PewDiePie fan fic

I met him at a recording thing for YouTube that my sister Olga took me to. His name is Felix.


2. Chapter 2

Sylvia's P.O.V.

I talked to Felix a little longer until Olga came back. We ended up exchanging phone numbers and he told me his YouTube account. When we got home I went straight to my room and got on YouTube to go check out Felix's YouTube account and sure enough he was there. I started looking at some of his video's and saw plenty of video's with his girlfriend Marzia. I frowned and then thought I could make a video, but I couldn't mention Felix or Marzia so maybe I could sing a song. I thought of a song and then I knew what song I was going to sing, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne I mean it was the perfect song to describe how I felt. I ran and got my sister's video camera and got back to my room. I recorded the video of me singing girlfriend and posted it on YouTube. 

Felix's P.O.V.

I sat around the house for a while after I got home. I decided I would look at Sylvia's account and see what she does on YouTube. When I found her account I saw she had already posted 2 video's both of them were her singing songs. The 1st video was her singing lazy song which she posted yesterday and the 2nd was her singing girlfriend. That video was posted today 30 minutes ago.

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