, and maybe even two co-authors.

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