PewDiePie fan fic

I met him at a recording thing for YouTube that my sister Olga took me to. His name is Felix.


4. Chapter 4

Sylvia's P.O.V.

I knock on the door and Felix opens the door. "Hey Felix." I say a little worried. "Hey." He says bluntly. He let's me come in and I sit down on the couch next to him. "Did you sing the song girlfriend about me and Marzia before we broke up?" Felix asked me. I looked away from him and said "Whaat noo." I said maybe a little too obviously. He laughed at my reaction and said "I already knew."

*1 Months Later*

Let me catch you up on what happened this past month. Felix started acting like he did before the breakup, and last week we started going out, today is the day our relationship becomes known by the bro's. We are going to play some kinect party together since the bro's were suggesting it again, before they broke up that is. I couldn't wait for Felix to upload the video to see how the bro's reacted. 2 hours later the video was uploaded and in the comments a lot of people were asking about me, a few knew about my channel, and over all of the comments most were hate. I thought about the haters for a little bit and started laughing because I could imagine the angry faces yelling something along the lines of that should be me dating Felix, or PewDiePie as they mostly know him.

(Sorry if it sucks, I had the original chapter but it deleted itself so this is how I rewrote the chapter

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