The Truth

I hope this short story gets your heart beating fast, and if I get feedback I might add more! Thanks!


4. Savior

Everyone has a savior. Even the people who don't deserve one. People like me.


He followed her. He followed her just like he followed me. 

I remember that night clearly, as if it was just yesterday. It may have been yesterday, it may have been five years ago. Ever since that night nothing has been the same for me, and I don't particularly care to keep track of the passing days.

The truth?

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Not for me, anyways.


Her screams fill the crisp air, as she tries to fight him off. Doesn't she understand? She's merely a human, and a human doesn't stand much chance against a slave to the sun by the curse, created so long ago.

I try to take my time, but the anticipation makes my nerves tingle and my fists clench. He hears my footsteps and slams her against the wall, whilst I use my heightened senses to hear his hushed movements. "Alexander, let her go." I say dully, flicking dirt out from underneath my fingernails. 

"She's my meal, now leave us be." He hisses.

I round the corner and stare fixedly at him, his arm bent at the elbow and holding the girl involuntarily against wall. She is breathing heavily, and has several bruises blooming along her right cheek and arm. "I refuse to let you hurt another innocent person." 

With that, I grab his free arm, twist it behind his back, and snap his neck. 

The girl gasps and trembles with fright as his still body drops to the ground. Heaving a sigh, I hold a hand out to her. "Sadly, that won't kill him. He'll be awake in a few hours. We need to go."

"Who are you?" Was her only reaction.

"Silly girl! I am your savior."

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